Alitalialost my bag

A Jul 05, 2019

Dear sirs

We were traveling on your airline today on the 5th of July 2019 we had 2 flights 1st one was to roma AZ0827 and the second was AZ 316, reservation code: FAJQYO in the name of Adelle Obayan, Georgina Obayan and Hala AlFakhoury, we were ar beirut airport around 1:45 am and we put three bags at the checkIn but when we arrived paris we noticed that only two bags was received and the third was lost so we went to make a claim at the airport but they noticed that at check in the employee gave us two codes for two bags and not three and advised us to send you an email and make a claim, so you are kindly requested to make the necessary and find our bag for any further information please contact me on number [protected]

lost my bag

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