American Home Shield Corporation [AHS]ac service

M Aug 01, 2018

I am not happy with this company right now. I do not feel like I have been promised good customer service or quality service. Your customer service is bad. You have a lot of indian people that work at the customer service call center and they never understand me when I call and or you can barely you understand them. Never can I be directer speak with a supervisor because they want to resolve the problem themselves. Like I said its a language barrier and is very frustrating when we both can not understand each other. First of all my heat stopped working in jan & they came to change the thermostat, but it was still having problems. Then my soon after my ac started to give me problems as well. They had to change the thermostat since it wasn't sending power to the unit. Ever since then the ac has been giving me non-stop problems. Its always something, either its not cooling, its a breaker, or the unit wires, etc. I have got a quote from another company that I had to pay myself and they informed me the unit needs to be replaced. I do not understand why I pay to be insured with your company. If each time somethings wrong with the ac, you send someone to fix a small part and not the overall issue. Nothings ever getting resolved. They promised me a refund when I spoke with someone, and I guess someone did not write the information in my account when they told me it would be on my account. Each time I called about the refund no one knew what was really going on with my account. Just very frustrating!

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