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Allivet reviews & complaints

Allivet complaints 15

Allivet - unreliable shipping with life sustaining medication

Everything on the website is easy and smooth.
Unfortunately they take many days to ship. Truthfully, I am not sure if they even ship unless you call to prod them.
My dog is on heart medication that can be life threatening if not received. The Allivet pharmacy would know the urgency by just by looking at the order. They have a 6 month subscription on file. I have placed 3 orders. Each time after 4 or more days the meds were still not being shipped. I called each time. It is easy to get someone on the phone. They are very helpful and professional and so far the meds have been shipped same day. WHY DO I HAVE TO MANAGE THEM?
They are by far the least expensive. The website is easy. Customer care is easy to reach...Unfortunately, with life altering medication they are irresponsible.

Update by Wild Scott
Sep 18, 2018

Since posting this a few minutes ago, Allivet has contacted me by phone twice to apologize. They are going to ship my dogs heart medication over night at no cost. This has happened 3 times out of 3 orders …. so we will see!

Allivet - rx autoship

Unreliable shipping and out of stock on auto ship medications. Have been on auto ship for galliprant for my bully for several months. The RX is shipped every two weeks. Of course the week that I had...

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Dec 18, 2017

Allivet - useless

If you need something urgently, I am begging you to buy elsewhere. This website and their service are very unreliable.
I desperately needed to buy several meds for my dogs, I had all needed prescriptions, I also paid for an expedited shipping to get my order as fast as possible. What do you think? I had to wait for 3 weeks for the items to arrive. Unbelievable!!
Of course, I called and emailed, they were useless. So when I realized they won't do anything for me, I bought the meds from a different store...

Nov 13, 2017

Allivet - it's a horrible company

What can be worse than dealing with this company?
I will never use them again.
No matter what kind of an issue I had, they never were helpful. All of their advice is useless. Moreover, it's very hard to get in touch. The line is always busy all day and night long. And I guess, they are aware of this and not going to fix it.
Dealing with them is a complete mess and I want to be excluded from this.

Allivet - recent rx for apoquel

On 10/06/17 I called to place my order-it was charged immediately. Initially I was given a higher price than was on website. CSR wanted me to email screenshot which I found ridiculous-I asked for supervisor and after brief hold CSR said we will honor your price. I had a written RX from vet but was told it could only be mailed, not faxed or emailed. They said they would call vet. On 10/7 I checked with Allivet and they said vet had not responded. I called 10/8 and vet said they had faxed 10/7 but would fax again. On 10/10 I looked on website and it had RX pending. I called and after 15 min hold spoke to CSR would said fax was received 10/9 around 3pm and was sent to pharmacy 10/10 and would take 24-48 hrs to fill. I thought this to be unacceptable and asked to speak to supervisor who after 10 minutes of my saying that service was unacceptable especially since I was paying for 2 day delivery she hung up. I called back and after 10-15 minute hold I asked to speak to another supervisor and was told only original one was available. I asked CSR to have someone else call me-as of 10/13 I have heard nothing. she did say order would be filled and shipped that day 10/11. It was not shipped until 10/12 and is now scheduled for delivery 10/16. This is my last order with Allivet.

Sep 13, 2017

Allivet - ridiculous

guys, it's ridiculous. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. I spent over one month trying to contact them. Did they all die or what? Nobody answers the phone, emails. Nothing. Called them 100...

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Allivet - extremely poor customer service. order never handled

I placed my first order two weeks ago with Allivet and the order has still not been processed. I was supposed to get the medications for my puppy within 5-10 business days. I contacted them via email and their support service ticket system several times - still no answer from them. Today, I finally got a hold on them via Live Chat. After I explained my situation, I magically received an email from Allivet saying my vet was not providing the prescription... While on the chat, I called my vet clinic and they never heard from Allivet. When I asked about an update on my order I still did not get any answer from Allivet. I asked for the name and contact of the supervisor but they refused... As of now, I still don't know what is happening. Also no compensation or expedited shipping was offered by the rep after not handling this issue. I am extremely disappointed and unhappy about the lack of customer service at Allivet. They can not be trusted. Medications are essentials to the health of animals. This is a serious matter.

Apr 05, 2017

Allivet - Very slow delivery

I bought something from Allivet and I am very disappointed that I have to wait so long! Their delivery service is extremely slow and I have no idea how much longer will it take. I contacted Allivet many times and they claimed that my order was shipped and even gave me a shipping confirmation.
Their rep said that they didn't had a tracking number so they were not able to tell anything. I waited patiently but the whole thing is taking way too long!
I hope I'll be able to get a refund, and after I get my money back I'll take my business elsewhere! Don't deal with Allivet!

Allivet - Shipping orders

Order placed on 12-19-16
2 approvals were on 12-20-16
then on 12-22-16 email confirming ALL items being filled.

Thu 12/22/2016, 12:29 PM
Dear Beth Craig,

Thank you for contacting Allivet.

We have received your prescription approval for all of the items in your order and it is currently being filled by our pharmacy.

Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the order to be processed and shipped. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Allivet at [protected]. I apologize that due to our high volume of calls we have not been able to communicate before.

Thank you and have a wonderful day!

I have called several times to this company and customer services Monica #113 said that allivet does not try to fix issues with customers when the company send out orders filled and rally not. 10 days later no Meds and so called mailed out priority hmm Lie. Customer service very generic with info they provide. Rude.
I want a return call about this matter and email.
Beth craig
710 shades lane
cumberland, md 21502

Aug 30, 2016

Allivet - Missing items

I've ordered 5 packs of cat food from Allivet online store. They delivered only 4 packs and said that these were the last ones in stock. They said they could refund me 1 packs cost but I said that I can wait. So we discussed everything and they said they'll send me the missing pack as soon as they'll get it.
Two weeks passed and I decided to call them regarding my order status. They said that I need to be more patient. Gave them another week and decided to ask for a refund. They said that refund was no longer possible. So I'm still waiting and have no idea what to expect.

Jan 27, 2016

Allivet - Awful!

I ordered some meds for my god from Allivet because of their cheap prices. I spent over $1500, but I did not received anything. I am so disgusted with this company. Those meds were important because my dog was very sick. I made the order back in November and it is now January. Still heard nothing from these thieves. I have no idea where those meds are and they are ignoring all my messages. I want my money back! I had to buy everything from another website and received my order in time. What's wrong with Allivet? They just lost a customer.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Allivet - Customer Service/Shipping

Have been ordering prescription items for many years WITHOUT a veterinarian's written prescription. Have now been advised that a prescription will be required to ship items to Canada ... HOWEVER...

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Allivet - Order/customer service

This site seems to be very customer oriented - posting great reviews on their website, and prompting you to take a customer service survey upon completion of your order. However, the customer...

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Allivet - They are incompetent and I will never order from them ever again

I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt over the past year, but I've had enough! I've ordered medication for my dog through the website before and have been shipped the wrong medication, the wrong vet's office has been contacted in the past for prescription requests, and I was actually HUNG UP ON while calling to cancel an order. They are incompetent and I will never order from them ever again.

Allivet - They have no idea how to help customers

I hate this site. They just told me that I couldn't refill an Rx that was written a year ago that I had filled about 6 mos ago. The CS rep I spoke to was so unhelpful. She just said there was nothing...

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