Allstate Insurance Companyclaim not finished

L Aug 01, 2018

Why are you ignoring this unfinished claim ? [protected]
I had an appt with Moonmotorsports Rogers Mn., A goldwing dealer over a month ago and had to cancel, as your not responding. The fork seals are leaking oil over the front of the bike and front brakes,
The service Mgr. At Honda dealer said since it didn't leak before the accident they would relate this problem to that. Tim Shirley at Allstate said to inform claims We are in Mn. with our GL1800. He said 5 weeks ago an adjuster would work with Moone mtrs.Now Tim hasn't answered my calls or returned my messages.
I'm should consult with the Mn. Atty Gen office, scam report online and better business complaint if you don't finish this small problem.

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Subject: Do you approve of this ?
From: lewHeur
Date: Thursday, 28/06/2018 11:29 AM

I went through hell getting something fixed in Fl. and lost VaCa riding dealing with adjusters, Im feeling sick again about this ..Whats your procedure ? We have an appt july 11th 9 AM
WIll you cover seals and bushings in the front forks and a checkout by earl Moon ?
The estimate is about $450 + the headlight wiring wasn't done per Honda, Its not wired right.

Allstate Claims, Earl Moon and service mgr. Brian.
Tim Shirley at Allstate said to inform claims We are in Mn. with our GL1800.
I have a claim to Allstate Ins co. Your insured man hitting my parked GL1800 in the parking lot in Fl.
per Allstate claims man in Fl. 6-24-18 claim is open for unfinished problems, Tim Shirley in Fl.

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