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O Nov 18, 2018
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Hello, I'm Security Officer Whitney Bivens and I have been working for Allied Universal/Barton for about four years. I like my job and know it well. Recently our previous supervisor got a promotion and has left my site (BriovaRx/ Optum/ United Health Group). When he got his promotion and switched jobs, our local branch brought in a man by the name Doug Ford. They rushed him though the hiring process and gave him the job of site supervisor at UHG. They gave it to him without even posting a job listing or asking if anyone that currently works at the site if the wanted the job or not. Doug Ford did 40 hours of training and didn't learn anything. In fact he makes me do his job for him... Come to find out he is related to Allied Universal's hiring manager Lisa at our local office in Louisville KY. And he is best friends with Eddie for the past 20+ years. If the circumstances were different, I'd feel comfortable about reporting him to our local office. Apart from me feeling slighted for a job I know I can do. Doug Ford has other disturbing issues. Doug Ford needs anger management. He is constantly using profanity in BriovaRx's office environment site. He constantly asks me how to do things but won't listen when I try to instruct him the correct way. He either blows up at me or other officers then asks me to just do the job for him. We had a case where an employee needed assistance. When I was explaining how he could just get on our intercom system to speak to the lady to help her, he lashed out at me and said "I'm not talking to anybody"... At our site we provide the service of making badges for employees and visitors. There was a case when I was on lunch and some employees from out of town came in for a meeting. They had access approved for the building. He could not figure out how to assign them a badge. So instead of admitting that to the client, he lets them in the building unaware if the belonged or not. BriovaRx is a pharmacy and we have to go by state laws and abide by the rules in the building outlined in our post orders. The post orders state that under no circumstance are we allowed to let anyone in the building without verification that its okay to. We do this to protect the pharmacy and so BriovaRx doesn't get fined by any government agencies such as FDA. I have explained this to Doug and he give the impression that he doesn't care and that hes the boss and can do what he wants... BriovaRx is also a HIPPA building and we can not leave our computers on or desk draws unlocked unattended. Just this past Friday he left the computer screen in our lobby on unattended with live access badges on the desk while he webt to take one of his many smoke breaks. These are just a few issues I've noticed so far. Hes only been at our site for 2 weeks plus the 40 hours of training. He could care less about how to do the actual job. He's more concerned with doing AUS Core training and other training on company time. When I go on my hour lunch break which is off the clock, he calls me upwards of 4 times to ask me how to do things. And this has happened nearly everyday for the past 2 weeks... Again I'm not writing just because I feel slighted for not getting the job. I feel the way he was hired was unfair and shows nepotism within the company. I'm not looking to get anyone in trouble. I just want to point these issues out now before things get any worse. If this issue doesn't get addressed, I feel it is necessary to leave the company.

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