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Allstate Complaints & Reviews

Allstate / not being able to file a claim

clifford dietrich on Oct 15, 2017
I called my agent about my small screened porch dis attaching from the the house foundation. William kosik deny me for a claim. On my home policy #932533550 this is cover, i can not understand why still even with his explaining his reason. My rates are have gong up even out filing any...

Allstate / flood insurance

Lb17 on Oct 11, 2017
On 8/29/17 our home flooded in orange tx. The first adjuster came out on 9/10/17. Then he contacted me for a second inspection on the 19th. On the 25th I contacted him for the status to which he replied it would be finished and submitted by that Thursday. Then on Oct 2nd I'm contacted by a...

Allstate / claim not completed

WendyKough on Oct 9, 2017
I was rear ended by an Allstate customer at the beginning of September. My car had no prior damage and had not been in an accident before. Allstate issued a covered amount based on the pictures, but when my mechanic removed the bumper, he found more damage. It took Allstate over a week to...

Allstate / allstate business owners policy 648113621 james tom 477 cometa court rio rico az

Thomas M James on Sep 30, 2017
On the week of August 7th 2017 I contacted your local Allstate branch office, 1967 N Grand Ave Nogales Az, regarding the cancellation of said policy 648113621 Business Policy due to the closing of my small business due to my contract running out with HUD Housing, PKMG Property Management...

Allstate / I am complaining about allstate roadside assistance

Norm011 on Sep 30, 2017
I'm complaining about Allstate Roadside Assistance. I called the Allstate roadside assistance for a battery jump start. Guess how long did the actual service called me, 3 hours from the time I placed the call. I'm away from home and hoping for a quick turnaround of this event because I...

Allstate / professionalism/aggressiveness of adjuster lynn rhoades

Amanda Champagne on Sep 26, 2017
Good afternoon, I recently spoke with adjuster Lynn Rhoades regarding an incident that occurred yesterday afternoon (9-25-17). She was quite combative with me, stating more than once well how do you know how fast the other driver was going if you didn't see them? Ignoring the fact that the...

Allstate / flood insurance

Brian S. Clark on Sep 20, 2017
We were not in good hands when three (3) feet of floodwater from the Brazos river flooded our home for 10 days straight in Simonton, TX on May 31, 2016. We had the maximum limit of $250, 000 in coverage for our house that we paid $264, 000. The City Engineer wrote a letter condemning the...

Allstate / auto claim

CarlaP on Sep 20, 2017
My son's vehicle was hit by someone with Allstate Insurance. Claim estimate was a joke. Tried multiple times to contact person who did the estimate. Never have received a call back. Talked to multiple people via the 800 number with no luck on explanation on estimate. Why would I want to...

Allstate / policy

dfitz1970 on Sep 11, 2017
I added my daughter in June 2017 allstate forgot to charge for June and July. Then they prorated and took 1, 007.00 out of my account. I then added a new car and received the updated policy change and amount. That would start in Sept. 2017 that would be 781.86 and now they sent me a new...

Allstate / insurance

Christy2000 on Sep 6, 2017
AVOID ALLSTATE You only know how good your insurance is when you need them. I have been an Allstate customer for well over a decade and have always paid my premiums on time. In October, 2016 a storm came through and a tree fell on my home causing over $30, 000 in damages. I live in...

Allstate / agent deanna lee stuart

Janice Haney on Sep 6, 2017
I have property in Port Aransas, TX and have suffered damages resulting from hurricane Harvey. I have attempted multiple times to reach Ms. Stuart - she returned one call but did not seem to know much about my insurance policy or coverage. I have called her office three time today and...

Allstate / medical claim coverage

Kay White on Sep 5, 2017
Despite being a loyal customer for over 35 years and never missing a healthy monthly payment premium, I will never endorse or use Allstate as my insurance company again for either home or auto policies. Even though I had substantial medical coverage, Allstate handled my LEGITIMATE personal...

Allstate / auto insurance

Artspeakman on Sep 5, 2017
On August 26, 2017 I was contacted several times by an "agent" from Mike Koman Allstate in Mason Ohio. I like to do my research before I purchase anything over the phone and upon my research the "agent that I was speaking with does not have an insurance license in Ohio. This person wa...

Allstate / auto insurance

Shandra cosby on Sep 2, 2017
Allstate offered us insurance at a less price do we switched from $317 per month to $289. We added windsheild coverage for $6 month. Our bill is now $591!!! I will not stop until this is resolved the agent is a liar and we are now in debt. I have recorded phone conversation from the agent...

Allstate / auto insurance misquote

ealvarran on Sep 1, 2017
I have my homeowners insurance through Allstate, I called up the local office and asked for a quote to combine auto insurance though you as well. I was originally quoted for my 6 month premium 2058.00 The next day I looked up my Acct info online and that showed my 6 month premium at 2489.03. Now I'm being told It was a glitch and it can't be fixed!

Allstate / renters insurance

AngelaMC on Aug 28, 2017
I cancelled my renters insurance at the end of June 2017, by phone and spoke to Heather, before the next months premium was due. I recently received a letter from the Maria Golseth Agency telling me they cancelled my insurance due to non payment and were going to charge my card after July...

Allstate / vehicle in the shop for 4 months

K@ren on Aug 18, 2017
My home was hit by a tornado 4/20/2017. My Grand Cherokee had extensive damage, 21 points of impact. Allstate came out to my home and looked at the Jeep. They gave me the name of a preferred shop that also offered free rental car, worked out for me since my policy of which is paid for by...

Allstate / customer service representative

Cielo AndradaNoland on Aug 18, 2017
On Sun, Aug. 13, 2017 at 3:06 Hawaii time in which the call lasted for 6 mins. I initiated a phone call for my brother who wants to report a claim. I spoke with a lady who was very rude on the phone. As I passed the phone to my brother, I put it on speaker so I could hear bec my brother...

Allstate / auto insurance

BP03 on Aug 15, 2017
All state could care less about there customers. I had an adjuster named arkie in louisiana come to my shop to do a supplement and he had the nerve to tell me to burn in the clearcoat on the uniside. I told him that is an impropper repair and that the paint company and the vehicle...

Allstate / agent

apple auto32 on Aug 14, 2017
Hi there re: #0457189025 Ahmad Nasir I spoke to your agent Craig Testrich, He is assisting Nic Catazaro, working on claim # 0457189025, with regards to payment to our client Ahmad Nasir, which we apple auto Repair had repair his car 2013 Linc a commercial car . Allstate had issued...

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