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Allsups Convenience Stores review: A manager named Joann Johnson

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So on Wednesday May 10th I received a call from the manager Joanne Johnson at store in Wellington, Texas on 15th Street and she was telling me that I better clean up the mess in the parking lot. I told her that the mess in the parking lot was already in the parking lot, which is leaves, dirt and other scattered trash collected in that area over the winter. I live next door to the Allsup's. I have been cleaning my leaves out of my flower bed a few days before and the mess left in the parking lot was Allsups mess that I had raked away from my curb because we are replacing the fence between us and Allsup's and had to clean it away from the curb so that we could walk through there. I was out of town this day so she proceeded to go out to the parking lot and throw every bit of the trash in the parking lot into my yard which I have videos and pictures of what she done. She also involved a neighbor in helping her do so. I made a complaint to the district manager of the store and a police complaint. She refused to clean it up. Come to find out the neighbor who assisted her at throwing it back onto my yard is the one who went and cleaned it out of my flower bed, because he told us he didn't want to get in trouble by the police for helping her make the mess.

Then on May the 11th my husband went into the Allsup's to buy a pack of cigarettes late at night, and the person working that night told him that he was not allowed to sell my husband anything and my husband was banned from the store. On May 12th my husband called the district manager and informed her that Joanne Johnson had banned us from the store for no reason. The district manager said she would take care of it because Joanne doesn't have the right to band anyone only the district manager does.

On May 12th my husband went into Allsup's to buy some cigarettes, Joanne Johnson who is the manager of the store proceeded to tell her employee that they can wait on him but she was not waiting on his f*g a*. Then my daughter on May 12th later that evening went into Allsup's to buy money order. When Joanne was still there also told her employee to wait on her because she was not waiting on her F*g a*.

If this situation is not handled soon and she does not stop harassing my family, I will file a police complaint for harassment against her and the store. This is not proper conduct for a manager to have.

We have lived in this same house for 18 years I have cleaned up these leaves between my house and allsup's parking lot every single year, even the ones in the parking lot and I refuse to do it this year. So she was upset about having to clean up her own trash in her own stores parking lot.

We have contacted the district manager three times about these situations. She told us she didn't care how the leaves got cleaned up as long as they got cleaned up. My thing is that Joanne should have been made to go out there and clean it up because she made the mess. And then banding us from the store. The district manager did contact her and told her that she is not allowed to do that because we have not done anything to be banned from the store. I feel like now that she is cussing at my family when we enter the store needs to be taken to a higher level and needs to be dealt with immediately, this is why I'm making this complaint above the district manager.

I have a video but unable to upload the video. For some reason it keeps telling me error but I do have it if it's needed of her yelling and screaming at my daughter, telling my daughter to go back into the house while throwing the trash back in my yard.

The district manager never calls me back to tell me that she handled the situation or follows up.

Ever bit of these incidents of her yelling and everything else were while she was on the job. She is showing her employees that it is okay to disrespect customers while on the job.

Desired outcome: I feel as if she should be dealt with harshly by maybe firing her or taking her management position away from her. If this is the way she is going to act as a manager so very unprofessionally. This reflex badly towards your stores.

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