AliExpressproduct arrived at other recipient

I buyed an essential oil case from idle Life Store.
The seller put the awb number on other name and the package doesn't arrived to me at 32 post office (where I usually receive orders) but at 61 post office on other name..
Neither seller or aliexpress doesn't checked it the product is on my name (Dogaru Dani Ciprian) or other.
I write the Post office on 16.09.2019 and the post office responded on 01.10.2019, to late to put an evidence to dispute.
În the picture attached you see the answer from the post office that the package is on other name and according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) they can not provide me the name of the person write on but they ask me to get in touch to the seller and ask to correct track number to start an investigation.
The seller put aliexpress in front to rezolve the case and he doesn't implicate.
I made even an appeal but I haven't had an answer from my post office and nowere to put my answer from PO.
Thanks and salt for a equitable answer from Aliexpress.


Oct 02, 2019

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