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I’m an ex employee and while I was working there I noticed that two employees had quit but didn’t know why and I didn’t ask but the assistant manager started talking about these employees to morning shift and the shift would mock one of the employees for clearing her throat all the time well I started to get some of her rudeness towards me instead of pulling me aside to tell me what I did wrong she would tell me in front of the shift and customers I didn’t really Let it get to me cause I needed the job but after my two wks of “ training “ I went to overnights everything was going ok but it seemed everyday there was something she would tell us we were doing wrong I was second guessing then why am I working here my last day I worked I brought it the products from outside I stocked the milk cheese etc I still had all the freezer items but I was doing this by myself because the other lady was cooking and this was at 2:30 in the morning the truck driver doesn’t really react with the assistant well after stocking the milk and stuff It was 4:00 we started getting I’m on an important call so I had to stop what I was doing to help check the customers out by then 5:00 came up she walks in I was still doing what I was doing she said why we didn’t count cigarettes went to the office came back half an he later and told us if we can’t do the job on that shift she was going to change our shift and said before we leave we had to put up the freezer product I got upset started crying so the the other employee much older lady went to help put it up but we had customers so she said you go and get them I will do this I’m not complaining to get my job back but for someone to educate her on how to treat employees truck drivers that deliver and customers

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