Allstate Insurance Companyrefund/reversal

M Aug 01, 2018

On the 7/14/18 i call the call center to stop the automatic payment and told the CSR, that I would calling in the payment on Friday the 20th . Well your CSR did not do her job and the auto payment went through on the 19th. On the 20th i called in and made the payment with my branch office. Both payments of $247.07 came out on the following Monday 23rd. On the 26th I checked my bank account my account is in over graft!!? Called Allstate and CSR put in for a reversal and she gave me the fax # to send my bank statements as proof. did this on the 07/27/18. i was told that it would take 24 hours and it would go back on my debit card. On 7/27/18 call again ans CSR said it will be there on Monday. On Monday i found out that nothing had been done about getting the reversal. I have been told 24, then 48 and not on the 8/1/2018 still nothing. I should have never switch from GEICO!! and i will be switching to another company ASAP . A your Branch sucks as well. I have been lied to put off and now that i have asked to speak to a manager no one is calling me back. I will tell every one I know to never switch to allstate!!

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