Altech Netstarpaying for service for 11 months - but vehicle is written off in an accident.

T Aug 02, 2018

I was in an accident on 24 August 2017. The vehicle was written off. I have not received any communication from Netstar informing me that the signal is lost or just alerting me to the fact that something may be wrong in the past 11 months, as the money was still deducted monthly. Whenever the vehicle's battery was removed in the past during services or even when I overhauled the engine - I received no alerts. I know I am to blame for not legally ending the contract earlier, but I would think twice before getting them to be my agent for watching over a vehicle of mine as I seriously doubt that my vehicle was on their radar. My other vehicle is covered by another service provider that contacts me immediately whenever the battery is removed and the signal is lost.

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