Altechhp laptop

S Aug 15, 2018

I returned the laptop after 14/15 hours of receiving .Because I saw the problem on keyboard so..When I returned they don't tell me anything the send me message by you can get your refund balance on souq I didn't call them.then I directly went to q express Al karama . They told me still pending the amount.they didn't tell me anything.. about the product and I called in customer service centre twice in a day...But they told me before yesterday that.. the laptop was scratched !!!I was shocked because..I opened the laptop when I saw the problem in keyboard and I packed it back ..Same like how you delivered !! They told me that was scratched????How??? And I asked them what is the solution?? They told me to call me but not yet ... What is the customer service.. you will lose the customer like me that kind of service..
And the important thing is why they lying me..If it is scratched .I didn't see because I just opened it and I saw the problem on keyboard and packed it back as same as you delivered .. because I trusted you guys.. but not now and never..Ever ..Pls do needful.. I hate the lying things in life...

  • Updated by Sunita Lamichhane Dulal · Aug 15, 2018

    I received order online from the UAe first online company

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