Allied Universal / Aus.comMr. Timothy Larkin, Security Director

J Feb 26, 2020 Review updated:

I was essentially asked to turn in my Uniforms for having a mild misunderstanding via email with my Boss. PLEASE keep in mind that I am a Supervisor myself with decades of both private security & LE experience, yet I was basically disregarded and thrown to the curb like a piece of trash because the "Director of Security" doesn't want to do his job! Apparently violatIng the law including ethical standards & code of conduct is okay with Allied because HR also refuses to address the issue! I have seen numerous incidents mishandled, criminals not prosecuted for theft, Officers stealing company time, management literally ignoring dangerous or extremely volatile situations including no support from local PD. This company should be investigated at the very least and psych evaluations should be administered to upper Management immediately!


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    Xanadu😞 Feb 29, 2020

    Oh lol

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    user2132717 Mar 02, 2020

    @Xanadu😞 what kind of a name is Xanadu you sound like a south african prostitute

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    user2132717 Mar 02, 2020

    People who complain about being firing from companies like this one clearly just don't know how to do their job and enjoy walking their hypocritical bald asses around spreading lies about their coworkers

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