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My name is Phillip Rakhuba ID8009015424081 im netstar subscriber my nissan np200 was stolen 14 november 2019 so i called netstar to report my vehicle so they told me i have outstanding amount i have to fill recovery agreement form so i did that and they called me told me they activated my tracker and as soon as they pickup signal thell send the team so heres my problem when i bought my car at oneway auto at Pretoria i signed on my agreement that R2527.70 will go to netstar and i did follow up and i spoke with Louisa Hattingh asking for proof of payment from dealer but no one gave it to me and i even emailed proof of contract i signed at dealer according to my culculation the amount i paid has to cover me for 23months for Nano and ive been paying R199 premium and I should be paying R99 so ive been paying price of early warning and remember tracker unit is installed free and theres no upfront payments so my tracker was diactivated while ive paid R2527.70 upfront plus i paid R199 couple of months and now my car is stolen and tracker was activated after i emailed recovery agreement now why was i paying R199 for? Why did i pay R2527.70? I need proof of payment from dealer to netstar


Altech Netstar

cancellation process

On 1/10/2019 I was given a cancellation quote of R916 by a gentleman who never made a note on the system apparently and he said that I still have 3 days to accept the quote. After discussing the amount with my husband I phoned back to cancel the service with Netstar on the 4th of October 2019 and was then informed by a lady called Amanda that the cancellation is now more than R1000 because there is cancellation fees which wasn't discussed with myself in the first phone call, I asked her to go back to the recording and give me answers as to ehy the price increased so dramatically and I also requested confirmation that my previous insurance no longer had access to the tracking information as they are fraudulent in their business dealings and to date still haven't had any feedback from Amanda or Netstar for that matter. I phoned again today to cancel my Netstar contract and spoke to a gentleman called Goodwill and after holding on for more than 6 minutes to confirm with the retention department I received a quote of R979 and again I asked why to which he said that he is going to ask Amanda to listen to the recording to get answers for me and he will get back to me. Upon asking Goodwill when more or less I can expect a call from him he said that it will be before 1pm (at the time our phone call ended it was 12h30), I received a sms (not a phone call) at 12h49 stating that my enquiring ref no is CAS-**********-S5Q2. I am fed up with Netstar's empty promises and bad service. Also do not even consider getting a unit from them because their service in that regard is just as terrible, we have a Ctrack unit installed in the same vehicle who's service and communication is excellent and were forced to take the Netstar unit by the insurer at the time and they do not even bother to contact you if they pick up that you battery is disconnected instead they send a sms which in a emergency is not going to work? I have also said on all 3 of these phone calls mentioned this issue with them and again nothing from Netstar's side not even a apology or a empty promise of further investigation

car insurance even when I no longer have that car.

i Jacob Taunyane, id number [protected] I informed Netstar that i no longer have or use the car i am told to owe money on. my email were ignored and i am now harrased by telephone call and thretened to be handed over for blacklisting. my C class was changed two years ago when ii ran out of maintenance plan i there fore bought another one. the B class wass damaged in a collision from the back and it was written off also two years ago.so i nolonger have those cars.


  • Updated by Glad Jacobs · Oct 23, 2019

    it remain the same

  • Updated by Glad Jacobs · Oct 23, 2019

    wrong billing an harassment with callers who threaten to hand me over for blacklisting.

  • Updated by Glad Jacobs · Oct 23, 2019

    how many more should I write?

netstar tracker (safe and sound)

I have a 36 month contract with netstar for car tracker but i have a problem with the package they sold to me...

handling of problems and no communication

Netstar's service is horrible!!

I recently bought another car and had to have the Smartbox reinstalled into the new car .
They phoned me and stated that the fee for the removal and reinstallation of the box is R665.79 or what . This abount can be debited from you account once off or payed into their account over 2 months.
I chose the latter .
Since then debit orders from my account has been going off without me having money in the account because nothing is supposed to be going off !
I've now payed more than R400 in bank penalties. I've phoned and emailed and they have stated that the money from the penalties would be reimbursed to my account. That is yet to happen! This has been in August, now in October a new amount of R224.79 has been debited and again bank penalties!

Apparently I should have smelled it in the air that the amount that they would have reimbursed me was since then apparently deducted from the full amount that I owe them and the R224.79 is whats left . WOW!! Who knew ????
And the best of all is I'm apparently going to be handed over for not paying them !
Still also waiting on the call or email I was supposed to get from Yugeshin Naidoo in connection with the problem!

They don't communicate even tho the say they will be in contact .
They gave me payment options and did not comply to the one I chose !!

Horrible, horrible, horrible...


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vehicle tracking

I am unfortunately a client of Netstar. On 12 of July 2019 early hours of the morning. I was hijacked and abandoned on the n12 freeway west and since walked back to Johannesburg with a dead phone and when I did try try to get my phone on on the traumatizing journey I called Netstar to report incident. I was then told that I have to settle my outstanding account of R357 and then they would track the vehicle I had no way of paying at the time as I was stranded. This morning I got it paid and called them and they told me I must wait until Monday. This does not make sense as I have provided them with the pop and time is crucial and my vehicle needs to be tracked ASAP I spoke to 5 supervisors and still to no avail they have even went home for the day. please help

vehicle tracking
vehicle tracking
vehicle tracking

Altech Netstar

Vehicle tracking contract cancellation

Today I spoke with NetStar's financial controller today to inform that I am jobless and cannot afford to pay for the subscription any longer and I wish to cancel my contract. I was told I would have to pay a cancellation fee of over R600.

Currently I pay R167 per month and they tell me my contract expires in May 2020. I was told that I should give 30 days notice in February 2020 if do not want to pay the cancellation fee. mmmmm if one does not have an income how can one pay a cancellation fee OR the monthly fees.

When I asked to speak to 'Kobus' the financial manager I was rudely told that I would need to go through a process of speaking to his PA first and that they would tell me the same as what she has told me.

Their service is pathetic! I also looked at the terms and conditions on their website which states as follows:

4.1 On expiry of the Initial Period, and provided that the Subscriber has not confirmed that the Contract will terminate on the expiration of the Initial Period, the Contract will continue on an indefinite basis, and either Party will have the right to terminate the Contract on 1 (one) calendar months written notice to the other.

I have been with Netstar since 1999, which tells me they automatically renew the contract for the full period i.e. 36 months! and this places them in breach of the contract.

I am trying to get hold of their Ombudsman to resolve the matter.

Bonita Read

netstar safe and sound

I'm Nkungwana Simpiwe [protected] cell no:[protected] unfortunately company never gave me account number even though deducting from my bank, up to now I never got communication from your side no Contract of how the product works. Please would you furnish me with the information. The product I had before use to update me about everything up to so far I do not know which number to contact in times of emergencies, please help me//. My car registration is HPN 225 EC.

cancellation of tracker - ineffective service

I have requested Netstar multiple times (From July 2018) to cancel my Netstar account since I have emigrated to Australia and have no further use for it.
I also want my money back from date I have requested cancellation (July 18) but have not had any response from Netstar on any e-mails I have sent on cancellation/refund of funds.
I am unable to call them since I am not in South Africa and email are simply not effective.

This is unacceptable and unprofessional.

I can provide email threads if necessary, please can some one contact me as I would like to close my bank account in South Africa and the only thing that is still in there is the Netstar instalment that goes off each month which means I have to pay bank charges as well.
Acc number: [protected]

I would like my contract cancelled and I want the money refunded from when I initially requested cancellation.


Dear MD Service Desk/Ombudsman, I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain a refund on a newly-fitted...

they don't know customer service!!

No response to complaint?!?!?

This is a follow up on my mail below. I have not had a response yet.

I need urgent response!!

Ntombi ndhlovu | rbs

Personal lines consultant under supervision of lesley richardson

T +[protected] | f +[protected]

Rbs logo
From: ntombi ndhlovu | rbs
Sent: 23 october 2018 03:55 pm
To: '[protected]@netstar.co.za' ; '[protected]@netstar.co.za' ; '[protected]@netstar. Altech.co.za'
Cc: ntombi. [protected]@gmail.com; '[protected]@outlook.com'
Subject: cancel and refund

Good day

I'm very angry and frustrated as I type this email

I don't know why altech netstar is still debiting my account when I asked that my account not be debited beginning of this year already.

The device installed in my car hasn't been working for the past 2 and a half years.. Yet I continued paying till my contract ended.
My contract ended and someone phoned me for an upgrade, I explained to the person that I doubt I would want to renew my contract with altech as the device I had wasn't working and I was practically paying for noting. I explained that since my contract ended, they shouldn't debit which was ignored and my account kept being debited.
I eventually thought to myself that I will stop the debit since altech won't listen to me.
I have done so and I keep getting calls from annoying collectors that can't even talk to people.
I don't see why my contract was renewed without my consent when the device is not even working. I have been paying altech all along for absolutely nothing. Now they renewing the contract after 3 years on a ‘dead' device???
Please ensure that my premiums are refunded for debits after the 3 year mark as the device hasn't been working for so long.

I do not appreciate being called by rude collectors that ask irrelevant questions and cannot listen to what the client has to say.

My details are as follows:

Ntombi ndhlovu

Reg - zsw - my car cannot be located yet i'm supposed to continue paying? Really???


I look forward to your response.

Kind regards

cancel a contract

Re: cancelation of netstar product: This has become an impossible job to do. I have tried several times in...

hp laptop

I returned the laptop after 14/15 hours of receiving .Because I saw the problem on keyboard so..When I returned they don't tell me anything the send me message by you can get your refund balance on souq wallet.so I didn't call them.then I directly went to q express Al karama . They told me still pending the amount.they didn't tell me anything.. about the product and I called in customer service centre twice in a day...But they told me before yesterday that.. the laptop was scratched !!!I was shocked because..I opened the laptop when I saw the problem in keyboard and I packed it back ..Same like how you delivered !! They told me that was scratched????How??? And I asked them what is the solution?? They told me to call me but not yet ... What is the customer service.. you will lose the customer like me that kind of service..
And the important thing is why they lying me..If it is scratched .I didn't see because I just opened it and I saw the problem on keyboard and packed it back as same as you delivered .. because I trusted you guys.. but not now and never..Ever ..Pls do needful.. I hate the lying things in life...

  • Updated by Sunita Lamichhane Dulal · Aug 15, 2018

    I received order online from the UAe first online company souq.com

paying for service for 11 months - but vehicle is written off in an accident.

I was in an accident on 24 August 2017. The vehicle was written off. I have not received any communication...

roadcover and xsure debit my money without me agreeing

Good morning I am writing this messages because I complain about my money being debited from my account...


Beware!!! Netstar is a fraudulent service, if you have one remove it and put a tracker or ctrack in. They...

safe and sound plus + sleuth nano ii

The App to access Safe and Sound has been displaying "Network Error" and states "An error occurred while signing you in. Please retry the request"
This started at 04:00 on Saturday 23 June until now 19:59 (2018)

All negative comments on various platforms with the answer "Your complaint has been noted and a consultant will be in contact with you" is very worrying.
It seems that the App is worthless.

Are we assured as customers that Altec Netstar can, and will fulfill their obligation as to the locating of our vehicles in case of theft or hi-jacking. If the same technology is used then it seems doubtful.

  • Updated by Johan Kruger · Jun 26, 2018

    Update: Netstar Safe and Sound Plus + Sleuth Nano II
    It is now four (4) days later 26/06/2018. Still impossible to connect to mobile app or to connect online via PC
    Contacted Netstar at 10:00 and were told that their network is down for maintenance. Promised it will be up and running in two (2) hours. I was promised a ref. no. for this query within 5 minutes. It is 20 minutes later and still no SMS as promised. (Netstar agent Lester)
    Their service is not bad - it is non existent.

continued debit after account cancellation

My account was ''cancelled'' on 23.02.2018 and confirmed by Vaneshri Iyappen via email. Since then my bank...

account settlement, account 1832818

My car was fitted with a tracking device as insurance requirement, and stolen in november 2014, I had to sign...

call centre

Charlene from your call centre called me about 5 minutes ago. At first, not explaining what the matter is about, becoming abrupt when I asked questions regarding the nature of the call. I find the fact that she cut the call on me VERY rude and aggravating. I suggest that you train your call centre staff on how to deal with customers in a proper manner. This is not acceptable.

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