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+1 800 888 2726(Report a Power Outage) 1 1
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+1 888 430 5787(Business Support) 0 1
+1 800 990 2726(Products & Services Assistance) 3 1
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Alabama Power Complaints & Reviews

Alabama Power / power bill

Carolynhill205 on Oct 17, 2017
My name is Carolyn Hill my account no is 22438-31005 I received a disconnect notice in the mail on 10/16/2017 it stated that my services will be interrupted on the 17th I jumped on my phone and called I was told that I did not pay the entire bill and because of that I was two months behind. Know...

Alabama Power / limbs left in my yard october 3, 2017

Nancy DS on Oct 9, 2017
The pole in my yard had to be replaced due to a drunk driver. Alabama Power had to trim trees near the existing pole to install the new one. They are supposed to leave the location in better condition than what they find it. This is according to their instructions when they're hired. I...

Alabama Power / tree trimming

alpower on Jul 24, 2017
We had someone come and trim limbs on Friday and failed to remove them. I was 30 minutes late to work because the limbs were blocking my driveway, so I had to move them before I could leave my home; I am a nurse and getting to work on time is priority for me! My grandparents live next...

Alabama Power / billing

Brent Allen on Jul 22, 2017
I had power turned on in my house for a week waiting to close on the sale. Noting was on but I still got a bill for almost a $100 even though they admit that no kilowatts were used. Alabama Power kicks for ways to cheat the customer. On the day I had the power disconnected O was told the...

Alabama Power / turning off power

Corkie0101 on Jul 18, 2017
Your company is ridiculous. I have a power pole that has been leaning for over 25 years. I received a notice to correct this problem. After contacting an electrical company to hire to do this I was postponed several times. While being postponed, I was in constant communication with Alabama...

Alabama Power / service

blessa on May 23, 2017
My bill is only 8 days past due and they would not give me a Payment arrangement. I spoke with soneone in my local office and they tried to help by notating my account saying i will be able to pay the balance in a week but custoner service(1-800 number) saying that there is no guarantee...

Alabama Power / meter reading

ntlfrdmap on Apr 26, 2017
My power bill is being made up my reading on my meter says 505 error for the month of may I'm at work for over 13hrs and don't understand how I keep getting a 100.00 or more power bill. Call the woman I talk to before Carol was rude told me and call today leslie didn't from the tone of her...

Alabama Power / TV Purchase

Larry Petty on Mar 27, 2017
I bought a 65" Samsung TV from Alabama Power about 6 months ago before moving into my new home. They knew I was moving and told me the day I purchased it that the only one they had was damaged. They brought out my TV and it wasn't set up like they were suppose to. I left the TV in the box...

Alabama Power / Theft of power

Michael Putman on Feb 19, 2017
At address 7395 Foxland Dr. Irvington, Al They continue to hook up power illegally. As soon as the power company leaves the ladder goes back up. This has been a continuous problem. They do the same thing with water. Someone will probably get shocked. They are hooking up at the top of pole...

Alabama Power / Running power lines to my new house

Grace Nichole Culver on Jan 17, 2017
Me and my husband bought a new mobile home October of 2016 and it was delivered and set up by the beginning of December. We called Alabama Power the day they brought the house on the land to get them to come out and get power hooked up. They have sent one guy out to look at the trees that...

Alabama Power / Services allowed in a residence that is being dwelled in illegally

Cadetric on Dec 30, 2016
I am the homeowner of 1635 circlewood drive, birmingham, al 35214. My documents (Tax records list cadetric v walker as primary owner) and according to the law it is illegal for any utility company to supply services in another persons name at a resident that they entered into illegaly in...

Alabama Power / Customer service - brewton office

kkast45 on Nov 23, 2016
I have a complaint on the lady at alabama power brewton alabama office named vicki, she s racist and she s rude as ever The manager larry woods does not do a good job either of resolving customer relation matters, wae have been trying to get outdoor lighting cut back on for conecuh county...

Alabama Power / Service

Jaleci on Nov 15, 2016
My bill has been steadily climbling. Onemonth it may be 350 and the next is 450. Now last month my bill was 673.22. I called alabama power and got the run around because there is no way my bill should be that high. Its just me and my daughter. Well 2 weeks ago i called to ask about the...

Alabama Power / A 522 bill in my name

DStoves93 on Nov 3, 2016
Back in 2015 I moved out my apartment and a lady was staying there but she kept the light on in my name I wasn't stating there didn't know the lady me and my family moved and now we have a house and wants to get lights we have little kids so we need our lights please help I didn't know the...

Alabama Power / Service

exalresident on Mar 24, 2016
I asked to cancel my service from the apartment several weeks before leaving through customer service. When I moved to another city, they mailed me a statement for the time the apartment was vacant (after my lease expired) AND when a new tenant moved in (they didn't bother to change the...

Alabama Power Company / Past due bill for $410.32

Reviewer17311 on Feb 16, 2016
Today 02/16/2016 a man that works for AL Power came to my house with a disconnect ticket due to my past due amount for 2 months totaling $410.32. I spoke with the representative and he said that I had until 1 pm today to call the power company to talk to them about payment on my bill. I...

Alabama Power Company / Help

Reviewer22110 on Oct 30, 2015
I've already gone through the trouble of having my services disconnected which causes other problems such as its causes my son's asthma to flare up, food loss, etc. Money has been paid to reestablish service yesterday before 11 am they still have not come to turn it on which is the next...

Alabama Power Company / Whirlpool refrigerator

Reviewer23058 on Oct 16, 2015
I purchased a whirlpool refrigerator through Alabama Power not too long ago. About a month ago it began to "knock" loudly and all the food began to freeze solid in the fridge. A tech finally came after a week and a half of this and said it would be another two weeks for the correct part to...

Alabama Power / Budget billing

WGregC on Oct 1, 2015
I just investigated an issue with my budget billing to see why it is so high (to my home usage). Over the past 17 bills, I have usage in the amount of $2398.86. Over those same 17 months I was charged the amount of $2719.00 This is $320.14 more than I actually used in my home over those 17...

Alabama Power Appliance Center / My deposit to began services

Reviewer20200 on Aug 22, 2015
I have applied for new services but was told I would have to pay a 447.00 deposit. I found out yesterday that I had a previous balance of 15.00 from my previous address 5302 23rd blvd Valley Alabama. I was sent to collections unaware of this owed balance. I think this is a ridiculously...

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