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Complaints & Reviews

busy bones

My dog has an obstruction in his esophagus from Busy Bone product. The product is unsafe it turns into gelatin and obstructs dogs GI tract. This is not a rawhide this is a synthetic product that is not being digested and causing grave problems for animals. The majority of time you get by no problem but now my dog has a problem ever since consuming this bone. Purina please remove this dangerous product from the market.

purina cat chow gentle

I have two cats and we've been buying Purina Cat Chow Gentle for about a year and have had no issues. Yesterday I bought a new bag of Purina Cat Chow Gentle and fed it to my cats this morning and very soon after eating both of my cats started profusely vomiting up solely the cat chow kibbles. My cats proceeded to vomit throughout the remainder of the day. I am never buying Purina products again as it was obvious the cause of my cats' discomfort...

fancy feast seafood pate

My cats have been eating Fancy Feast Seafood Pate for years. Only recently, each meal has made them vomit afterwards. I am reporting the lot and expiration dates of the 3 varieties in the box.
Oceanfish & Tuna Feast: 91371160L21650646 Exp:May2021
Cod, Sole, Shrimp Feast: 91391160L11331112 Exp:May2021
Savory Samon Feast: 91251160L21660220 Exp:May2021

As of note: The Lot numbers are on the cans but not on the outside of the boxes.

beyond natural cat food simply

Product Information (Best Buy Jan 2021 [protected] 1031L01)
Date 10-23-2019

Purchased a bag of Simply white meat chicken and whole oatmeal recipe. As I have numerous times before of which my cats have eaten just fine. However, after I opened this bag and fed it to my cat she started acting weird. Shortly after eating she begun to vomit convulsively. After 10 min of barfing my cat was shaken. After a couple of hours she tried to eat some more, quickly vomited that up to. I've had to go and purchase another bag of cat food. The cat seems just fine after eating from another bag of cat food. I'm complaining to notify you that perhaps there is something wrong with the batch of food this bag came from. I would like a refund of the cost that I had to spend on a 3lb bag of cat food I'm not comfortable feeding to my cat.

beneful chopped blends

Today I opened up a 12ct box of the beneful tubs to find one has been opened and thrown back into the box where it's has reached other containers. I am very displeased to see this, as it makes me consider switching to a dog food that isn't near as easy to access as simply pulling back tin. Very disappointed. Assuming it was returned to the store this way, but not positive.

beneful chopped blends
beneful chopped blends
beneful chopped blends

unethical behavior

Just want to bring this to your attention. Over a week Ive been following up with Shrenik -[protected] and...

purina bella

I have given my small dog Purina Bella for years. This morning I found something in there that I had never seen before and I'm certain this thing would not be found on a filet mignon. I thought someone should know. It was purchased at the Publix in Gardendale, Alabama. I have the can at home should you need more information.
Becky Lopez

purina bella

friskies poultry

We routinely purchase the mixed boxes of Friskies Poultry for our cats & have never had any issues. However, in this most recent box, we had four cans that were filled with a small amount of murky liquid & a lot of air. The cans felt noticably lighter & popped loudly when opened. For a product at this price, receiving unusable cans is not only disappointing, but unacceptable. I have attached photos of a freshly opened (not expired) can for reference.

friskies poultry
friskies poultry
friskies poultry

smartblend salmon

I have bought this type of food for my pitty since he could have adult food 1.5 years. This last bag had a huge bunch of tiny moths hatch from it?? I was mortified! I keep my dog food in a closed sealed container the minute I open it. This had to be from the production plant. I had to throw away the entire bag (as you know, this is not a cheap bag of dog food).

dog chow high protein can dog food beef

I feed my dog a half a can of your High protien dog food. As I was saving the other half, I noticed a white...


fancy feast grilled chicken & cheddar cheese feast

Fancy Feast Grilled Chicken is the only cat food my cat will eat. Lately I noticed she would run to her bowl as usual when she heard the top open but she would smell the food and walk away. A few hours later the food was bright red and looked like blood. I checked my cat for blood (none found) and threw the food away. Next several cans turned the same color and she refuses to eat it. I now have a whole case that is apparently bad!

fancy feast grilled chicken & cheddar cheese feast

purina savor pro plan

We bought a bag of this dog food last week and began feeding it to our dog. The other day our son showed us a piece of food that had a web attached to it and we thought nothing of it except that he dropped it behind something that had a spider web. Tonight, we went to feed her and found worms crawling around the cup and the food in the bag! His is the first time we have noticed this and will be getting another bag through the store as they feel bad. We will be checking this bag very closely!

purina savor pro plan
purina savor pro plan
purina savor pro plan

purina one smart blend large breed adult formula

My husband and I recently purchased a large bag of the above referenced dog food. I opened the bag and scooped a scoop into my dogs bowl. I noticed small bugs. I then looked in the bag and noticed more bugs. My husband dumped the bag in our storage container and it was infested with these little black bugs. I am not sure how they got there and if it's the manufacturers problem or the grocery store where we bought the food. We have contacted the store and they are resolving the issue and making it right with us. I just wanted to let you all know as well in case there is something going on at the plant where the food is bagged. We love Purina and continue to purchase your dog food but wanted to make you aware of what happened with us.

purina one smart blend large breed adult formula
purina one smart blend large breed adult formula

litiere yesterday's news

Je suis fan de votre litière Yesterdays news et je comprends le concept du respect de l'environnement mai...

small dog little bites

I called purina about 4 months ago asking what would cause my dog to get diarrhea everytime I got to the bottom of the 4 lb bag? The first time it happened I couldn't figure out why my dog got diarrhea that lasted for a day. It was the bottom of that bag so I opened up a new bag ans once again when I got to the bottom of the bag, he got diarrhea for a day. I opened a new bag, the diarrhea went away till the bottom of the bag. I started thinking about this coincidence and it did it with a 4th bag in the same way. I didn't save the 1st bag but had saved the small remains of the others just in case I ran out I would have some to feed my dog till I got to the store. I called their customer service and gave them the codes from the 3 bags I had, told them what I had noticed etc. They sent me a coupon which was nice but I had been more concerned about why diarrhea that went away when I started each new bag. Well, I have bought several bags since that rime with no problems. The last bag I bought was maybe 12 days ago. The dog was very weird about eating it. He wouldn't eat all of it and everyday he would eat less of it. Then one day he wouldn't touch it at all. I thought maybe it was hurting his teeth he was an older dog etc. So I moistened it with water he ate some but left the rest. Well I picked up some wet food and offered him that and he ate it like he was starving to death. Knowing you are not supposed to just switch foods I didn't start just giving him the other food but mixed in some wet with the moistened dry and he basically just ate the wet food out and some of the moisted dry but then started vomiting up mostly the dry food. I went to petsmart to see what I should do. They suggested wet and dry science diet which he wouldn't eat at all. And so it began he wouldn't eat anything. Was drinking lots of water after contiuous vomiting and then wouldn't even drink water. This was all in the last 4 days. Last night I had him put to sleep. He wouldn't eat anything I tried nor drink any water. He wanted to drink but he wouldn't. Just kept vomiting now just bile and still having some diarrhea. He was getting sicker and sicker didn't touch food or water and now my dog is dead. Thinking about the events it all began with the last bag of the Purina little bites. I have the bag and I intend on calling Purina in the morning but I truly believe it was this last bag of dry food that the changes all started to happen.

dentalife dog treats

I always buy the large Dentalife dog 18 pack of chews and over the past few months I have bought at least six...

9 lives essentials

I bought and have been buying purina 9 lives essentials for over 3 years. Last friday I bought a 12pb bag...

[Resolved] felix cat food

I have opened two sachets of Salmon cat food today, both had a nasty smell to them, neither of which the cat would go near to eat. I have three other sachets all with the same best before date on them, 06 2020, which I am now very suspicious of. It is only the Salmon that seems to be affected.The food has a whiter than usual gel to it. I have fed Felix for over 20 years never with a problem, so just bringing this to your attention. Hope the next box is better.


  • Resolution Statement

    Purina replied within 24hrs, explaining likely cause. Great customer service

felix "as good as it looks" ocean feasts in jelly cat food

Our two cats have been eating the above food for as long as I can remember - they are aged 6. I usually buy the 40 or 44 sachet boxes from Tesco in Burscough, Lancs.
The last box, bar code [protected], has for some reason been rejected by the cats. Each of the four flavours has in turn been tasted and then left uneaten.
Thinking that they may both be off their food at the same time I gave some sachets to cats belonging to a neighbour and some for my son's cats. All reacted in the same negative way as my cats.
Have you changed the recipe for the cat food? If not have I bought a sub-standard batch?
Rather than send a sachet for independent analysis I will wait for a reply from you

purina friskies cat food-seafood sensations or surf-n-turf

My husband and I usually buy Purina Friskies Cat Food for our cats. Our cats have been vomiting recently. We...