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I want to start off by saying that Aldo shoes is my favorite shoe store to shop in, I absolutely love it! However, my many experiences at the Northlake mall location in Charlotte, NC isn't so lovely. I work in retail and I hold proper customer service in high regard, its very important to me but it seems that every time I enter that specific store I deal with less service than I would want, mostly every time I step foot in that store I am the one introducing myself, the workers don't seem happy and they make it seem like the customer is a bother to them- they hardly say a word.

My last recent visit, I came in the store to purchase new shoes for work and I found a pair that really liked- again hardly any service. I tried on the shoe in two different sizes and came to the decision on the perfect size, however upon choosing that particular shoe, I had notice that there was string hanging from it. I asked the associate to exchange the shoe, if possible for a different shoe. The associate, very dismissively stated that they only carry one of each size which I knew had to be a lie and made me feel like she just wanted a sale- I mean how is that possible when hundreds of people walk in the store asking for the same shoe? She suggested that she can cut the string but after she tried, it looked pretty bent so reluctantly I ordered a pair online. I came in to return the shoe because I found a better pair and the same associate gave me a hard time returning it, because I didn't have the paper receipt but the e-mail confirmation and requested if she can look me up via credit card.. she said it would be hard...after a while she refunded my money. I don't know her name but she has red hair.

I really don't like to complain and potentially compromise anyone's job, however as a customer I would like to be treated as if I mattered, again I understand the stress of an associate (being one myself) at times but I would never take my personal feelings and distribute it amongst the customers. May I suggest a re-training on the store culture with your associates and hopefully that would help? (Not meaning to sound arrogant) I don't experience this behavior at any other Charlotte store but because I live in Northlake that mall would be preferred. Thank you so much for your time and help!


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    MaskedPalmCivet Jul 15, 2018

    You are only ASSuming that the associate is lying. Where do you work. If you work in retail I want to go to your store, and be a rude customer to you, like you were to the shoe associate. If hundreds of people are asking for the same shoe, then it would be sold out. I guess you were not very smart when you went to school, which is why you work in retail. If you really worked in retail, you would know that you need a proper receipt to do a return. Hopefully one day you are doing a return, and have to deal with a customer like yourself who gives you a hard time because you refuse to accept the return because they did not have a proper receipt. Just let her do her job. Grow up, how would you feel if a customer gave you a hard time simply for doing your job. You deserve to get a customer like yourself where you work.

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    dfaf Jul 15, 2018

    @MaskedPalmCivet Great reply. I would think that someone who works in retail would have more empathy and be more understanding about items running out return policy. It would be great to see where he or she works and be a disgruntled and abusive customer if things do not go our way. The OP deserves to be disrespected by customers like himself/herself.

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    MaskedPalmCivet Jul 15, 2018

    If you really understood the stress of being an associate, you would not feel that you were mistreated simply because you were told they don't have anymore shoes in your size, or given a hard time because you did not have a proper receipt. I am sure wherever you work the rules for returns are the same. Hopefully when you tell a customer that they are not allowed an exchange, or that an item is not in stock, they mistake it as poor service and accuse you of taking out your feelings on someone else. Hopefully they complain about you and say that you need retraining. Your whole assitude shows how uneducated you are. You do sound arrogant, and if you are going to be a difficult customer take your attitude out on your coworkers, so they can see what you are really like.

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