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Alaska Airlines review: Refund all my money

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My trip was scheduled 09/27/23 to 10/11/23 MZES-JK

The initial flight from Orlando was 1 hour and 40 minutes late. While I understand the crew has a specific amount of sleep assigned, that policy is not passed down to their patrons. I missed my connecting flight to Eugene Oregon because of the crew’s right to sleep, causing a 13 hour delay because there was not another flight until midnight. The parties that were to pick me up had to make the 2 hour drive from Seal Rock twice that day. I've been offered a $100 discount code to fly with Alaska again. That will never happen.

I checked in online. I arrived at the Eugene airport at approximately 6:30 pm on 10/10/23 because I did not have a ride to the airport the next day on 10/11/23 when my flight was scheduled.. My son and his wife had to work. When trying to sleep, I was told to move back to the lobby. I complied but this caused me to go through TSA twice. The automated announcement railed every few minutes incessantly about unattended baggage that would be taken to the police and destroyed. The floor was cleaned for what felt like hours. I got no sleep, but that may have been to be expected.

My ticket said to go to Gate F, which does not exist. I looked at the telemonitor. The flight was scheduled for Gate A4. Loading would start at 12:59. I got concerned because I heard some muted voice over the intercom and started questioning people regarding my flight. The flight was loading at Gate B1. I got there by 1:06 and Amy told me that I could not get on. So I was rescheduled for a later flight from Eugene and connecting flight in Seattle leaving around 5:30 pm. I arrived in Seattle at approximately 6 - tired and unrested. I went to one of the restaurants for dinner. From 6:30-10:30 while waiting on the flight to Orlando, I ate and drank 4-5 glasses of wine. Mine you, I still have gotten any sleep. My flight did not leave until 10:20 pm. I arrived. I was allowed on. I sat down finally glad to have an opportunity to sleep. That would not happen. The Flight Attendant said to come with her. I complied. The 30 year old child at the desk told me that I stumbled therefore I could not get on the plane. I was not belligerent. I did not become aggressive. I hadn't bothered anyone. I argued with him for a moment. He had already called the police. I left the vicinity. The 30 year old said my ticket was refunded, however it takes 5-7 business days to refund my ticket. I had only $130 left after my trip and other tickets were running at minimum $400-$500 that day. So I sat in the Seattle Airport all night because nothing was open and I did not know what to do. Mr.30 year old saw me again Thursday morning, and again with no sleep, and again called the cops on me, assumingly because HE decided that I was not to be on the premises. I answered to the police that I had had a ticket, that I had a right to be there, and I would appreciate them no longer bothering me. I called Customer Service. No assistance. I went to the Alaskan Agent Customer Service Desk and spoke with Anthony. He was very helpful and empathetic because I told him that I would possibly be staying 5-7 days in the airport. He spoke with Derrick, his Supervisor, who was also very professional, but said that he could not override the decision to allow me to fly with Alaska Airlines again SPECIFICALLY due to what that 30 year old child wrote in the report. He wrote that I had harassed staff and become aggressive with the police, which is CLEARLY NOT true if you review the camera footage from the airport. I asked where I should stay and Derrick told me anywhere it did not interfere with their employment. Of which I agreed, stating that I had not done that previously. I told Derrick that he needed to tell his employee to stop calling the police on me as I am not doing anything. I am highly irritated with the Alaska Airlines 30 year old's harassment and do not feel it is in the best interest of business to employ him. While that is not my decision, I am presently being considered for disability due to tumors in my face and the difficulties it causes. I am also 60 years old. His behavior is targeting and discriminatory, and I do not appreciate it.

Furthermore, due only to American Airlines assistance and borrowing money from my 82 year old mother, I finally arrived at MCO airport at 10:30 am. I went to get my baggage from the customer service baggage desk. It was locked and no one was inside. I called Alaska Airline Customer Service again. They said that I would have to wait until 2:30 pm to pick up my bag. I waited again. At 2:45 pm there was still no employee there. I again called the Customer Service line and told them that I had pictures of my bag, their door, and the clock and I would be calling the Orlando City Police reporting the theft of my belongings. Someone finally came.

Now that I am not allowed to ride Alaska Airlines because of a lying little boy, Alaska’s only solution to the entire fiasco was to award my Alaska Airline mileage or a $100 discount off another ticket which can and will NEVER be used. The Department of Transportation handles all airline complaints by the way. Please reserve common sense and do NOT use Alaska Airlines.

Thank you.

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