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Allstate Complaints & Reviews

Allstate Insurance / Quotations not approved by me, but money taken from my bank account

guylussiez on Oct 24, 2016
E-mail sent to Allstate agent: Albuquerque, NM: Mr. Sturtevant, I went to my bank this morning and was notified that moneys had been taken out of my account by Allstate. (Roughly close to $1500 in 2 drafts.) I never signed any contract with Allstate. There are many e-mails from Allstate or...

Allstate Insurance Company / Insulting Customer Service

Nikki Gail Ramirez on Aug 6, 2016
My husband and I have Allstate and have been thrilled with their auto insurance for many years. Recently, our 20 year old was involved in a crash which left him with a fractured spine and a compound fracture of his lower left leg. My son is insured under another company and not on our...

Allstate Insurance / Unethical Liars, will not pay for auto accident

Reviewer66930 on Feb 23, 2016
On 5/21/14 rear-ended by an Allstate policy holder. The driver took full responsibility for accident, spoke to adjuster from Allstate, she said "Don't worry, we will take care of everything for you" What a lie! I had to pay for my own expenses through my personal insurance. Now...

Allstate / Using points that have been earned for auction.

tedtickle1 on Dec 16, 2015
I've tried repeatedly to use my points for merchandise. It's just impossible to place or win anything when you can only place 1 point above another bidder. And their web site doesn't seem to be able to handle the bidders. You can't set a Max Bid.(unlike e-bay for...

Allstate / Unauthorized withdrawl from account

Reviewer44415 on Sep 28, 2015
I cancelled my insurance with Allstate Insurance but they still withdrew the money from my account. I contacted them and spoke with an agent, who assured me that the money would be returned back to my account within 5 to 7 days, but after the 10th day, I called again and again spoke with...

Allstate / Claim for theft

s.e.b. on Jul 20, 2015
I had a Ariens snow blower & a craftsman mower valued over $1, 200 stolen on 07/08/2015. Allstate(ALLSCAM) claims dept. sent me a reimbursement check for $367.37 to cover the losses. I guess they don't realize that snow blowers are expensive equipment as well as a mower. I spoke to...

Allstate / Bait and Switch

flyhi152 on May 27, 2015
Bait and Switch seems to be a part of Allstate's business model and corporate culture: I am with GEICO and requested a quote from Allstate a while ago. They could not compete with GEICO but last month I received an "updated quote" which was about $ 80, - less than what I pay for my 2...

Allstate Insurance / quoted price

jeffwisemano420 on Mar 18, 2015
i was supplied a quote at a certain price for auto and renters insurance, which i agreed to for the quoted price . they emailed me my policy and the duductable was at $600 instead of $500 but the price was the same . the agent said they would correct this and i agreed .then i get an letter...

Allstate Insurance / unpaid claim due to Tamara bland

She, Tamara bland enjoys accusing sick people of fraud.She commits fraud everyday.she is a nasty spiteful person. She will contact family and friends, and tell them she investigationg fraud. Allstate was a good company, but she ruined It.its her turn now, with a class action suit Against...

Allstate Insurance / Unethical charge by insurance

Schubert1969 on Jun 28, 2014
I pay auto insurance to allState in full 6 month amount to get a full payment discount every 6 months. In 2012, my full pay amount for the discount went 2 weeks after due date. Allstate removed the full pay discount of $70 but I was not informed. Subsequent full 6 month premiums amounts were...

Allstate Insurance / Retention vs. Customer satisfaction

M Pratt on May 28, 2014
I signed up for Auto Insurance though Allstate Insurance in Sacramento, CA...Howevere, when I got home I realized the Policy was more than I needed for my year make and model car and the deductibles were high. So, I contacted my Agent, Winnie Bales on her answering machine and requested to...

Allstate Insurance / Non payment of services rendered

Our company was contracted by Allstate Insurance to restore living conditions to their client Denise Hyatt. We were promised prompt payment for our services and have yet to receive payment. The claim number is #0311043715. The first Allstate rep is Tracy Miller and the second is William...

David Jones Allstate Insurance Agency / Incompetent ###

angry-allstate-customer on Feb 4, 2014
This is the worst insurance agent on the planet! He originally sold me an auto policy with a $500 deductible, but when I called Allstate to make a claim, they told me the policy had been setup with a $1, 500 deductible!! I have paperwork from the David Jones Allstate Agency showing the...

Allstate / Claims

Shebuty62 on Sep 7, 2013
Car broken into Friday night. Have to wait until Tuesday for adjuster (maybe) to see my car. Window completely out, so car is open 24/7. Cannot replace window until adjusted. Saturday beg to take vehicle anywhere to be adjusted & fixed, but they DON'T have anybody Saturday or Sunday ...

Allstate Auto / paid claim injury on knee/back denied claim

Gerald Whitworth on Jul 8, 2013
Have Allstate of DE and adjuster came out inspect the car without getting hood open, yet paid $3150 -250 the person seen my car last year after and accident of a deer hit. All repairs were made then a year ago and he paid me with a check. a hit and run on 6-19-2013. Then after I went to...

Allstate / Avoid dealing with this ppl

Biuske on Sep 25, 2012
I contacted ALLSTATE through 1-800-ALLSTATE in May 2012 to inquire about auto and homeowners insurance. I changed my insurance to Allstate on May 31. The customer service agent assured me that coverage was effective immediately and stated that she would notify my mortgage company of my...

All State / No auto insurance

Jay reed on Sep 20, 2012
Got Allstate April 14 2012 added two cars to my policy got my insurance card in the mail an one of my car's weren't there . So I contacted Allstate about the problem and they told me that they remove my car cause for incorrect info and I need to fax proof of ownership so I did in...

Allstate / Can't get them to cancel and refund me

melissamorganti on Jun 11, 2012
After being with Allstate for a few years and receiving emails and mail correspondence for the most pointless news and advertising; they added a person I did not know without even calling or sending an email. I found out that my premium just magically increased from $270 to $349 because of...

Allstate / Unethical Business

Kevin West on Feb 13, 2012
In October of 2011 I changed my automobile policy and homeowner's policy over to Allstate based on the rate they quoted me and their semingly good reputation. When the automobile rate was quoted to me, it represented a good savings so I questioned them repeatedly to ensure it wa...

Allstate Insurance / They just want to pay you 25% of what your car is worth

Nixuline on Jan 29, 2012
At first they offer you half of what your car is wroth. Then they go and adjust that and then they come back and offer half of half of what they offer the first time.So in other words they just want to pay you 25% of what your car is worth.

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