Altech Netstarroadcover and xsure debit my money without me agreeing

K Aug 02, 2018

Good morning

I am writing this messages because I complain about my money being debited from my account about things I never agreed on, last month I had to cancel the xsure policy that was debiting my money and I never agreed on it, this month my money is being debited from roadcover and I never agreed on this, you guys have a bad service to your customers,

Why keep on debiting peoples money if they dint even agree on that, please cancel that for road cpver policy and send my money back, I never agreed on this please

I believe xsure and roadcpver protect got my information from you guys and I never agreed on this, I want my money back.

My id number is : [protected]
My membership num : rdbgb1417457



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