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American Education Services, AES, has terrible customer service. After a customer service representative told me erroneous information about a modified graduate repayment system (MGRS) that it would A) not use forbearance time, and B) bring the account current and not make another payment due for 2 months I immediately received a bill due in two weeks (not two months). I called AES 13 times, and sent them an email which they assured they would respond to within 48 hours. They NEVER did, when I finally reached them via phone they denied everything and said it was my fault for delinquency. They customer service rep eventually hung up on my telling me he did not care about the inconsistencies within the company and about the companies reputation because all that mattered was that I repaid my loan because I borrowed the money.


  • Eu
    eugene granger Nov 06, 2008

    My experience with AES has been such that I have sent a complaint to the Attorney General of Pennsylvania and I encourage others to do the same. You can never understand their statements and there are no "named" people to contact. They badger and harrass and threatened. They are not consumer friendly by any stretch of the imagination. Suggest that you send certified letters to them. Also state in writing you want no phone calls from them which you have a legal right to do.

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  • Pe
    Peter Bartus Nov 17, 2008

    100% agree with the previous statements. AES employees do not sign their email correspondence.
    They denied that they received my mails (registered and tracked - arrived), they claim that my faxes are not readable. They don't want anyone to use forbearance or deferment and they definitely don't want you to consolidate and pay off their loans with another, much better providers. They always claim that it is 14 business days to process paperwork but after a month they still did not process it. Last year I had the same issues with them. They try to force you to pay or take money from your account unauthorized even when you qualify for deferment. Federal consolidators requested my pay off amount on September 11, 2008, two months later they still did not hear from AES.
    Sallie Mae and Perkins is following the law and provide information as required. I'm reporting AES to the Department of Education, Better Business Bureau and Attorney General of Pennsylvania.

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  • Eu
    eugene granger Nov 19, 2008

    all people who have dealings with AES should submit complaints to Attorney General of Pennsylvania. They are not interested in customer service but only in badgering, harrassing and ruining your credit. They send late payment statements to you after you have paid and charge late fees They have even used loan companies that are bankrupt now. You cannot even find out the officers of this company. Who are they ?

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  • Bl
    b levers Dec 02, 2008

    Totally unprofessional, incompetent company. Use harrassment, intimidation and coersion as a matter of standard operating procedure. Routinely give false and erroneous information. Should be put out of business by state and federal law enforcement agencies.

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  • Ma
    Marta Stepanowicz Jan 28, 2009

    I agree with all the statements above. Taking out student loans with them was the biggest mistake of my life. I am being harrased at work and I am taking action. I am going to cotact the attorney general as well as the Governor of Pennsylvania. I will do whatever it takes to make sure they are shut down so that more people do not get involded and harassed by such an incompitent, unethical company.

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  • Ch
    Christy Harris Mar 25, 2009

    I am not a bit surprised to find that there are others who have experienced the same problems with AES as I have. The current problem being the graduated payment plan, at which time I was told that I did not owe a payment but am now being harassed. Like the previous comment from Sept. 2008, I was told that this is my fault. I am in the process of sending complaint letters to AES, & National Collegiate Trust, In addition to this, I will be filing a complaint with the BBB where AES has an "F" rating as well as the Federal Trade Commission- Division of Financial services & I will post a roport on [redacted].
    After reading the posts on this site, I will also contact the Attorney Generals office.
    Today, I sent an email to a class action firm Green Welling, LLP requesting that they research complaints and consider a class action suit against AES.

    Contact Info: According the the BBB this is what they have on file for complaint contact at AES.

    Scott Repa
    Assistant Vice President, Customer Service
    1200 North Seventh St.
    Harrisburg, PA 17102

    Phone: (717) 720-2471 (I wouldn't recommend calling as this will only get you back to the rude, useless customer (lack of) service reps!

    If we all work together, maybe we can get a class action suit filed against AES & furthermore have them investigated for their shady business practices!

    Other Sites I have visited which I have found very enlightening are Student loan complaints & [redacted].

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  • Co
    Courtenay Nilon Apr 20, 2009

    I can't tell you how much I agree with all of you. Last month I entered into a contract with them to reduce my $300.oo a month automatic withdrawl that I was forced into after having a wage attachment placed. This new agreement included a $1300 deposit and then it would reduce my monthly autopay to $70.00. Well guess what? Today they pulled $300 more out which overdrew my account. They claimed that they didn't recieve my new authorization form for the $70.00 so they can "revert" back to the authorization on record. They are immoral, unethical, and hopefully we'll find out illegal. They will signle handedly cause people to go into bankruptsy and foreclosures on their homes! My daughter is going to college this year and I won't sign another parent plus loan for the rest my life. At least not in the state of Pennsylvania!

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  • Je
    Jenn Apr 23, 2009

    I am currently fighting with AES as we speak. I sent my loan payment in last month as ususal. I received a very nasty letter telling me that I was past due and there were charges against my account. After confirming that the loan was sent by my bank and accepted electronically by AES I began calling and emailing them. After 2 emails and 3 phone calls, I spoke to a supervisor who told me that no matter what, my payment was not there and that I should "never use banking bill payer services because they screw up." She was unprofessional, used slang, and tried to intimidate me telling me that she was reporting me to the credit bureau unless my payment was there within 10 days. I went to my bank again who gave me a "proof of payment" certificate, wrote a letter, and faxed everything yesterday. Still no answers to anything! I have never been late on any payments on any credit cards or loans and now because they are being unprofessional, my credit will end up suffering. I will follow the advice of all the above and start making complaints to the appropriate people. I am sick over this whole situation!

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  • Ml
    mlee May 16, 2009

    I am getting sick and tired of AES. They call the references on my application constantly asking for my information. The excuse the give me when I call them is they do not have the correct information on file for me. When I ask what address they have and phone number etc.. It is exactly where I have been the past 10 years. They also claim mail sent to my address is returned undeliverable. When I asked them do you receive monthly payments every month they said yes but had now reasonable response for their stupidity. Today 5-16-09 I recieved a letter saying I have a change of terms on my account. Change of interest rate. In reality the interest rate has been the same since 2004. In addition to the so called change in rate they more than doubled the amount I owe on my loan. It went from 2 loans each for about 4500.00 a piece over a two year period to one loan saying my monthly payment is now 76.00 and owe 9300.00 and the second loan monthly payment 90.00 and owe 10000.00 I am not really sure what is going on here, but if they are trying to rip me and every one else of because of there crooked practice I will like the rest of you get to the bottom of this and I will file complaints with every one. I also live in Texas I think they should know Texans really don't put up with BS.

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  • Ae
    AESisBS May 27, 2009

    AES is misleading parents and students allike. They trick you into thinking the loan can be defered and then make up some excuse not to except any deferement. These people are loan sharks and ripping off students and parents everywhere! They have sent an income execution to my employer for almost double the loan amount and looking for 15% of my pay. If this company is run through are goverment we are in trouble, all my daughters other loans were deferred due to military deployment and full time student status except the ones through AES becuase they are giving her a hard time, and including a Parent Plus Loan becuase AES claims that the parent needs to be in school/military this is misleading parents throught Pennsylvania and obviously New York too! This company is BS don't get your student loans from them or you will wind up in student loan hell!

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  • Pa
    Panda1021 Jun 18, 2009

    AES should be put out of business. I need to put my loan in forebearance. After writing them a letter because I didn't want to deal with their harassing customer service, they called me at least 10 times regarding the letter. When i talked to someone finally they told me to fax them the deferment forms and everything would be fine. i faxed the forms over the next day and today found out that they put my loan into default anyway with the lame excuse that I never called to see if they received my fax. Since they put my loan into default I lost my Federal Pell grant, so now I am completely unable to go to school even though I did everything they told me to do to put the loan into deferment. I am not taking this lying down. i am going to do everything in my power to fight these lying harassing money hungry ###s with everything that I've got.

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  • Ln
    lnguyen09 Jul 25, 2009

    Hi everyone, I'm new to AES, I didn't sign the form nor did my mom. But I did put in my SS number when I was registering. Was that a mistake? What should I do? I'm still in high school and will be attending college in 2010. I'm really scared of the outcome of this.

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  • Ja
    jalah Jul 31, 2009

    AES is horrible. I went through them to get a loan for school. Some how they are now the owners to all my loans, even my private loans, and I don't know how. Also, They Send bills constantly. At one time, I had 6 letters from them on one day in the mail with multiple bills and prices, to the point now where I'm totally confused as to where I stand. They call too much. One time they called me 9x's within 2 hours... Not to mention they want double back on one of my loans, leading to costs of 24, 000 for a 7, 000 loan. INTEREST???? Please...this is unacceptable. They need to be reasonable, because I am outraged. They need to be shut down, or something, because this is ridiculous...smh...

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  • De
    deadly Aug 07, 2009

    Watch out for AES - if you can avoid them then do so. I have about $10k in loans with them, and as we are all in over our heads with this economic crisis they are resorting to bully tactics. I have repeatedly told them I currently have no income or job (which is true) and they just sent me a letter requesting payment IN FULL of the entire principal balance. Hahahaha! That's a good one - especially for someone with $9 in the bank and no cash flow. Sure - you can repossess my 1985 pickup that needs over $3000 worth of work sunk into it, you might get $500 for it at auction...

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  • Cc
    CC Young Oct 22, 2009

    I couldn't agree more. Please see my complaint also on this board. This company is dispicable, disgraceful, and is an insult to honest hardworking grads who pay their bills on time. Don't walk - run from AES if they want to do business with you.

    Charles Young
    Gulash & Riccio
    Bridgeport, CT

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  • Ge
    Gen Long Feb 16, 2010

    Same, same, same here. I took my "bills" from AES to an attorney who also happens to be a numbers/accounting whiz. He told me, "They are crooks."

    If anyone is interested in looking into how to file a class action lawsuit, please email me at [email protected]

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  • Wa
    Wafwing Aug 20, 2019

    @Gen Long My son has been paying on this loan for more than 12 years and the balance has barely dropped. The contract says this is a 10 year loan. He will never gt it paid off. He wants to be part of any class action suit so if you know an attorney or anyone we can contact please share.

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  • Co
    Courtney190 Mar 12, 2010

    I was given 2- approx. $25, 000 loans between the ages of 18 and 20. When I applied they told me I could use the money for whatever I wanted. I could buy a car to drive to school if I wanted. I very plainly remember them asking "do you think you will make at least 5% more than you do now when you graduate?". Of course I did. And they said " then you can afford to take this loan". I make double now. However, I cannot afford 700.00+ a month in loans for 18 more years. My husband has been unemployed for over a year. They will not let me consolidate my loans due to my credit history. I have exhaused all options they do have for partial payments and they do not care at all that I am in a mess. They just say they will garnish my wages. I do the best I can to keep above water, but am going to sink before long. I got the loans, I spent the money, I was a stupid kid. However, they lent me 50 grand and made it sound so easy and did not care what I did with the money. It cant be discharge in bankruptcy because the private (not federal) loans were insured by a non-profit agency. I feel like this way very shady, and I was set up to fail. I know I made the choice, but they sure did not want me to succeed either.

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  • Mo
    moredeadly Mar 18, 2010

    Just pray that you don't get sent to their collections company, DCS - they're even WORSE than AES...I defaulted on my loan through AES (been out of work for almost 2 years, serious health issues, no slack or flexibility to work out a different payment plan or income contingent payment). In other words - total fu&*@ng a$$hole$. I'll probably be sent to court in the next couple months to deal with this mess.

    If you are a student, even considering AES or any private loans - RUN LIKE HELL in the opposite direction. Try to get Stafford loans through Direct Loans. Federal loans may not be the most amazing, but they are willing to base your payment on your income and give you a hell of a lot more leniency when times get tough. If you have to take a year off due to lack of funding DO IT. It is not worth letting ### like this ruin your life like they have mine and many others.

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  • St
    StormyW Mar 31, 2010

    Don't feel bad if they are harrassing you - read my complaint. First, you need to know this: I DON'T HAVE A LOAN WITH THEM! I never have and believe me, I never will. Yet I've recieved hundreds of harrassing calls to my cell phone trying to reach someone named "Frank" who was listed as a reference for another name. This has been going on for almost 2 years!

    I've repeated told them that I'm not Frank, I don't know anyone named Frank or the other person's name, and they have a wrong number. They just keep calling and calling. They call very early in the morning, very late at night - and the won't believe me when I say they have the wrong number. I let the calls go to voice mail and try to get the info to call back. (oh - don't bother calling them early in the morning or late at night - they won't answer!)

    The voice mail were always static-y so I couldn't get all the reference numbers and details before. Finally, last night a clear message - I called today and when I tried, very nicely to explain they were calling the wrong number, the rep "Abraham" hung up on me. I called back and demanded to speak to a supervisor. I told her if she couldn’t stop the calls, I would report the company to the Do Not Call List authorities (it’s a fed agency).

    Get This: She said when they have a person’s name but a bad number, they find similar names and use those people's numbers to try track the own the person they want. I told her it’s not likely that’s how they got my number because my number is unlisted, a cell phone, and it’s on the national and state do not call lists. I don’t know either of the people in the voice mail and my name isn’t remotely like either of the names given on the voice mail. She promised to take my number off the account and stop the calls.

    As soon as I threatened to report them, she was much more cooperative. Kind of makes me wonder – randomly calling people who have a similar name can’t be legal if that number is on the Do Not Call lists. Since I've never done business with them or provided my information to them, they can't "randomly" call me. That violates the Do Not Call List rules. If I get so much as one call after today, I will report them.

    Kind of funny – I was somewhere recently and my cell was vibrating. The person I was talking to asked if I needed to answer it and I said no – I know the number and it’s just another “Frank” call. They laughed and said don’t you mean a “prank” call? So I had to explain about my “Frank” calls.

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  • Le
    lekesling Mar 31, 2010

    I am currently unemployed and will not be working for some time due to caring for my mother after her stroke. They tell me they can not defer me cause I am not seeking employment and they will get their money one way or another. That sounds like a threat!

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  • Ni
    Nick18r32 Mar 31, 2010

    Has anyone had any luck fighting this company? They have destroyed my credit and constantly harass me and my parents. I paid monthly from the first month I received the loan for over 3 years only to have the amount I owe go up and up? If you are interested in filing a class action lawsuit against this company please email me at [email protected]

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  • Ka
    Katrina Paul Apr 07, 2010

    I went through their fraud claims. What AES does is get access to Your ID then gets your loan and creates its own fictitious loans. I am a victim of ID theft as AES has used borrower/cosigner account information. What you need to do is
    1) Go to the University website and get your Statement of Fees. It is impt. that you do this first. The loans taken were student loans and they were released through the university
    2) Ask AES to send the loan statement and your payments. Compare the loan statement with Statement of Fees. If they do not match you know AES is a fraud. AES is a fraud entity that preys on students.
    3) Get all the Statements of payments to AES from your Bank. Highlight them and give it to the police.
    4) Keep all AES letters and make sure you record AES and their Associates (the debt collectors) calls.
    5) Give all your Statements to your city/county Police. Get a police report #
    I confirmed this later when:
    1) Statement of fees and Loan Statement did not match.
    2) There were 2 lenders for the student loan. AES was the fraud lender. AES fraudulently claimed that the other lender Great Lakes came under their umbrella. Beware of AES, it has no morals or integrity
    AES and Associates have abused me/borrower/cosigner, through their calls, to pay amounts which were fraudulent amounts. The amounts were exorbitant. I paid monthly to avoid bad credit. AES still reported me to the credit bureau even though payments were made to AES fraudulent amounts. Unfortunately I became the victim of AES, until friends advised me to go to the Police. Get the police report send to FTC, to AG Pennsylvania and BBB.
    Students are the most vulnerable to these frauds.

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  • S1
    s12pilot May 05, 2010

    Can anyone tell me if there is, in fact, a class action suit in place or pending against these crooks. I have been given the run around by these low lifes for four yrs. I was in fact going to pay the account in full and "robert grey" or whoever he was said it was "illegal" ??? They said, when I tried to make a payment, that my account was " in review" and would not take a payment. Next time I called same thing. six monthes later I was told my account was with the "american college fund" they never heard of me. I called back and the receptionist hung up on me. I heard nothing for months and then I find they sold my account to another agency. Some one needs to put these jerks out of business or at least revoke their abilty to report to credit reporting agencies. If you are interested in suiting these ###, lets to it, get a website dedicated to AES and gather a storm of complaints for the Media, written and video and the attorney gerneral of penn. Lets do this guys/gals!!! write to me [email protected]

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  • To
    Tommie Lee Mitchenor, Jr Aug 15, 2010

    keeping interests rates high on student loans.

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  • Ma

    I was looking for information on this place, and found the complaint dept. I am trying to find out who is the head of this AES. It has been a thorn in my son's side. I will also be turning them over to BBB. They are rude and hateful. All you young children going to school, please do not deal with this co. They are the sneaky's people to deal with. I have gone to our Attorney General in my state, and I now have my Congressmen working on it. Also, I have contacted a attorney and will be making a appt. with our Federal Judge. Hopefully, I can get some resolvment for my son. We have Credit Card Co's off the campus's nevt we need to weed out these shameful places like this...

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  • De
    Dee07 Oct 12, 2010

    My original student loans were through GMAC who intern sold them to AES. With the economy being as it is, I am unable to land a job within my field. I am making small monthly payment son my loans. I am unable to get a job in my field of degree and have talked to AES about this many times. they assure me theyw will make notes and so forth. They have begun calling my 74 year old mother and threatening to take her social security in order to pay MY loans. She is a co-signer but the debt is mine. I am paying what I can but still get 5 to 9 calls daily about back payments owed them. Is it leagal to harass my mom like this? I live in Texas. How many agencies can I contact to let them know how horrible and rude these reps at AES are?

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  • Su
    surfmommy Nov 03, 2010

    EVERYONE!!! If you have made a comment on this site then you need to go to the BBB and file a complaint. I just checked there standing with the BBB and they currently have a "B" rating. based on all of the complaints here that should not be. Please go post your conserns with them at

    We can get them, and we can prevent other people from having htere lives ruined by this company. Please go to the webpage above and file a complaint... Lets get this taken care of!

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  • Ha
    hardworking Dec 12, 2010

    These jerks charge so much for interest! I paid $1200 and only $9 went to principal balance, let's all go to that website to complain

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  • Me
    Megan Marie C Dec 16, 2010

    AES is a horrible company. Everytime I call someone gives me a different answer, saying the person I talked to before them was wrong. I have asked to speak with supervisors and they never know the right thing either! I have dealt with them for years now and everytime I speak with someone they leave me in tears. I finally had written (well, e-mail) proof that someone gave me the wrong information and the supervisor I finally did get to call me back just said that the person was new, and she would have a talk with them. She never apologized or helped me with my problem! I really hope something can be done about this terrible company!

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  • Bi
    bigkam17 Dec 19, 2010

    AES is quite simply a bunch of crooks. I have bee trying to get a teacher loan forgiveness credit through them for 6 months, and they continue to give me bogus reasons why I need to resubmit. I am very close to hiring an attorney to get my money, as I am sick of dealing with these people. Please spread the word to your family members and friends: DO NOT USE THESE PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING. What a mistake it was to ever get involved with AES.

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  • Sa
    SarahSickOfThis Jan 10, 2011

    I recently went into default and have absolutely no way to pay the $500 a month they want me to pay, and I'm afraid they will go after my dad who co-signed for me!! When I got the loan initially it was to pay off another student loan that I thought was outrageous (AES assured me they would not have me in the same position) and it ended up being far worse! Since they sent me the check about a month before they sent the actual payback info I feel like they just tricked me into signing the promissory note. I'm hoping there will be a class action suit or some other type of help for those of us who have been taken advantage of. Does anyone out there have any updates or advice?

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  • In
    indebtforever Feb 17, 2011

    I have a 34K private loan with AES and It's now in default, I checked my credit report recently and it says "claim filed with government" sent for recovery. Does this mean they will withhold my income tax once I file? I have a co-signer on this loan as well, the reason I couldn't make the payments is because it was clearly more than my rent so I had to make a choice. Everytime I talk to them, they treat me like crap, Im doing the best I can.

    Should I hold off on filing my income tax?

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  • Da
    Dark_Nation Feb 18, 2011

    indebtforever: If the loan with AES is a private loan, they have no federal recourse for pursuit of payment through the seizure of your federal tax refund. Depending on the state you live in, there are other options for private firms, but they'll never have that federal authority. A good way to differentiate loans is that federal loans do not require co-signers, ever. Private loans often make copious use of them.

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  • Be
    Belsebub Apr 04, 2011

    Education loan company. They hound you when there is two weeks to go on payement date and"Very" rude and threatning csrs! Check mailed on 25th they did not receive we guess lost because the second they get a checkit is cashed! He said thats not our problem and its ours he would turn us over to colections! Then they flood house with calls.

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  • Th
    Theworst May 20, 2011

    Everyone should report these practices to the FTC (federal trade

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  • Th
    Theworst May 20, 2011

    Everyone should file a complaint with (federal trade commission). I too feel that this company practices are suspect, and should be dealt with. I hope all is resolved, after this is done for each of you.

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  • Jr
    jrobi Aug 25, 2011

    Horrible company with rude customer service who harasses and threatens customers. The took over my loan from Xpress Loan Servicing and continued to debit my account for the first three months (without a signed agreement to AES). I received a letter stating I needed to sign an agreement with them, so i did, and mailed it in. Three months later I get a call and a late fee as my payment didn't drop. Apparently they never processed my request. I disputed the charge and they said, "well, there's a late fee and it's your fault for being delinquent. and will get it whether you refuse to pay it or not. We'll just stick it to the end of your loan and you'll have to pay it." I sent this form in on three separate occasions over a three month span and they have still not processed it. They claim they've sent me emails and I've never received them. I hate this company, but I can't do anything about it. It's so unfair.

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  • Na
    Navy Nam Vet Sep 23, 2011

    AES has a very poor record for keeping records upto date. their staff very seldom knows about previous conversations. Even if loans are in forebearance they send the loan out to collection agencies. AES has been reported many times to the BBB of PA. AES is quick to make legal threats even if payments are being made or have made arrangements. AES also falsely presented that the loans they offer were Government loand. They never spoke about the loans be private loans.

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  • Ed
    EddB Oct 28, 2011

    American Education Services has the worst customer service on the planet. It is not simply that the people working there are inept. The problem is much more complex and sinister. It is the organizational structure that has been set up by the executives of AES to purposely shelter their credit department for working directly with customers. Only the credit department can provide information to TransUnion and the other credit agencies; however, not even TransUnion can speak directly with people in this department! Don't even try talking to them yourself as a co-signer or borrower!! Since no one can speak directly with personnel in the AES credit department it should be of no surprise that inaccurate and incorrect information is propagated.

    The purpose of this structure is clearly to make it difficult for anyone to get reliable information from AES and to deflect customers into an ineffective and unknowledgeable pool of low paid workers who will politely provide no help whatsoever.

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  • Ca
    CatPR Dec 09, 2011

    In a desperate attempt to complete college I borrowed from AES. If I had known the emotional hardship I would be going through at this point I would never have borrowed from them. They prey on youth, promising money and knowing that most students will never be able to pay it back... After a particularly hard year I had to do an interest only payment schedule where I would pay a reduced loan amount twice a month. Things were working out well until one day they changed the payments and said something about "re-disclosuring" ...something that one representative told me and none of the others have mentioned. Since November 2011 I have currently spoken with 9 individuals, including two supervisors with this company and they are HORRIBLE. I have been "delinquent" for 2 months now, yet I'm making EVERY single payment on time. I am furious. After speaking with a particularly rude individual today I broke down into tears for over an hour. They are now making me pay 4 payments in one month and I just don't know how I am going to continue to pay the bill. They are threatening me with credit agencies and delinquency...when I am making the payments. I am 26 years old and feel like my life is over financially. My husband is now in this as we got married 8 months ago. I feel such regret and guilt for working with this company and now I'm stuck. I just want everyone out there to know that these people are CRIMINALS. They will tell you that they do not care what your situation is. They will tell you that you are not making the payments even when they SEE in the file that someone else working there TOLD you previously that you HAD been making the payments on time. I told a supervisor today that I spoke with someone on Dec. 1 who told me that this would all resolve itself once they reapplied a payment. She saw this in the documentation and said "oh well I don't know... I just know you owe this much." DO NOT BORROW FROM THESE CRIMINALS. I WILL be writing the attorney general.. just as others on this forum have suggested. Good luck to everyone.

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