Alitaliacancelling trip without permission


My husband an I purchased an international round trip ticket on 24 th October 2017, we got an email stating that a change had been made, the email was saying if we didn't contact them soon they would be cancelling our flights and my failing to contact them . That's when the issue started: can't communicate by email or the customer service we have been trying ring in different countries all time, i spending money with the phone calls and time. I had organize everything to go aways, as i had taken my holidays in that date and bought train tickets to travel in my destiny also flights and concerts tickets. I will be sending you the booking details from our flight for you check what is going on there I purchased an international round trip ticket, please find bellow our booking details:
Booking reference: P7RPKD Patricia Geissler Prince Coelho


Patricia Geissler Prince Coelho

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