American Automobile Association / AAA.comdenied tow service

T Sep 04, 2018

My car broke down in Pittsburgh, Pa and I needed towed home to Transfer, Pa. I had already been stuck in the car in my car on the 90 degree day for a couple hours and couldn't wait too much longer. The tow truck said he only had 2 trucks and was too busy to take the time to drive me home to transfer. He said that he could come back later that night to take me home. It was a scorcher of a day and I just needed to get home. I get 100mi free towing and it's an 80mi or so trip to transfer. I then had to call my brother in-law to bring his truck and flatbed trailer to come get me. That being said, we would like compensated for the gas ($70) and for the uncomfortable inconvenience of having to ask someone to take their much needed time out of their day to drive to the city of Pittsburgh, with a huge truck and 70' trailer, so we can spend even more money to get me and my car home ($85). I have been a loyal customer for 12 years and a AAA advocate. AAA has helped me many times in the past but I don't pay $85 for a service that I was denied. You don't buy a pair of shoes for $85 that they won't let you leave the store with! If I don't receive the compensation of $155 then I will be forced to cancel my membership.
Thank you, if there are any questions feel free to contact me.

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