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9:39 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] My gas furnace

Hello i’m a homeowner for 17+ years i’ve also been a customer with american homesheild for 17 years. On are around bout november third or fourth I contact the company to explain how over the years since having my ac installed approved by the company back in 2019 the contractor’s that american homesheild hired completed this job. Moving on now I explain that situation due to my furnace has been not functioning properly. My heat was not blowing out it was blowing out cold air instead of heat. I paid my 100 service fee to american homesheild. On november 23 american homesheild sent there hired contractors out. The contractor witness the furnace not working properly the contractor cleaned the flame sensor with a dollar bill had me to turn the thermostat over 80 the furnace did produce some heat. After the technician leave the furnace stop performing no heat. Just blowing out cool air. Call american homesheild they said they have not received the report from the technician so I called everyday for 3 days my family was without heat for 3 days very cold here in st. Louis. They finally get the report after 3 days the company came back out on the 29th of november install a new flame sensor the heat still wasn’t working like warm air. The technician ruled the furnace needs to be replaced due to water damage to the furnace from having a 3/4 hose on. That is the hose that the company in 2019 installed my ac unit and installed the wrong code hose. I called american homesheild on december 5th again I had to wait until the technician turn it the report and diagnosis the furnace to be replaced. American homesheild denied due to the hose that was place on by there contractor in 2019. My family is still in the cold we missed thanksgiving and now we are going to miss christmas. This is a nightmare. I have had 2 strokes blood on my brain i’m a diabetic and have sleep apnea have a autism son it’s very cold. I have contact american homesheild everyday to get the run around. I just would like to live up to there policy and contract that if there technician can’t fix a product they will replace the item. That false me and my family is still in the cold with no family in st. Louis. Please someone please help my family get warm for the holiday. I have some reps. Hang up on me. I have proof of all the calls.

Desired outcome: The outcome is to replace my furnace it’s going on 2 months being cold. Stand up and honor your policy.

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9:00 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Pool heater

sept. 8,2022 opened service requests for my pool heater to be repaired. on 3 different times a repair person came out and replaced parts.

He stated he could not repair it and it needed to be replaced and he did not want to work for A.H.S. any longer.

I have been in contact with a A.H.S. a number of times and I receive no answers as to who will pay for the replacement cost.

I was told to just have someone come in and replace it but when I asked for a conformation e mail, I received none. So, I cannot just go ahead without a written ok from them.

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10:06 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] ge stove top / hot boil burner

On oct. 11, 2022, I had sent in a service request for stove top hot boil burner ,went out. The service provided through ahs came out on the 12th of oct., He checked out the stove knew which burner was out. So he order it then and their and also the control panel and a switch. After the last 3 months I have called every week to the contractor to see what the latest update their was on the products and all I've gotten its on back order or would get his voice mail. We have called AHS to find out what's going on and they call the contractor but only get is voice mail .It has gone into escalation, The contractor has been called every single time we have called Ahs and still their is no resolve on getting this fixed. Another holiday is coming up and I still can not use this burner.

Desired outcome: Either get it fixed very soon or do a buy out for new stove/oven

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9:44 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Warranty service - 719 bandon lane 77073/ yolanda sheppard [protected]

On Nov 22, 22 I called in a service request for my stove not heating and my dryer. I was giving request # [protected] and assigned to Hornet Appliance [protected]. I attempted calling Hornet several times before reaching them on Nov 28,22, I called and spoke with Crystall who gave me and appt on Dec 01,22 between 12p-4p. At 330 pm on Dec 01, i had had not heard from Hornet so I called AHS back only to be told that my time was changed to 1p-5p. At 450 pm a man rung my door bell claiming he was there to fix my appliances. He had no identification displayed on his person so i asked him who did he work for and he stated Hornet it was almost dark which is VERY DANGEROUS with all the violence going on. He looked at the dryer I asked if he had the parts and he said yes, then he looked at stove, he then said he had to order parts and someone would call me in three to four days. At this point I immediately call AHS to complain, the guy I spoke to said that the 75 dollar fee would be reimbursed for the inconvience and the case would be escalated and resolved. Ask for supervisor several times to no avail. Here we are Dec 12,22 no 75 dollar reimbursement, no stove or dryer fixed, so I called AHS this morning only to be out sourced to someone who;s language was a issue who refused to transfer to someone else or a supervisor. three to four weeks to get something serviced is TOTALLY ABSURED. I am so dissatisfied with services. No stove for Thanksgiving and looks like none for Christmas how HORRIBLE. I spoke with Crystall at Hornet who had no answer, so she transferred me to a Saydee who claimed their parts department didn"t open till 12 noon and she will call me back, WOW. TOTALLY DISSATISFIED.


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8:49 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] Two toilets

First contact with AHS was June 2022. First plumber did not fix problem

Second plumber barricaded himself In my bathroom and loudly told me he doesn’t want to be asked questions or be watched. I asked him to leave my home and was seconds from calling 911 out of fear.

The third plumber was great. Said I needed another toilet and he would also fix second bathroom

Today is 12/11/22 and while AHS continues to collect my payment monthly no one has done anything.

I have reported them to better business bureau and still wait to be able to use one of the two bathrooms.

7 months and they continue to make money off me and no repairs.

You decide if they are worth your money.

Desired outcome: Nothing has been done. I am currently seeking an attorney to get all my money refunded and get the problem resolved.

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7:13 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Refrigerator / freezer

This is the SECOND time I am filling this out. The first time I was booted off your system!

This injustice began several weeks ago when I placed a service request for my refrigerator freezer.

A technician was sent to my home by AHS. They told me the unit was not repairable and was a fire hazard that I need to get rid of it. That is what I did. A few days later another service technician called. I explained to them what happened. They stated they were going to call AHS to find out what happened and contact me back.

They did not contact me.

I never heard from AHS concerning a replacement. I called AHS and was told that since I did as I was instructed by AHS technician (getting rid of the unit) that I would not get a replacement. This is unacceptable. I follow the instructions given by your technician and I get punished!

I have now been on the phone with 6 different AHS representatives with NO OUTCOMES. Empty promises of calls back. An AHS supervisor called 2 weeks after I was told he would call in 24-48 hours and he told me he would call the service technician and would call me back (again) within 24-48 hours. I NEVER received a call back. I have to re - explain to each new technician the entire situation. This is maddening!

Desired outcome: Reimbursement of new unit OR refund of service request fee

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11:35 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] The honeywell zone board needs to be replaced.

Texas Best heating and air was dispatched 12/2/22 to check my HVAC unit. The Honeywell zone board needs to be replaced. Landon the technician said they would put in a request to order the replacement part and have inform American Home shield that they needed to send and electrician out because Texas best does not do that type of stuff. On Monday 12/5/22 I called American Home shield. They had yet to receive the report they were supposed to have received on Friday 12/2/22 after the appointment. They contacted Texas best heating and air and they were supposed to submit it by the end of the day Monday. I myself also called Texas Best heating and air and was also told that they would submit my end of the day Monday. This never happened. Tuesday same exact same. Wednesday, I call American Home shield and the representative called Texas best and spoke with them. They said yes, the Zone board needed to be replaced and they would submit the request for to have the part ordered by the end of the day. This did not happen. Now Thursday night 12/8/22 American Home shield says they can only ask the company to submit the report, but that's all they can do! So what is the purpose of the Home warranty which we paid thousands for if they do not fix your stuff? This is a complete fraudulent scam. I paid for a service and am getting the run around from someone in a totally different country! They need to come do the job that I paid them to do and if Texas Best heating and air does not want to submit the report, then they should be suspended from being a contractor that works for American home shield

Desired outcome: Dispatch180442748 was put in 11/30/22. I also need an electrician out to fix the fuse that is too small for the HVAC unit. I paid the fee and am getting the run around.

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7:43 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] American Home Shield unethical

AHS approved the recommendation from the assigned contractor to replace my furnace.

However, AHS only authorized $255 for labor and incorrectly labeled the remainder as “ modifications “ to avoid paying about$1500 in legitimate installation costs.

While my contract does say I am responsible for modifications, it is impossible to install a furnace for $255. This in my opinion is unethical practices used to avoid fulfilling AHS contractual obligations

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4:29 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Unauthorized charges

I was an AHS customer for 17 years and I always had to fight and argue with the representatives. Today I called again and your representative put me on hold for 20 minutes and then hung up. I called again and I couldn't understand a few words from the representative who answered with very poor English. The problem is that I made a service request last week because both my bathrooms and toilets were blocked. AHS sent plumbers who were unable to fix the problem and wanted to locate the blockages via camera, but AHS did not cover it. In all my frustration about everything because the sewage was coming back from my bathrooms to the rest of the house, my only way out was to look for a private service that could help me in this situation. The same night last week, Dec 2, 2022, I canceled the AHS warranty after 17 years.

Then I noticed that on Dec 6, 2022, my bank account was charged for $100 even though AHS did not fix my problem at all. Why was I charged this amount?

Please give me a refund because you did not provide the service stated in the contract. Also, after 17 years of being a loyal customer, you want to charge me another $67 to cancel the warranty. Very unprofessional!

Thank you

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Fyuta Waddly
, US
Dec 19, 2022 12:03 pm EST


4:06 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Home warranty

Dispatch # [protected]

Contacted AHS on Nov 23 to report the failure of a capacitor the company had replaced only two months ago. This affected our pool heater and pump. No vendor has contacted us yet to schedule a visit

AHS system indicates “Pacific Pool has been assigned but that they have not succeeding contacting us” This is not true. I spoke to the contractor three times:

- Nov 28: scheduled appointment for Nov 29 in the afternoon. No one showed up or called to cancel the appointment

- Nov 29: contacted contractor again to rescheduled for Nov 30. Contractor did not show again and failed to call to cancel again

- Dec 1: contacted contractor again they claimed they could not come until Dec 6 and indicated they would contact AHS to have another vendor assigned

I have escalated the issue and was told on Dec 1st that Pacific Pool would come to the house on Dec 5. No one called. No one showed up

- pacific pools indicate that they are not the vendor assigned for the job

- AHS representative Jen indicated that nothing had been escalated and that whoever I spoke to on Dec 1 lied about setting an appointment for Monday

I was told by Jen that no manager or escalation team member was available

This is probably a great example of a complete failure to respond to a work order or provide a service

I am hoping all calls have been recorded as each representative has carefully hang up before the survey is transferred to rate their service

Please contact us at [protected] to indicate next steps as our pool is being damaged for not having a working pump for almost two weeks now

Desired outcome: Full refund of all services fees and monthly contract fees from July when Pool pump failed first time and was not properly repaired

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1:24 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] Service on my furnace

Situation: I had Mountain Heating and Cooling come out on November 15 to do a furnace inspection at which time they found a crack in the unit and said the furnace needed replacement. It's been three weeks, I have submitted another $75 for a service request and NO ONE has ever gotten back to me from either your organization or Mountain Heating. I have called various times only to reach people who tell me NOTHING about what I am to expect.

I am elderly and without a furnace.

Is it too much to ask that I be told what is going on? The last time I had a furnace problem you sent someone else to fix it because the company you had as my service company couldn't do it.

I find it funny that you sent me an email last month saying that I didn't pay my bill for that month which ended up being bogus because it's an automatic payment and I have proof that it was done. You certainly had time to address this but the actual service is being ignored.


Lynn Windbigler

2939 Lowren Loop

Port Orchard, WA 98366


I just want this addressed by someone who has integrity enough to do so.

My next step if I do not hear back in the next day is to contact the state of Washington and make a complaint.

My concern is for my pipes breaking which you also cover and the fact that this seems like elder abuse to me.

Desired outcome: At this point I want to be contacted by someone who is not customer service and can actually get this done. Beyone that I want this fixed in the next week.

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Mrs Tee Newberry
, US
Dec 14, 2022 9:54 pm EST

Hello I’m a customer as well I’m sorry you are going through this as well. I’m going through the same with my furnace. They keep giving me the run around it’s going on 2 months now. This is horrible business. Good luck I will be praying that they live up to there policy and we get heat. I think they are scamming and stealing our money

8:26 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] Leaking pipe

September 2022

I had been paying the monthly contracted amount for Contract Number [protected] for over 3 years. I had never used the services in those 3 years.

I called because I noticed pooling water beside the house next to the foundation. The person that answered the phone said that unless it was under the foundation they would not come out.

I was so upset, I cancelled because the only 2 times I called American Home Shield, they either made it worse (as explained below) or wouldn't come out. I called a Plumber on my own, and it indeed was the main 2 feet under the foundation of the house. The plumber got under the home, dug it out and replaced a broken PVC T. It cost $3750.00. Had Home Shield come out as they should of, my costs would have only been a service fee. They would not even schedule the plumber to come look to verify where the leak was. Had they done what they are paid to do I would not be an underpaid retired teacher having to go back to work to pay this bill.

A month before this I paid the $100 service of having my Swmp Cooler looked at, even though I had already paid $200 to have it serviced, to make sure it was in perfect condition. It needed no service. I asked them to inspect it to make sure it was serviced correctly (pads in place). Within 20 minutes of them leaving, cooler that had been working for weeks correctly starting leading heavily off the roof. I immediately called Home Shield, they said they would send them back. I aid absolutely not, what was working fine became a disaster after they "inspected" the cooler. The men asked if I wanted new coolers, I told them absolutely not. These cooler were only one year old. I believe they intentionally took the small red caps off the coolers to make them leak to scam and put in new coolers, making a profit. I believe it was as close to a scam as it could be. I called American Home Shield, they reimbursed my $100.00 and offered my next service call free. That call was the above mentioned plumbing, which they refused to service.

They are scammers. As you can see from the photos, the lead was indeed well within the foundation as required by American Shield. They should have come out.

Desired outcome: I want them to reimburse to me the $3,750.00 I had to pay Richard Rooter Guy [protected].

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1:25 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] Atrocious service - and insulting cancellation fee

I signed up for this "service" back in March of 2022.

In August I had need of two service call outs and made the appointments with American Home Shield. One man texted back he was too busy and to find someone else. The other never showed. I called AHS back - they had lost both of my service requests. I made 2 more. Nobody called to set up an appointment with me. I called back. One service request had been lost again and the other they would contact for me to get them to come out.

8 weeks later the tech came out and he fixed the ice maker for me.

The other tech finally came out and said it couldn't be fixed as it was a design flaw.

* (I called a local contractor to fix it and paid out of pocket, it was not a design flaw).

I called to cancel the service because 8 weeks with only one satisfactory result was not the service they offered, or the contract I signed with them. Several of the service reps I spoke to agreed with me this was unacceptable and I canceled the service in September.

I came back from my vacation and went over my bills to see they had in fact not canceled my account and were still charging me October and November. I called them to dispute this and after 20 minutes of arguing with their "customer service rep" - he did cancel it with me on the phone and said he would be adding a $348.30 cancelation fee and NOT refunding me Oct and Nov even though he saw I had canceled it back in September.

This "service" is nothing more than a scam and I have now spent an hour wiht my American Express reps ensuring they cannot charge me and that I am now in a dispute with American Home Shield. I have been trying to locate a person to write to about this at the highest AHS levels and of course, they're nowhere to be found so far! I will be reporting this incident and today's phone call to as many places as I can to help warn others what I went through.

Desired outcome: Refund of October and November and acknowledgement they broke their contract to me by not providing the service they falsely advertised and no cancellation fee is owed.

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9:02 am EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Claim #[protected] camera door bell

I contest the final decision given by Unified Contractors.

The contractor came a day before his appointment only to use our bathroom. As soon as he saw it was a camera doorbell he told me his company does not work on these and are not allowed to touch them.

He then said he would send his report for AHS to send someone else who does work on camera doorbells.

I ask you “how was he able to diagnose my camera” if his company doesn’t work on this type of a door bell? Next, he came in asked to use our bathroom looked at the camera didn’t touch it or checked to see what the problem was, because he’s company does not fix them. He falsely reported his diagnose and I deserve my service fee to be returned immediately back to my account because his company could not service or fix my doorbell.

My doorbell was never hanging on the wall. My camera doorbell is for security purpose. I would have bought a doorbell and paid him to put a new one on, but he never said that was the problem, because he never checked it. His diagnose is false. Attached are pictures of my doorbell the way it looked on the day he came to my house.

Also, I know a service fee is paid, and any additional work that is not covered is paid by me which I was going to do. I hope you do the right thing and return my service fee for services not received.

Alicia Luna Garcia [protected], I hope to hear from you soon. This is very upsetting that your contractors can lie and be paid.

Desired outcome: I want my service fee of $125.00 returned. Justification: Unified contractor’s do not work on Camera door ringers.

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4:04 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] HVAC, plumbing, pool heating system I asked services, and they never provided me with a service to cover those issues.

Please do not buy an American Home Shield insurance policy at all!

This company is just a [censored] and doesn't want to take care of its customers. First of all, they ask you to pay a service fee of $100.00 in addition to the premium you pay. The reason you pay the fee is that you are expecting to get a service from them, but they send someone to provide the diagnosis in their favor and finally tell you something which is not right just not to cover the issues and not to pay for. I have asked them for 3-time services paying $100 each and they never provided me with a service or coverage. They always provide an estimate with a non-covered diagnosis. Everyone knows that there are a lot of companies who are willing to check the issues at no cost to you, but they ask you to pay even though they are not covering the cost of the issues.

This company is not trustable, and I think its mission is just to make its customer's pockets empty. I am going to cancel my policy right away and claim my bank to refund me the money I have paid for but have not received any services.

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3:14 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] Independent contractor reimbursement

On 11/19/2022 called AHS to report that our furnace was not working. At that time the temperature was 25 degrees outside. They opened a claim and advised that a contractor had been assigned, Service Max Heating. This company is approximately 2,5 hours travel time from where we live. We then called Service Max Heating and left a msg regarding when they would be able to check our furnace. They never called back. We contacted AHS again about getting a contractor and would they assign someone closer to our location. For the next 3 days we received a run around from AHS about them assigning a contractor. On 11/21/22 AHS FINALLY agreed that we could find our own contractor. They explained the process for this which included we would need to pay out of pocket for the expense and after submitting required documentation would then be reimbursed for the expenses. We complied with their requests and emailed the requested information to them on 11/21/22. We did not receive an email confirming that they had received the email. On 11/28/22 a call to AHS was made to determine if the email had been received. We were advised that the email had been received on 11/22/22 (no email to us advising). The agent with AHS advised that there was an error on the Independent Contractor Reimbursement Form. We corrected that error and resubmitted by email the information to AHS. On 11/29/22 called AHS again to confirm that they had received the documentation by email sent on 11/28/22. Was advised they had not but to call back on 11/30/22. An AHS agent on 11/30/22 advised that no update was in the system and it would be 14-21 days before their dept would get notification about the email. Asked to speak to a supervisor. Was told there was no escalation dept there that we could be transferred to. Asked to have a supervisor call. Was advised that a supervisor would call; could be 24-48 hours or up to 7-14 days before supervisor calls. We are out approximately $800 at this point to have a service performed that AHS SHOULD have handled, eliminating the need for us to find our own contractor.

For your information, this information is being forwarded to the Attorney General, State of Washington and to Washington State Senator Patty Murray in hopes that they will be able to expedite this matter as AHS has been negligent in assisting us in a professional manner,

Desired outcome: Immediate payment of our costs to have our furnace repaired.

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2:33 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] Failure to Reimburse for purchase of appliance

THIS COMPANY IS A RIPP OFF! I have been trying to get reimbursed $2,200 for an appliance that I purchased in March 2022. It is now November 2022 and I have not received nothing but the run around. I have spent a total of 8 hours in phone calls and waiting on hold. They have said they have sent checks, but they never do. They claim they have to do research on checks sent before they can send another check out. I do not believe they have any intention of reimbursing me for the appliance. It will soon be a year since they determined the appliance needed to be replaced, they are holding and making use of my money. There is no escalation of any concerns; only the "supervisor" who you cannot speak to. There is no one in their corporate office to complain to!


Desired outcome: Reimbursement of purchase and installation costs.

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5:53 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

American Home Shield [AHS] Refrigerator

I have been a customer of American Home Shield for several years going back to my days as a real estate agent being a big promoter of their services to my clients as part the their investment in purchasing a new home. My previous experiences with them have been excellent up until now. My refrigerator went out on the 5th of November 2022 it took a week in a half a service agent could even get out to look at. The repairman said it could be repaired of which I didn't have a problem with until his company called me and advise me to get in touch AHS due to the fact the part to repair the item was back ordered to January 2023 and there was no guarantee it would come then with news reports of material delays coming from China. I've tried on several occasion to reach a solution with their company representatives. I was even told they would give me a cash out option to go purchase another refrigerator only to call them to check the status of the e card they were suppose to be sending me. On this instance I spoke with a young man name Keyshan and he stated I would have to wait to January and that was the only option he would offer me and refuse to allow me to speak anyone else above him. So the inconvenience is driving me crazy the spoil food with the ruined Thanksgiving is more than they should even ask. Now you want me to miss out on cooking and celebrating Christmas dinner with my family. I need a refrigerator like yesterday. I need someone who can make a decision. Help

Desired outcome: A new refrigerator that why I have a home warranty if you can't repair in a timely manner you should replace it.

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5:27 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Home warranty

In October I requested their special to have my furnace checked. (Dispatch No:[protected]). Stated I would be contacted when a contractor was assigned. I am not sure of the exact date of the request, but I patiently waited. On 11/27/22 I began noticing an odd smell in basement. On 11/28/22 I went to my AHS online account to check status and the request was not even listed. I called AHS and the agent stated that their system had cancelled the request. I stated I wanted the service and he stated that the special had expired. I asked to speak to a supervisor. He stated none was available he would put in a request for a supervisor to contact me and that it would be 24-48 hours. As I was waiting the smell became stronger. I called lConsumers Energy and they came out within the hour. We had to evacuate the house and it was close to an hour before the carbon monoxide was low enough for them to be able to go inside and determine the cause which was my furnace. My furnace was shut down and I had them call someone for repair. Furnace could not be repaired and was replace on 11/29/22. The AHS supervisor did not call until hours after the furnace was replaced. I asked what they were going to do for me. Response was nothing as they did not call for repair. I told him if they had come and performed the service check as they should have, or at least have contacted me that they have no one to cover the area this emergency may have been avoided. The Carbon Monoxide levels in the basement was at 80 and consumers was surprised I was not ill. I told him I would have died if I had waited any longer on AHS. I told him that if they do not have sevice providers in an area they should not be taking payment for the warranties in that area.

They said they could not do anything for me.

Desired outcome: I feel that the minimum they should do is reimburse My HomesheildPlatinum Fee.

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3:25 pm EST

American Home Shield [AHS] Lack of paid service

I am complaining of lack of contract service to address 335 Eastfield Dr, Raeford NC 28376. My contract ([protected]) which is valid till 07/10/23. I am the owner of the rental property and contract. On 11/09/22, my tenant opened a work request for a malfunctioned microwave oven. On 11/16/22, a contractor from National Platinum Service (NPS) [protected]) arrived. The tenant was informed that he must submit paperwork to American Home Shield (AHS). Both me and the tenant have called AHS numerous times and we get the same story. An appointment is scheduled, and they are waiting to hear from NPS. When we speak to NPS, they repeatedly tell us they are waiting to hear from AHS. AHS has even given specific appointment dates and times, nobody shows up. The lack of service and lack of concern for my issue is totally unacceptable. My name is Xavier Poindexter [protected]), and my tenant is Yolanda Davis. My email is [protected]

Desired outcome: I want my work request completed. I also want a refund of $106.75 for the trade fee. It also would be nice to receive an apology from a supervisor or manager.

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American Home Shield [AHS] In-depth Review


American Home Shield (AHS) is a leading home warranty provider that has been serving customers for several decades. With a rich history and background in the industry, AHS has established itself as a trusted name in home protection. The company's mission is to provide peace of mind to homeowners by offering reliable and comprehensive coverage for their essential home systems and appliances.

Services Offered:

AHS offers a wide range of services to cater to the diverse needs of homeowners. Their plans cover major home systems such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing, as well as essential appliances like refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. Customers can choose from different coverage options and plans based on their specific requirements. Additionally, AHS provides additional services and add-ons, such as pool and spa coverage, to enhance the level of protection.

Pricing and Plans:

AHS offers a transparent and competitive pricing structure for their home warranty plans. The pricing is based on the chosen coverage options and the level of protection required. Customers can easily compare different plans and their features to find the one that best suits their needs and budget. It is important to note that AHS does not have any hidden fees or charges, ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of their expenses.

Coverage and Claims Process:

AHS provides extensive coverage for a wide range of home systems and appliances. However, it is essential to review the limitations and exclusions of coverage to have a complete understanding of what is included. In the event of a covered breakdown, AHS offers a straightforward and efficient claims process. Customers can easily file a claim online or through their dedicated customer support. A step-by-step guide is provided to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Customer Experience:

AHS has consistently received positive customer satisfaction ratings and reviews. Customers appreciate the ease of contacting their customer support team, who are readily available to address any queries or concerns. AHS also prides itself on its quick response time for claims and service requests, ensuring that customers receive timely assistance when they need it the most.

Contractor Network:

AHS maintains a vast network of qualified and reliable contractors across different areas. These contractors are carefully selected to ensure high-quality service and workmanship. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that their repairs and replacements will be handled by experienced professionals who are committed to delivering exceptional results.

Transparency and Communication:

AHS places great importance on transparency and communication with its customers. The terms and conditions of their plans are clearly outlined, providing customers with a comprehensive understanding of their coverage. Pricing and coverage details are transparent, allowing customers to make informed decisions. AHS also offers various communication channels and is responsive to customer inquiries, ensuring that their needs are met promptly.

Pros and Cons:

AHS has several strengths that make it a preferred choice for many homeowners. Their comprehensive coverage, competitive pricing, and reliable contractor network are some of the key advantages. However, there are areas for improvement, such as the need for more flexibility in plan customization. Additionally, some customers have reported occasional delays in claim processing.

Comparison with Competitors:

When compared to other home warranty providers in the industry, AHS stands out with its extensive coverage options and reliable service. The company's pricing, coverage, and customer satisfaction ratings are competitive, making it a strong contender in the market. However, it is important for customers to compare different providers based on their specific needs to make an informed decision.

Final Verdict:

Overall, American Home Shield (AHS) offers reliable and comprehensive home warranty services that provide peace of mind to homeowners. Their extensive coverage, transparent pricing, and responsive customer support make them a recommended choice. AHS is particularly beneficial for homeowners who value the convenience of having their essential home systems and appliances protected. With AHS, customers can rest assured that their homes are in good hands.

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