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I'm never ever one to complain. But just had an issue. I absolutely love Allsups and love the new one you guys built in San Angelo, TX. A few months back. I've been a customer since I worked in Eunice, New Mexico over 10 years ago. We love the food there but really don't like the fact that they always grab it with bare hands. Shows they don't care. They're constantly holding dirty money and plenty of times, they're out cleaning the store then come straight to grab your food bare hands. Unfortunately we went back to getting food and snacks from Stripes. If there could be changes as far as usings tongs or gloves we would return as customers. Trust me we're not the only ones who've noticed. Thank you for your time!


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      Apr 27, 2019

    Clean ur restrooms allsups. I drive all day and all night. Expect to go into a clean store. Nope. Not the one in Friona texas

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      May 05, 2019

    That is against company policies to grab any food without gloves. File a formal complaint against store with Corporate headquarters. Ours is in Clovis New Mexico.

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