Albertsonscashier rude beginning to get code for restroom as well as ringing customer

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Dan S. 6/22/2019 I met him at the register to request the restroom password
He had a clerk attempt to open the girls restroom
After the several (3) attempts of not opening we attained the men's restroom
After the fact went to check out and asked the clerk his name "he stated you do not need to know my name his name is Ben so his name badge but stated you do not need to know my name!!!
I advised clerk I used to work for Albertsons in service deli he does not need to address me in such a manner. I will make a complaint to the BBB.!

  • Updated by Connie Barajas, Jun 23, 2019

    Still rude no matter what time and how many registers where open!

Jun 23, 2019
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  • Ma
      Jun 23, 2019

    Here is how it works. You address him in a polite manner, and he will address you in a polite manner. You do not need to know his name and telling you this is not rude. Also if the restroom won't open, what can he do? If you were still working at Albertsons and had the same issue with the customer as you would you like to be complained about. The restroom would not open so it is not his fault. Why blow this out of proportion? Why do you need to know his name? He did nothing wrong.

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  •   Jul 03, 2019

    What does it matter how many registers were open?

    Meanwhile... Bathrooms in a store are more for the employees than for the patrons. Be glad they allowed you to have a slash in their potty. Many places don't. Even with an obvious situation brewing (like a bout IBS so badly they saw my face turn completely white) I was still denied.

    He didn't have the correct code for the ladies. Is that his fault or the manager's? I'd say manager's.

    I'm sure they called you Connie [censored]y Britches behind your back and applauded and popped champagne when you left working there.

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