Allstateroadside assistance.

C Nov 21, 2017

Allstate is just horrible with communicating anything when your on a side of a road waiting on help I had to wait more than 45 minutes to recall their roadside Assistance just for them to tell me "they haven't found a tow truck yet In my location yet" and I am On the side of a freeway with tow trucks passing me . Horrible. Then the police had to esscort me off the freeway with a ripped tire so I wouldn't have to pay for a city tow that my insurance is supposed to be covering because I couldn't get a tow truck to tow me correctly Just plain horrible then I still haven't received any messages or phone calls from their roadside assistance just giving me some time of communication in regards to the time or any follow up messages about my tow .

If you need a better roadside Assistance that won't forget about you on the side of the road for hours, Allstate is not for you .

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