AES Creditloan

Oh my, where do I even start. AES is ruining our lives. I'm perfectly fine with paying my loans that I took out, that's not the problem here.

I moved to Canada after school, so I'm paying Canadian dollars into a USD loan. What a nightmare. My 7 loans have a payment altogether of $912 usd which is $1300 cad a month. That's more than my house payment!! Every time they send me a form to fill out to lower my monthly payment, they deny it because... Get this... I do not make enough money! How stupid is that?! And they give me this form! What!?!?!

Then, they lost 6 months of my previous payments. How the heck do you loose payments? So they wouldn't accept my receipts (I have to mail in international bank drafts because they won't let me pay on the phone and will not take my canadian credit card). So all of my receipts show the days that the payment was paid and all the info they need, but they would not accept them. I fought with them for months, recieved about 12 phone calls a day starting at 6 am, my bank even called them multiple times a week to work this out.

Then, just this past month, they lost another payment and won't accept the receipt. My payment was 16 days late and they alerted whoever is in charge of credit scores and messed my co signers credit score up. Multiple employees of theirs have told me that credit scores are not touched until 60 days.

I have been told so many different things by so many employees. All say something different. So what is the truth? They definelty do not try to help you and it seems that they really do not want to get paid. And If you ask for a manager on customer service, they are SO RUDE! Talking over you, they will not let you speak. They do not want to help you and continue to say that it is your fault and you need to pay your loans. No [censored] Sherlock, that's what I'm trying to do!

They are a special kind of stupid.

The worst part is that the interest is so so high. Ok I get it, my mother took out the loan and signed for me. Yes, I will pay. But I'm paying CAD into a USD loan. My husband and I are re financing our house so we can try to put my student loans into our house with a much lower interest rate. This is so stressful! We're going to be paying this for the rest of our lives and probably have to deal with these idiots on a monthly basis.

Stop the hatrasment please, get your [censored] together, and stop "loosing" previously paid payments. UGH.

Feb 18, 2019

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