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On April 24 my husband and I presented for check in at Roma Fiumicino Airport, with our web check in in hand and our seats booked for our 9:50pm flight to Sao Paulo, Brasil.

We like to book our seats online because my husband has a bladder condition, so he needs to have an aisle seat in order to go to the restroom as many times as he needs to, not causing any annoyance to the other passengers.

At the check in counter we were informed that due to a change in the airplane, our seat booking had been canceled, and a new booking would be made at the company counter after the gate.

We proceeded to the gate but all we got from the clerk was a vague promise of seats and, what was worse, we would have to wait until the check in was finished so that we could be assigned any remaining seats! Hahaha

Just imagine: we're 50 and 60 years old, and there we were, being told to be nice and wait for any lucky break! hahaha

So, in spite of having paid for our tickets in good advance, in spite of having booked our seats beforehand (and, by the way, the seats we booked were exactly the ones suggested by the software!!!),

we were exposed to the embarassment of having to wait for a possibility of embarking without any guarantee of seating together, not to mention in our requested position in the plane!

So we waited for about 40 minutes. 40 minutes! Unable to move too far from the counter, otherwise we wouldn't be able to listen to the clerk's calling.

We were grounded.

Of course this humiliating situation was solved. I had to fight for my rights in front of all the other passengers, only to have what we had paid for.

And, mind you: even if there was no health problem or any problem whatsoever, even if we were young backpackers, the fact is we did have the seats booked, and that had to be respected. Should your company need to make any arrangements in the plane scheme, passengers DO NOT have to suffer the consequences and be exposed to embarrassment, right? They must be assigned seats straight away, at the check in counter.

This is what I have to say. Get smart or this company is gonna lose many passengers in the future.


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    Aurora Stephens Jan 11, 2013

    I am concerned after reading the many complaints regarding AlItallia Airline. My husband and I have bought tickets for our trip to Rome departing Toronto on February 10, 2013, return trip leaving Rome on February 24, 2013. Our main concern is that our travel agent was unable to give us our seating for the round trip flight.

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