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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.

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Alabama Power Complaints & Reviews

Alabama Power / power bill

Oct 17, 2019

I was suppose to be on budget billing my bill, I'm on a fixed income and my bill was higher than my check. My lights were disconnected i had 5 days to pay the bill. I had no way to pay the 383.00 bill, my check comes once a month. they disconnected my lights and in order to get my light...

Alabama Power / wet floor

Oct 15, 2019

I went in to pay my bill [protected]). It has been raining all night. Well as im walking in, I fell because the floors were wet.. Well I fell and twisted my knee. There were no wet floor signs. And there were also no rugs down to help catch the water thats tracked in. The lady that wached me...

Alabama Power / limb removal from one entire side to the trunk decades old ok tree approx 100' tall

Oct 10, 2019

Alabama PowerMy home at 300 Bromley Place has recently been renovated and is listed for sale by Robert Bros. Realty. I was not at the premises when the Alabama Power Co. tree crew came to my home on October 4, 2019. My painter was at the premises and they informed him they were going to trim the tree...

Alabama Power / disconnected service, exorbitant fees, rude cs reps

Sep 26, 2019

8/12, our power bill arrived via paperless billing for $147.67. On 8/27, we paid the bill. It appears on our billing and payment history on the AL Power website. We chose paperless billing to eliminate the risk for lost bills, payments, notices, etc. On 8/30, our account was charged $20 for...

Alabama Power / blatantly lied to

Aug 30, 2019

Due to wave after wave of hospital Bill's stemming from my fathers stroke, I was late paying the service bill for my garage, my place of business, resulting in interruption of service. I was able to pay my bill via phone, and after waiting 2 days for service to be restored, I called to ask...

Alabama Power / power

Aug 14, 2019

Customer service representatives must have to prove they are atheist or Satan worshippers to be so heartless to not turn power back on for someone struggling to breathe on the phone when they have a snapshot proving they had an arrangement set up to pay the bill 2 days later. 2 days over...

Alabama Power / alabama power company

Aug 07, 2019

This message is to ALABAMA POWER company, to file a claim for power outage, On or about July 04 while sitting at my computer, i heard a loud boom like sound, my first reation was a storm was brewing, After i saw there was no storm, shortly that i called ALABAMA POWER to let them know my...

Alabama Power / power surge and intermittent loss of power damaging appliances 2019

Aug 06, 2019

At 4:22pm on 6 Aug 2019 we had the power drop and then come back on again at out our house. This has become a weekly event. An hour later our refrigerator started dripping water and we noticed it was no longer operating. This is the second time in the past year we have had this specific...

Alabama Power / extended warranty

Aug 03, 2019

Alabama PowerAfter receiving the "ourtesy letter" from your employee, Vicki Creary (attached), I went to your website (on July 29th) to make the final payment on my Extended Warranty (Merchandise Order: # 597814/Account #: [protected], Whereupon I was informed that the account number no longer...

Alabama Power / discrimination against disabled

Jul 23, 2019

My mother is blind, she has a broken foot and does not leave the house! I was moving her and I submitted the transfer request online to only be told it was an issue with the address ! Or actually the person who lived there before and she must come in with lease and her id! They wouldn't...

Alabama Power / customer service employee james

Jul 19, 2019

I went in on Friday to pay my bill. I did not have the full amount. The other workers always work with me as long as I pay the past due amount and part of the new bill. I paid $200 and asked him to please give me 6 days to pay the balance and he flat out refused telling me that if it...

Alabama Power / power

Jun 07, 2019

I have an 87 year old parent who is a fall risk and who has other health issues where she must have power. I'm on disability and recently had a major surgery that couldn't be put off. My co-pay was out of this world. I called to make a payment arrangement with them. (Not for...

Alabama Power / north helena substation grass needs attention

May 31, 2019

I live in the neighborhood that backs up to this transmission substation and I have a small child. In the past week I have seen several snakes. The tall grass at this North Helena substation needs to be cut. I am afraid to let me child go outside to play. Please have someone address thi...

Alabama Power / lineman service crew driving safety

May 30, 2019

Alabama PowerOn the morning of Thursday 5/30/2019 around the 300 block of the Eastern Boulevard a linesman driving a truck cut me off forcing me into the median. He did so with no turn signal or warning, just shot the gap to what he thought was an open hole moving from center to the left lane. With...

Alabama Power / electric account closed for no reason/requesting a second deposit for same account

May 23, 2019

I left for legal reasons to new york & got into a car accident while there, I returned may 13, 2019 to find my lights were off after my last bill was due for april 25, 2019, I called & a represenative who I found to be quite brash & unempathetic to my situation (car accident...

Alabama Power / power pole replacement

May 21, 2019

Alabama power put up a new power pole on my property 3 weeks ago and without my knowledge left a lot of cable in my yard, which I ran over with my new riding lawnmower and tore up the spindles and blades. the cable is probably 300 feet in length and should had been removed before they left...

Alabama Power / little baby and toddler! medical issues! no power! refuse to reconnect even though I paid all past due amount!! help is there any help

Apr 03, 2019

Alabama PowerSo I moved here from ga in dec. 2018, my first bill was over $800.00! Obviously I couldn't pay that all at once so I called and told them to let me split it up. Ok 👌 not even 72 hours later they shut it off! Now this day we had also just got back from taking my daughter for mental/ depression...

Alabama Power / budget billing

Feb 03, 2019

Alabama Power makes budget billing seem great but when you enquire about it the representatives are quick to set you up on budget billing but they fail to tell you that it will cost you triple what your actual bill is to get off of budget billing. Ii have tried unplugging anything I dont...

Alabama Power / power surge

Jan 18, 2019

Alabama Power changed my meter several years ago and sent a Power surge thru our house. It fried our dishwasher and they refused to pay for it. They said they hired a company out of Kentucky to change the meters out and they were responsible. Guess what??? They refused to pay for it! I...

Alabama Power CO / no service my mother gonna freeze to death

Dec 23, 2018

My mom bought a home that Alabama power won't reconnect the service too due to a previous tenant jumping the meter . This has been going on for nine months now . She doesn't have money to spend so my wife and I pay most of her bills and it is costing nearly $1000/ month in fuel to keep a...

Alabama Power / power bill sent into collections not even after a week being due

Dec 06, 2018

My fiance and I have Alabama Power in Saraland, Alabama. The bill is in HIS name. Our bill was due November 29th and here it is December 6th they have sent the bill to COLLECTIONS and say even though I've paid HALF OF WHAT WAS DUE they have to have the other half by tomorrow (Dec 7th) or...

Alabama Power / power off again!!! horrible service!!!

Nov 28, 2018

Our power is out again for the second time in the past few weeks. The first outage took over eight hours to get the power back on and now it's been off since 1 o'clock today. They're telling me they expected back on by 10. PM. THAT'S NINE HOURS!!! Alabama Power has the worst customer...

Alabama Power / street light removed

Oct 31, 2018

Sometime around late May or June, the power company replaced a power pole on 31 St. S between Highland Ave and Pawnee. The original pole was cut partially down to remove the power lines and then a large steel pole was put up. It is a recloser and its number is RD0378. When the power...

Alabama Power / about the way did me

Oct 15, 2018

I want to know why they turned my power off my disconnect notice was on the26th but they cut it off on the 15th. They know I pay my bill on the 3rd r the I called Alabama Power n told them I was going to pay the $636.00 on the 3rd they it was fine n they wouldn't turn my power off...

Alabama Power / power bill/payment arrangements

Oct 03, 2018

I contacted Alabama Power and tried to make a payment arrangement. My bill was two months behind. I had made one months payment but I still had a disconnect notice for Oct. 4. I tried to make a payment arrangement online and it only extended it to Oct. 12. When I spoke to Alabama Power...

Alabama Power / state of alabama

Oct 02, 2018

I've been a Alabama Power Customer for over 7 years and I'm on a fixed income and 1/2 of my income goes toward my powerbill.I truly feel I'm being way over charged $300+ bill monthly is really outrageous, please I'm merely begging for some suggestions as to how to get lower billing from...

Alabama Power / you deliberately cut my lights out without any reason

Aug 20, 2018

Mark Crosswhite, President: This is in regards to the power service at 217 Honeycutt rd Adamsville, AL. On July 3rd at 10:30 P.M., You came and cut my lights off while I was watching TV. You never said a word to me or given me a reason why you cut them off. I want them turn back on so that...

Alabama Power / getting service connected to a new home.

Jul 20, 2018

We started last week asking for a mobile home to be connected for my Mother in law who is seventy nine years young. She has Parkinson disease and first Sunday in may fell and broke her shoulder. We are moving her from Decatur to Double Springs so we can take care of her and my forty year...

Alabama Power / power outage

Jul 15, 2018

I live at 902 Burnt Pine Drive Maylene Alabama 35114. my power went off at approximately 7 p.m. And there were no updates until 11: 30 p.m. When finally the phone number updated me saying service workers were in route to attempt to fix the problem. This is after all my food has been...

Alabama Power / forced to pay current bill when not overdue

Jul 13, 2018

#Single Parent - I paid the past due amount of my bill as I always do every month and the billing department is telling me this month I have to pay the current bill as well or they are shutting off my power. The current bill is not overdue so they should not be threatening to shut off my...

Alabama Power / no power

Jul 07, 2018

After a brief rain shower I was without power after many harmful surges on and off for 7 hours. You continuously lie about power restoration times to the point that you should not even provide a guess started at 1900 then 2100 then 2315 waited 50 minutes on hold to be hung up on. Power...

Alabama Power / driver

Jun 23, 2018

Alabama PowerI encountered one of your drivers on the road and was cut off by him which almost caused me to hit him. I then took a picture of his plate which caused him to follow me home, due to I believe his fear of being reported. I called my husband from the driveway as I was afraid to get out of my...

Alabama Power / loss of power again

May 30, 2018

To all the dip [censored] at Alabama power. How about one or two supervisors pulling their digits from their prodigious anal passage, getting hold of an employee or two and have them make a trip to Springville Alabama to find out why every time one of their wives fart, I lose power. Hey...

Alabama Power / frequent power outage

May 29, 2018

We have lived in our current house for over 12 years. Within the past several months new power poles have been installed in the area. Since then we have lost power more times than in all the 12 years combined. Power goes out randomly during bad weather or good weather, day or night, no...

Alabama Power / neighbor stealing electricity

Apr 30, 2018

Resident at 1705 MLK Blvd in Northport, Al 35476 is unlawfully using power when power has been disconnected and a lock was put on the meter. Ronald Smith obviously has opened the lock on the meter and is currently using power. Which he is using to have a party disturbing the peace...

Alabama Power / tree trimming

Apr 12, 2018

I had a man from asplundh come by at 9:30 this morning (4-12-18) and ask my permission to trim some limbs on my oak tree in my back yard. I told him that was fine and he asked that I move some vehicles so they can pull into my backyard. I went to get the keys and he informed me it would be...

Alabama Power / electric service

Apr 11, 2018

Alabama PowerIn december and january I had 500 and 400 and something dollar power bills. I was adamantly told by a csr that it was due to the weather conditions. My home heated only by a 6000 btu unit even if it ran 24/7 it could not account for the almost 5000kwh your company says I used in december...

Alabama Power / power bill

Mar 12, 2018

Due to the increase rates and winter from January and February I got behind on paying my bill made arrangements Alabama Power did not live up to the arrangements and cut my power after going in speaking to mr. Sutton at Gardendale Alabama Power. He gave me till Friday at 8:30 when they...

Alabama Power / power service

Feb 27, 2018

Each month I pay my pass due bill when my new bill comes out due to my pay period. Never have I had a problem. Nothing has change about my bill and when its due. So this is how I pay each month. Now I get a disconnect which requires an additional 50 dollars and all the rep and the manager...

Alabama Power / customer service & billing

Feb 13, 2018

You need to find more employees like Kim Adams from the River Region area. I'm not sure which branch she is at now but she previously worked at your Wetumpka & Tallassee branch. It really makes a difference when your employees love what they do & care about their customers. She truly is a...