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will not transport your pet with you

Please cross post liberally!!! To all animal owners and guardians: aaa will not transport your animal with...

horrible customer service

I never do this because i believe anybody can have a bad day but this is beyond one person and it looks like...

no show, no call

This afternoon at approximatley 4:00, my husband was broken down with his truck on Sunrise Hwy. in Patchogue, NY. This highway is extremely busy and hazardous especially during comuter hours. He called AAA and told them the problem and they said some would call him back within 1/2 hour and gave him a reference #. Nobody called. An hour later my husband called with the ref# and the guy said his truck was "broken" and he couldn't come. Long story short, nobody came. At 6:20, he had to call a tow truck (AAA affiliated) and he came within 20 minutes and got him and the truck home. I have used AAA 3 times including today. The last time I called them, I was stuck with a flat tire in a State Office parking lot. I called at 5:00 and nobody called or came. He claimed he "got lost". The town he was coming from was one town away. EVERYBODY knows the State Office Building and the highway it is off of. Needless to day, it was dark by this time and I had to ask a stranger to help me fix my flat and pray he wasn't a serial killer. I am so angry right now I want to tell the WORLD not to belong to AAA, especially if you have a daughter who may have to count on them. Not only that, but the people are downright RUDE! When I called them to have them PLEASE send someone as I was frightened, they had me on hold for 15 minutes and my cell was using minutes plus it was losing its charge. I will send the bill to AAA and I bet they don't even reimburse me.

billing issue

I have a BIG problem with AAA! I had a policy last year on my car, canceled it (in person at the Victorville, CA AAA office) and went with my wife's carrier, USAA, as it was alot less expensive. Ever since, AAA has been trying to bill me for insurance coverage for another month or so AFTER I canceled it. It is NOW in collections and affecting my credit! I just spent 2 years in Iraq, am active duty Army Soldier and really don't need this right now. I've written numerous times and get no response. I even faxed in proof of coverage with USAA as requested, and got no response from that either. Please help me resolve this as it's affecting my Security Clearance!

  • Jb
    JB7 Dec 06, 2010

    If you have an outstanding balance when you cancel the policy, you still must pay them for the services you used. Pay it and move on.

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poor service and dishonest

AAA has aweful service when filing a claim. DO NOT SIGN UP your policy with them.

First, it took 30 days to cut me a check on my accident.

They never answer calls directly, but send you to an answering machine. Then they often wouldn't even call back.

Per their system, they kept transferring my account to different people in different departments so 4 different people handled my claim. I was never sure who was in charge...hence, no one at AAA really takes responsiblity.

Their adjustment was low and didn't include my A.C., Powersteering, trim package, low engine miles, stereo. They assured me that they would readjust it and "cut me a new check after my settlement." When they readjusted my car value and added in all the extra features, they changed the quality downward on paint, interior, and engine so I ENDED UP OWING THEM MONEY!

I am switching my company and will never do business with them again.

  • Js
    JSAAA Apr 26, 2010

    I am from AAA National Member Relations. I apologize for negative experience you had while contacting AAA. If you would allow me the opportunity to lodge a formal concern with the AAA Club, I would very much appreciate the chance to restore your faith and trust in AAA. If you could please provide me with your insurance policy number, I will look into this right away. Thank you!
    Justin S.
    Please email to: [email protected]

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I am a disabled ase master auto technician. Having taken my vehicle to the aaa in charlotte, nc. For a routine state inspection, march14, i was told it would not pass for the following reasons.

It needed brakes, 2 tires, a rack & pinion, 2 rear struts, repair of a massive oil leak and a grocery list of "gravy" repairs. Estimate, $ 2200.00.

Here's the real deal! Feb. 2010. Brakes, i replaced 4 rotors, 4 calipers, all pads & master cylinder. All 4 tires are new, the rack i replaced with new power steering hoses when i installed the new gm crate engine, that now ha less than 100 miles on all new components. These idiots dumped old oil down the back side of the engine to simulate an oil and power steering leak. When i threatened to call the police, aaas responce was that they " confused" my car with another customer's car. When i told the service manager to show me this other car and the tech who wrote it up, the tech disappeared with the supposed car on a test drive. Neither one ever came back during the hour i wasted there.

Do not take your vehicle to any aaa repair facility. I have met and found many people who have had alot of the same experiences with them. Aaa employs sub-standard part replacing jockey's. No one there has any idea how to diagnose even minor problems, much less any major repairs or computerized diags or electrical repairs.

I would recommend taking your car to burger king over any aaa repair facility. You'd be better off !!!

unaothorized charges

I recently was made aware that aaa had charged my credit card for services i nolonger wanted or renewed...


To whom it may concern. Recently I have paid out on 10th of june '09 £29. 95 and £4. 95 on 8th of june '09 to your company, I consider this a fraud as I have never had dealings with your company before. I have been to my bank and explained that the transaction was not authorised by me therefore it should be considered unlawful, I am very disapointed with the way in this day and age people can just take what is not their. My email adress is a. [protected]@mail. Ru, I would be expectin an explonation as to why this happened and what will you do in the future to protect internet users from their money being stolen. Thank you and I will look forward from hearing from you. Aydin aliyev

  • Qu
    Quilty Oct 16, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My husband passed away some time ago and I hired AAA to sell his car. They asked me to buy insurance because buyer wanted so. I did what they asked but buyers never came. I wanted to cancel membership but they told that it is not possible. They backed me into the corner.

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aaa payment

Long time AAA member. Went in to make payment, with Visa. A few days later when the my account was charged...

Resolved bad service

AAA Greene County We have renewed our family membership for AAA for seven years without ever using it. Tonight, for the first time we actually need it. My husband is stuck in a bad area of town, two hours from home and has used all of his gas and battery power trying to get out of the middle of the road.

At this time, he has been freezing for four hours, and if I ever find a way to get to him, I will need to take him to the emergency room to be treated for frost bite and hypothermia. His cell phone died and I
can no longer keep in contact. AAA has been completely useless, worthless and rude in this emergency situation. I was told only that maybe tomorrow, my husband may get a ride to a gas station where he will be expected to spend Christmas because AAA will not do anything more.

Waiting until tomorrow is completely ABSURD and life threatening. We have paid membership fees every year believing that we would be safe in an emergency, but now find the services we paid for are not available when they are desperately needed. At this point, I will definitely seek a refund of our membership fees and ask AAA to reimburse us for any losses due their failure to supply the services we were promised and paid for!

  • Ka
    Kalcoh Apr 10, 2009

    You posted this on April 6, 2009 complaining that your husband will have to spend Christmas in a bad part of town? Your post makes no sense.

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  • Mr
    Mr.BC Mar 16, 2011

    I can totaly sympathise, my wifes truck broke down in nowhere nevada and they refused to tow her truck she then asked for a flatbed and they refused, so they left my wife and my 5 and 7 year old sons stranded there, I had go fix the car there and bring my family home myself no thanks to AAA, whats the point in a emergency tow service if they wont tow it ? I canceled my membership of many years the very same day

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new policy leaves cutomers stranded

Our car would not start and according to aaa and their "new policy on towing" we were stranded for 3...

Resolved bad customer service

About 3 yrs ago, when i held aaa membership, one of my car battery went dead, so i asked aaa to replace it (With 3 yrs free replacement, and 5 yrs gurantee).

Now, just about 2 months after the replacement, the battery went dead again, and i don't have the membership. I called aaa's number for battery service, below is the process:

1. First, a lady picked my phone, and asked my questions. After learning that i was not a member, she let me hold on to wair for her checking my information. I waited, waited, waited. Ok, another woman came in, and asked my questions again, but it seemed that she had problem to follow what i said, so, she spoke loudly and loudly (With a little bit of joy) , to let me repeat what i said again and again, "sorry, i cann't hear you, are you speaking english?", "sorry, what do you mean?", "sorry, i really cann't understand you, i have to hang up",...

So, before she hang up, i hang up.

2. Then after a while, i called again. This time, another young lady talked with me and she really understood me and quickly agreed to give me a free battery with a service charge of $65 (About). But i didn't want to give aaa the money without comaprison now, so i thanked her, hang up, and do the online shopping.

3. After searching, i found that a battery alone costed >$70, so i called aaa again. This time, the lady cann't find any information about me now, nothing left.

Ok, that's fine, i am not in a hurry to use my car. So, i did a local search shopping and find a good deal in costco and buy a battery (<$70) , and replaced the dead aaa one. My car can be started and run now.

When i talked with my colleague about the battery, his first response was i was given a rebuilt or used one.

Whatever, with gps, google map, other similar membership for travel service, lots of competitors appearing, one thing to my relieve is that i don't need to buy aaa forever.

About 2 yrs ago, i got a very bad service in compusa (One item missed from my box) , now where is the company?

  • Ba
    banthony1313 Feb 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a very bad experience with AAA. They also said my battery was no good and offered to replace my it for $115 plus tax. I did and that went dead, and they replaced that with another be cause the service guy said the first one tested bad. After that one going dead, I replaced it with another that I bought at a parts store. I tried to get a refund and I was told that because I removed their bad battery it voided any refund . My problem was not the battery, but the alternator. There was no need to replace the battery in the first place. Always get a second opinion !! People should also be aware that they are limited on the number of calls allowed or they will charge you for additional fee. No more AAA for me...

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  • Te
    Tellingithowitis Aug 02, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had my policy from another insurance company expire so I was looking into AAA. The sales person was persistent and constantly calling me to get payment and sign off on paperwork. I noticed there was a discount for scientific professions but biology was not listed. I work at a drug company and got a masters in biology but I didn't qualify for the discount. Apparently holding a bachelors in Astronomy does even though half of the people in Astronomy don't go down that path. This is just a way to screw the consumer out of money. When I tried to contact the same salesperson he completely ducked my emails and phone calls even though he said he would look into and get back to me. Just another company that looks at the consumer and thinks "how much money can we suck out of them?"

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  • booboo

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insurance claims

I am formally requesting a review of my accident that occurred on august 15, 2008. For the sake of balance, i...


Excessive surcharge for voluntarily cancelling my minor's daughters license. Placed a point against her claiming suspension of license. Approximately a $600.00 year surcharge. Grades were to come up before placing my signature back on the license. Stated no charge would be accessed by AAA. 9 months later $600.00 surcharge because I voluntarily made her give up the license.

bad experience!

I was told many times by aaa that i have to have both the comprehensive and collison coverages on my car. I just want collision and not comprehensive. There is even an separate entry on the policy to enter the different premium. Comprehensive is when the car is not moving. Collision is for car is moving. I removed both comprehensive and collision (Savings of $500) ; then the underwritering manager called me the next day to ask whether i had any misunderstanding. I said: no. (Unless aaa is honest, i will not give aaa the business).

There should be some consumer protection / regulation to guard against a ripoff.

  • Lz
    LZiegler Mar 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Collision without Comprehensive Coerage cannot be purchased with any insurance company. Comprehensive coverage can also apply while the vehicle is moving, such as a rock, or other flying debris that strikes the car while driving, or the colliding with a cow, deer, mosse, or other animal. Comprehensive can be purchased on its own, but not the other way around.

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  • Co
    Corrine May 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I called AAA to have my passenger front window replace on Monday 5/19/08. On Tuesday 5/20/08 AAA called me to say they had the wrong window instead they brought the front window and they would be out the following day. In the mean time I have a car rental.

    I met the repair man and the first thing out of his mouth was not Good Morning or How are you but, I HAVE TO MOVE YOUR CAR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD, I CAN'T WORK LIKE THIS.

    My car was on the leftt side of the one way road because legally it's the only place you can park. No parking allowed on the right side. I was in a pretty good mood until those nasty words escaped from the repair man's mouth plus I had mentioned to AAA yesterday I had to be at work at 08:00 and they promised me he would be here between 07:00 - 07:30 and comes the repair man at 07:55. He didn't even appologize for showing up late.

    Horrible customer service. If we serve our clients with poor customer service at my place of work, we get written up!

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Resolved beware - do not use aaa!

American Automobile Association - AAA

When I moved to Florida in 2001, I joined the American Automobile Association and they said I was in the division called "Auto Club South." I have a Visa card with them that I want to keep; the rest of their services are pretty punk.

More than a year ago I moved to Texas. I have been trying ever since to change my address. They know I'm in Texas because all the mail now comes to my Texas apartment. Last year I tried to permanently change my address and couldn't.

This year, I received a letter telling me they are charging the above-mentioned Visa card $78 for annual dues -- OUTRAGEOUS -- and if this Texas address is now my permanent address I have to notify them.

OK, so I tried calling the 800 number they gave me on that letter. First time, I went through all the pre-recorded telephone prompts and it then went into a busy signal.

So I went online. I cannot enter my membership number, it says it is incorrect. HOW CAN MY MEMBERSHIP NUMBER BE INCORRECT WHEN I COPIED IT FROM THE BRAND NEW CARD THEY JUST MAILED ME??? Tried several times on the computer, couldn't get it to the point where I could ask to have my address changed.

Tried again by phone. Second time on my home phone, it tells me my home phone number is not in Florida, goodbye. It had also said to hang on the line so they can conduct a random survey of how good of service they provide -- boy, do I have something to tell them, for sure! -- but it disconnected me before I could tell them how screwed up their system is.

Tried on my cell phone, which has a Florida area code. Got through. Man tells me I have to join in Texas, but he can't process this. He de-activated my Florida number and says I have to call their Texas HQ to get re-activated and oh by the way there is no 800 number.

How the hell can AAA Texas not have an 800 number? How are you going to call them if you are not in their local town if you're on the side of the road and maybe have to use a pay phone or business phone or something?

I also noticed from their website I will have to pay over $100 to join their Texas branch. How can one division only charge $78, which is horrible enough, and another charge more?

Of course, no one in Texas uses AAA, I've found out. My Texas auto mechanic, who took my AAA Auto Club charge card for payment, warned me never to use them because they will let you stay stuck on the side of the road forever. He said a young woman actually got killed while waiting for the AAA tow truck, which never showed up and a man posing as a "good Samaritan" murdered her.

The sad thing is, I have no medical insurance and I have a high limit on that Visa card AAA Auto Club South issued me. If I ever had to go to the emergency room, that card is how I would get medical treatment if needed. I suppose not being able to get into AAA is going to kill my eligibility for this potentially lifesaving card (I save it for real emergencies.)

Anyway, the entire deal with AAA is so messed up I wanted to warn others not to use them!

  • Co
    Corvette owner Dec 11, 2018

    Took me a week to get AAA to send out a tow truck with a dolly. Called them at least 8 times. They refused to do it. Finally with the help of a tow truck company a week later they agreed. Just needed to tow my car to a repair company. Very rude people at AAA.

    Could not pay me to have AA A anymore. Never meet such an unprofessional company.

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  • Rs
    R Staley Apr 30, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife broke down on a busy road and when I called they told me they would make it a priority call to get her out of the road.
    2 HOURS later and numerous calls a truck showed up.
    Meanwhile I had a trooper wanting the car moved.
    I will not be renewing my membership.

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  • Ti
    TiffnAva Jun 01, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In a different State and made the call for a tow at 10:05am. Dispatch informed us the ETA would be 1105am..Good time right? not because we called back at 1130am and they, AAA dispatch had no contact with the company ..LACK OF COMMUNICATION WITH US however that does not fix the problem...Its now 1240 and still no tow truck.we are hot dissatisfied.

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  • Ti
    TiffnAva Jun 01, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In a different State and made the call for a tow at 10:05am. Dispatch informed us the ETA would be 1105am..Good time right? not because we called back at 1130am and they, AAA dispatch had no contact with the company ..LACK OF COMMUNICATION WITH US however that does not fix the problem...Its now 1240 and still no tow truck.we are hot dissatisfied.

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poor service!

Would like to get resolution from aaa insurance company. Have been trying to get our vehicle repaired since 11/06. And since aaa has had a hard time locating our account. We our even getting notices from the dmd stating we have no insurance and aaa. However, they main office has told us they would fix our account. They have been looking for a payment they have lost of ours. We would just like to get our vehicle fixed, account fixed, payment credited, and any fee's we received credited (Like lc, restatement fees, and insurance adjustments) , and an apology from aaa. Still wanting for manager and staff to return our calls...

  • Um
    Uma Jul 25, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are taking a long time to take decision. Response is very poor.

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  • Li
    Linda Eagleson-Pence Oct 14, 2010

    I, too, have had a hard time getting AAA to hold themselves accountable for damages that their towing service did to my car. I have tried calling Customer Service and they refuse to talk to me! Even the manager of Customer Relations has refused to talk to me. When I filed a complaint with them 3 weeks ago after they damaged my car during a tow to my mechanic, the woman I talked to, that day, immediately assumed that it was our fault that the axle was broken and not theirs.

    After there supposed investigation at the repair shop where my car was, with my mechanic and my husband there at the time of the investigation, the women and insurance adjuster spent a whole 5 minutes looking at the car and said that AAA was not at fault. When my mechanic tried to tell her that there was no way a broken transmission (which is why we were getting the car towed was to repair the transmission) could have caused the axle to break, she told him that her decision was made and if we wanted to go further we would have to get our lawyers and their lawyers involved.

    I have been with them for 30 ys, since I first learned to drive and this is what they do? I was told by my mechanic that AAA is hard to get money out of to fix vehicles that were damaged during towing. Customers are told to pay up front and then they will reimburse them and then that takes YEARS to get resolved. Yeah, my WHOLE FAMILY is going to drop AAA. What a scam is right!!!

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poor customer service

I was robbed on april 19th. My car was taken from my garage and things of value from in the garage. I...

poor customer service and help

I had an accident on December with one of AAA clients. First one I reported the accident they will not call my witness because "they needed a police report". I sent the police report by fax and they never contact me. I have to call for three days until somebody will even look for the fax. Then, when they had the report my adjuster tried to tell me that some numbers in the police report said that my inexperience was one of the factors that make the accident and that i should take 50% fault. When I said not and that they should contact my witness she did and then change her mind but that they will only pay 80% of the damage. I had to accept that, but I toll her that they should contact me to get the estimate of the damage before the 14th... I told them the 7th or something like that. The people making the estimate never contacted me because they gave them the wrong number, so it took 1 month before somebody even looked at my car. After they did the estimate it took AAA 2 weeks and a half to contact me to tell me that it was a total. In those two and a half week I had to call them every other day so they will extend my rental car... that was totally annoying.

After they told me how much they were going to give me for my car, they call me the same day just to take the car and the tittle away and also the rental car. It was the only time that they care about my claim and because they didn't want to spend more in the rental and they wanted to take my car.
In all this time, they were really mean and the customer care was horrible. I have never been in an accident before, but I hope this is not the way all the companies treat people because it was complete awful.

  • St
    Stay Away from Dec 31, 2009

    Month ago I purchased 2010 Camry week later someone didn't stop the traffic light and damaged my bumper. It's been two and half weeks my car still in the shop dont why. I spoke to adjuster and her supervisor and I am still empty handed. I already made my first payment for my car and driving rental junk $35.99 out of my pocket.
    I have no idea why it's there, how long will it take no idea. "I am sorry" "I am sorry" Bull ###.

    Is there anything more frustrating then this. Paying for something to get frustrated.

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aaa is ripping people off

I took out AAA car insurance on June 8th, two weeks later the underwriters called to take a survey and go over the policy. EVERTHING WAS FINE ACCORDING TO THEM. I got a notice in the mail on Sat.July 8th(AAA is closed until Monday) stating that of Monday the 10 my insurance would be cancled due to the fact that I was a service contractor..................I clean houses, dont carry machines or anything other than a mop and broom! They knew what I did before and took my 421.00 dollars and sent me a policy..................... AAA is ripping people off and I think something should be done to stop this. I had a few hours to get more insurance. The sad thing is I am 53 years old have been driving since I was 16 and I have never had a ticket or an accident and this should account for something.

  • An
    anonymous Aug 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate AAA! My husband had auto insurance through them and on our way home from out of state, on Christmas Eve, we were hit and our truck was totaled. We were forced to stay in a hotel out of state on Christmas day and the day after our truck was announced totaled and we financed a new vehicle. Our car payment was usually due on the 1st but seeing as how it was the 16th and we got a NEW truck with the same policy, they said they would take care of the pay off...well. three months later, I check our credit reports and lowe and behold, GMAC reported our old truck payment as 3 months late! I called them and they said the pay-off check didn't come in for 3 months! WTF?! They told us they were aware and we didn't have to pay when we called in December!!!
    I need a lawyer to clean up my husband's credit report! It is not our fault the payment was 3 months late and GMAC will not take it off his credit!

    Does anyone know of a good lawyer for credit report clean ups?????????????

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  • An
    anonymous Aug 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sorry, it is supposed to say the 26th, not the 16th...I was typing too fast with all of my raving!

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  • Ri
    rick2184 Jan 05, 2010

    On Dec. 22, 1994 my wife and I were stopped in traffic when a speeding car hit us from behind. We both had to be bodyboarded out of the car. AAA has screwed us ever since. Besides their lawyer lying repeatedly and being denied medical treatment once they found out we had AAA ("they never pay their bills), it's been a nightmare ever since. I got the brunt of the injuries. A brain injury and four major surgeries on my spine have left me on social security disability since 1995. AAA owes us thousands for reimbursed medical expenses which when questioned, are always met with excuses and delays. I use to attend a support group for people with brain injuries and anytime AAA was mentioned, those that had their coverage, would curse them. Have you heard the latest joke? AAA is doing radio spots, by the CEO no less, saying how his company cares about people. I make it a point to tell anyone that will listen how corrupt AAA is.

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  • La
    Lauren Allis Nov 12, 2010

    I hate AAA. I was hit by another driver in August and as of November they are still giving me the runaround. They only contact me after several calls and filing a compliant with the Better Business Bureau. The customer service people are tremely rude and unhelpful.

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  • Re
    repairs May 12, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    800;00 for a 129;00 oil change and giving the bulk of the money back to the owner in cash this is a crime a scam and this is why our towing is so expensive it every time they do work this is one thing many others just do a sting bring in a truck that does not need work let them bring it to him to work on it, and get the whole bunch .

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