AMC /theaterscost increase


I went to the movie today and found out ther was a price in crease for seniors a full dollar. I know you have to be aware of the fact ther is no cost of living increase for senior this coming year and last year it has been on the news several times. However you have to make this increase at the worse time considering the economy the way it is. This is a slap in the face for seniors. My salution as a senior to other seniors is instead of going every week to see the movie go every other week for a savings of $8.00 plus snack. Ther is always a salution to greed like AMC is trying to do at our expense. I feel that your being unfair to senios especially the [censored] that the attendance is down on Tusdays the day of the senior discount and we are not taking up that much space and to raise your cost od admission is totally greed on your part.


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