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account blocked

I paid 100 dollars and only used 10 dollars worth. Due to personal reasons I did not call india for 6 months. They blocked my account and reopened with zero balance.
I am mad as hell. We should all get together and fight them.

  • Ra
    RAVI2396 Feb 11, 2011

    Dear Customer,

    This is to inform you that your concern listed 04 Feb . 2011 has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it. In order to get to the resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more details about the concern. However, we are restricted by the absence of your contact details in your original complaint. Please do write to us at [email protected] with your contact details (address and landline or mobile phone number).
    We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.
    Rakesh Kumar
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd
    [email protected]
    MY EMAIL ADDRESS... [email protected]

    Hello Rakesh,
    My account number is 14256419937.
    I started of with an opening balance of 10 dollars with airtel call home. I liked the service and used all the money very fast by calling another airtel number in india.
    Then I added another 10 dollars, that was over soon calling the same airtel number in India. Then one day on Diwali I got an offer by email. It said my money will be doubled.
    So I put 100 dollars in my general account that had no expiration date. After charging my credit card for 100 dollars, Airtel call home put 200 dollars Worth of airtime into my general account. I used around may be less than 4 dollars of my 200 dollar to call the same airtel number in India. Due to some financial reasons here in USA, I did not call INDIA for 7 months. To make a long story short, let me tell you that the one and only Mobile airtel number I call belongs to a very poor family. A watchman and his wife with 2 boys, ages 7 and 10 years. I am paying for the Boys education, because their mom insisted that she wants send her kids to an English medium school, where the rich kids go. I told her that it is impossible. She never gave up she was asking to borrow money from her employer. He refused. They make 3000 rupees per month together. And It costs 20, 000 rupees for both kids for one year. So I paid the tuition for one year and I knew that they will not have money for the next year. So I told them that since I started the whole school issue by paying for one year, I will pay the fees for ever as long as they go to school. And this is the family I call every 15 days. But In July 2010 I had financial issues and told them that until It changes I will not call them or help them with money. They kept giving me missed calls for months but I did not call them. Finally on Jan 18th my money situation changed. The first thing I wanted to do is to call them. Then I got a message on phone saying my account was blocked. I called airtel and was told that since I did not use my account for more than 6 months, My account can be and will be unblocked with Zero balance. I had close to 195 dollars in that general account. I was mad. You guys email me for promotional issues to lure me to sign up for special offers and take my money. BUT WHEN IT COMES TO PROTECTING MY MONEY THAT I ENTRUSTED INTO YOUR HANDS TO USE AGAINST SERVICES PROVIDED BY ONLY YOU. YOU GUYS DID NOT EVEN EMAIL ME SAYING MY ACCOUNT WILL BE BLOCKED PLUS THE ZERO BALANCE. HERE IS MY POINT IF YOU CAN EMAIL ME TO SELL ME YOUR SERVICES, YOU ALSO HAVE A MORAL RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE SURE THAT MY INVESTMENT WITH YOU STAYS SECURE AND WE BOND FOR LIFE. THAT IS HOW YOU BUILD YOUR BUSINESS. HENRY FORD SOLD ONE CAR AT A TIME. AND HENRY FORD BUILT HIS CUSTOMER BASE ONE CUSTOMER AT A TIME.
    Now I don't call India anymore. I just send them money, And keep quite. All a poor family in India wants is money not Talk, So I said good bye to AIR-TEL CALL HOME. I said to myself no more talking just doing. Practically everyone i know is in USA . I have no one in INDIA TO CALL HOME to.
    So think about it
    you are a big multi billion dollar company, I am just an ordinary NRI, and you stole my 200 dollars of talk time.

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  • Rj
    rjltoronto Apr 25, 2011

    The way airtel treats its customers does not make any business sense, I had close to 30 dollars balance in my account and airtel used to send me an email stating that the account needs to be recharged by the due date, this time around I did not get any email and when I tried to make a call I found that all that balance was gone. I immediately contacted airtel call centre, they informed me that it was not mandatory to send emails and it is the company policy to take all the balance if it is not renewed on time. I was with airtel for more than a year and all that they think it makes better sense to take that 30 dollars from me rather than me continuing to be their customer for the rest of my life.

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  • Ra
    RAVI2396 Apr 26, 2011


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airtel post paid number

Dear sir/madam,

This is to bring to your notice the harrasment I am facing at the hands of bharti airtel and their vendor namely new vistas, at distt kullu of himachal pradesh. I am a airtel postpaid subscriber of cell num : +[protected] since last 3 years approx. I have been using this number and timely depositing my bills. I get rs.5000.00 (five thousand only) as my monthly average bill. I am not satisfied with the billing of airtel and I have time and again requested the said new vistas to change my aforesaid postpaid number into a prepaid number so that I can be sure about the usage of my calls but they refuse to change this number to a prepaid one and further even refuse to furnish a written reply for it. Apart from this they have thrice disconnected my incoming and outgoing facility without even sending a single message or making an intimation call because of delay in paying the outstanding bill. Now after making repeated requests and failing again and again I have decided to lodge a formal against them. I humbly request you to act on the matter as soon as possible safeguarding the interests of the consumers.

running sim alot to other person

Hello sir. / I m using service of bharti airtel since last 7-8 years... Meri problem start hui 02 jan 2011 se... Mera mobile kharab hone ki wajeh se maine apna airtel ka sim mobile se nikal kar switchoff kar dia... Jab 8th jan ko phir se apna sin dala tau sim ragistration fail dikhaya.. Landline se per call kia tau kisi ne phone recive kia aur mujhe bataya ki maine yeh number 25000 mai liya hai.. Uske baad mai airtel store gaya jahan maine apne documents dikhaye tau mujhe phir se sim alote kar dia gaya.. Uske baad kuchh calls mere number per aaye buhat si gaaliya di mujhe ki tum 2-3 din se raat ko pareshan karte ho... Isliye main phir se airtel store gaya maine poori story batayi aur mere documnts bhi.. Unho ne mujhe detail bill dene se inkaar kar diya maine kaha ki aapki company ne mera card kisi aur ko kaise alote kar dia.. ? Uska koi reply nahi tha... Phir maine airtel nodal officer ko mail kia reply aya 3 din mai aapko reply karenge... 3 din baad bhi koi reply nahi aya tau phir mail kia koi reply nahi 12 din mai 4 mail kiye 14 din k baad reply aya lekin woh bhi yeh bata nahi paya ki mera sim kisi aur ko alote kaise hua? Jisne mera sim lia tha usne 5th jan se 8th jan 16/00 baje tak kareeb 150 calls kiye hai, , aub woh kon hai.. Ho sakta hai koi mafia.. Aaj 23 din ho gaye hai aub tak koi solution nahi mila hai... Aap ke paas koi idea?
Ismail kapadia

games download

These are the series of problem i have been facing:
1. I was charged Rs. 99 for games download from airtel live, though i never visited the site
After calling up the customer care i was told refund wasnt possible and the customer care representative "Preeti, supervisor Customer Care" told airtel live has been disabled
2. i was Rs. 30 twice for renewal of video mode service and games service on my mobile. It was automatic which i never did. I went to the service center in jayadev Vihar and contacted the people through hotline for disabling the service.
3. yesterday Jan 30, i was charged Rs. 99 twice for games download which i never did. I called up the customer service and was told airtel live is a website which cannot be disabled and refund isnt possible
4. Again auto renewal of the games service with charge of Rs. 30 twice

1. how is the game download is happening without taking to the airtel live website and any confirmation of download with deduction. I have been charged Rs. 99 * 3 for the same.
2. if airtel live is a website and cannot be disabled, why was the false assurance given.
3. How are the services been automatically renewed without permisssion. Airtel calls up for unecessary issues and bugs people and for things that matter there are no calls.

Please refund the amount back

  • An
    Anil kapri Feb 09, 2011

    i am having the same issue here
    i keep getting messages like "thanks for downloading so and so game form our website you hav been charged this much of ammount."
    it's been more than three mnths i am facing this issue..wverytime i hav to speak to a manager to get the refund of my amount..i really lost all my faith on this compny...luking forward to switch to any other network soon.
    Anil kapri

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delay in changing channels (20seconds)

I am Anoop goel
Adress- 1964/7 outram lane

CONTACT NO-[protected]

from 2 days i have problem on iptv
and the problem is channels are taking around "20 SECONDS" to change
i guess airtel iptv has started new format to display the information of every channel after changing it...this causes delay in changing the channel

and second problem is information is not correct which is shown
for example- if i am watching sony then information will b displayed for zee tv

i request you to please solve this problem...

and a heartly request to remove the format of showing information(AUTOMATICALLY)

  • Sa
    sameer.snu Feb 15, 2011

    For past one month there is f..king change in Airtel IPTV. When I purchased it six month back, I was happy as I was not seeing banner when channels are changed, now some f..king manager at top decided to copy TataSky or similar service and every time you switch channel it'll be jammed for next 20 seconds until that banner disappear. Some f..king s/w engineer did this development and some f..king tester cleared it. I'm f..king and waiting for banner to go away and can only change 3 channels in a minute now. I'm forced to see some f..king scary scene in front of my daughter and some f..king scene in front of mother as channel does not switch even if I change the channel if they had shown me this feature first I would have never dropped TataSky. I talked with Customer care, some of the guys even came in but they say it is back-end problem and they cannot do anything. Airtel are you hearing it, if you really want to remain in business, get this fu.king mess resolved. Dont try to fool me talking to me or ### me as you can fix this problem from backend only.

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airtel free gift

Dear sir, I am anindita rakshit. 7a, sothern avenue 4th floor kolkata. My code is [protected] on date...

conversion of prepaid sim to postpaid (cug)

Dear sir
Myself Purshotam Lal, Having prepaid sim wants to convert it into postpaid with cug facility. The airtel personnel from jammu (j&k). Mr Zorawar singh ([protected]) has given me new sim instead of my prepaid sim on 03/12/2010 which is not activated till date. My mobile no. [protected] and new sim given by airtel personnel is [protected]. This above mention airtel personnel is totally ridiculous, irresponsible. I dont have any word in my vocabulary to slap this person.
Not only me, there are many more colleagues of my company LUPIN LIMITED JAMMU, PHARMA PLANT. who are suffering from this problem from last two months.

Plz. do the needful.
Waiting for your prompt reply
With high hopes.

custmer care executives mis behaviour

I am also using a pre-paid no. [protected] other than my post-paid no. [protected] activated from lucknow but due to some work I am using them in ghaziabad from 5 days.
From evening 9.30 pm on 15.01.2011 the balance of my prepaid no. Was deducting @rs 0.60 per minute without any usage, for which I sent a sms at *121# as asked by the service provider to stop any value added service which may have started by mistake but the deduction even though did not stopped and it started @ rs.3.00 per 30 seconds and on calling to the customer care no. One of your executive mr. Ashok's behavior was very annoying when I asked for the customer care mail id, when he told that we cannot process your request of de-activating your value added service as our server is not functioning properly and you call as after 4 hours. Even his so called senior mr. Vipin on asking the mail id he provided me the web page detail and told that this is our mail id and disconnected the phone.
Even now continuously balance is being deducted from my mobile and I am not at all responsible for this after 11.30 after the last conversation with your executives.
Kindly do the needful and reply me at the earliest.
Or else I will file a written complaint against our department in consumer court.


Sunil kumar singh

  • Ah
    ahd dhur Feb 19, 2011

    well, airtel is in the making of another scam...each of us using their services are bullied like thats the only business&service they are left with to provide!

    ahr dhur

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mental harassment by airtel customer service on airtel fixedline dsl link downdsl

Complaint 1:
This is to bring to your kind information that i, richa saxena, holder of the airtel broadband fixed line / dsl account connection having account no. [protected] have been mentally harassed by the airtel customer service from the day of registering of the complaint dated 17th november 2010 till date.

I faced the problem of my dsl link showing down (Not active) since 17th november 2010 for which I had registered a complaint to the airtel customer care via tel no: [protected]. I was given an automated complaint request no: [protected] and I was also told that a service engineer will be visiting my residence on 18th november 2010. The service engineer (Mr. Tejinder singh) called me up on 18th nov 2010 asking about the complaint and the time of home visit. I asked for the visit to happen around 6:00 p. M. As I was available at my home to which he refrained and said & ldquo;our maximum time to provide service is till 6:30 p. M. But on my request he got agreed to come at 6:00 p. M. I waited for him and at around 6:10 p. M. Gave him a call which was not picked by the engineer. I again called him up but no response was there neither he called me back.
I again called the customer care on 18th nov 2010 evening to share the status of my request and to tell them that there had been no response of the service engineer (Tejinder singh). I was irritated when my call was disconnected, kept on hold for infinite time to which I had to end the call and made a call again. I was frustrated.
I called on 19th morning again to check up the status of my complaint. I was surprised to hear that my request was closed saying that my problem was solved. I got highly disappointed and asked the customer care executive to escalate my complaint as it was not solved and the engineer had just lied. On my request I was told that the service engineer would for sure visit my house on 19th nov 2010. I again called two times the customer care to tell them the status to which on 19th nov. 2010, the same engineer (Tejinder singh) visited at my home but could only find out that the dsl link was down (Which I had recognize earlier through my continuous calls to the customer care) and I was told that the problem is required to be discussed with some voice dept. People. I was told again that my problem will be resolved within 4 hours. I waited till the evening but there seemed to be no response so I called back the same engineer to ask for the status of my problem. He again told me that he is referring to some senior team and will be back with a positive reply which never came. I called on the same evening at 8:30 p. M. But my call was not picked. I called the customer care again but this time my call was kept on hold again after repetitive transfers to number of depts. I did not call the customer care back as my call was put on hold for around 30 minutes without being genuinely heard. I was infuriated and completely disturbed by the kind of treatment I was receiving. All thanks to the airtel broadband connection. I decided to call on 20th november 2010 in the morning hours.

On 20th nov 2010 evening I was told that my request had been randomly closed again saying that the problem had been solved. I was shocked again. Still more, the customer care executives were telling me that I did not pick up their call which was a big lie as I was the one who kept on following even after the cold response of the airtel so called & ldquo;customer service and care” executives. After rigorous discussion I was again provided a fresh complaint no. [protected]. I was told that since on 21st nov 2010 it is a sunday (Non working day) so my problem will be solved by 1:30 p. M. On monday (22nd nov 2010). Meanwhile on 21st nov 2010 (Sunday) a formality call came again verifying my complaint no. And mob. No. And also verifying if the problem is existing to which I replied that the problem is still persisting.

On monday the 22nd nov 2010 nobody visited or called me again and nothing happened. I called up the customer care in the afternoon 4:00 p. M. On 22nd nov 2010 itself as I was on the brim of disappointment. I was told again that my request had been closed as the data said that that my problem has been resolved again. I was aggravated with anger and annoyance. I was told that again the complaint has to be registered to which I denied and insisted to re-open the previous complaint status which was closed due to continuous fake inputs. My call on request was transferred but I did not know that I was befooled again as it was kept on hold for approximately 20 more minutes with no response.

I decide to cancel my connection on 23rd november 2010 and gave again a call to the customer care and demanded the cancellation of my broadband. Now was the time to get back on the slackers!

The customer care executive apologized and asked for revisiting the decision but I was strongly assertive in what I had to do. My cancellation request no. Was generated and I was told that from 24th november 2010 my rental would be ceased and within 7 days my connection would be cut! I was relaxed and hada sigh of relief.

But the story does not end here because now began the queries from the customer care end to confirm my cancellation request no. And why I had taken the decision. I was continuously requested on the 25th nov 2010 to hold back my decision and was also assured that someone will be reaching out to help. Finally I again gave it a go. Since I was told that the problem, now, would be solved within 24 hours from 25th november 2010 I told that I can wait but only till 24 hours….

As usual nothing really happened. 24 hours passed and I called up again to confirm my cancellation and requested it to be escalated. Again when I was heard by customer care executive [harchetan singh] who told that the problem was persisting because I did not respond & ldquo;8 times on 21st november 2010 to their call (Which was again a lie) but the words were changed when I told him the entire picture. Again after rigorous arguments same apologies came forward from customer care exceutive end and again same beliefs were shown to me that by & ldquo;the evening, within 4 hours, somebody will solve your issue”
A new statement also was highlighted that whole gurgaon is facing the problem and there is some mdf team working on the issue. This was never made clear to me before.

I waited again on 25th evening till the same engineer (Mr. Tejinder singh) called me up to tell that the problem was due to the connection wire being cut by my neighbors. He told me that I can put forward a wire cut complaint request in the customer care for speedy solution to the problem.

I do not know why I believed him and did the same and again and again was served a complaint no: [protected]. I was told that by 26th afternoon 1:30 p. M. My problem will be solved. On 27th november 2010 some person from airtel came without informing me and repair the wire cut. I only came to know when one of our house mates suddenly observed some movement.
It has been a highly disgusting experience for me and I demand that airtel should provide me waiver against my bill of november 2010.
Complaint 2: I have not received my e-copy of the airtel fixedline bill since october 2010, november 2010. I have put forward several complaints to the airtel customer care but they have all been unheard. Kindly give me the waiver for these months as airtel has been responsible for the delay in bill payments.
If my request is left unheard now I would be compelled to go for cancellation of this existing broadband fixedline connection dsl account no:[protected].
Richa saxena
Address: h. No. 474, sec - 17 a, iffco chowk, gurgaon & ndash; 122001
Mobile no: [protected]


blocking of the phone

Please be notified that mobile no [protected] was registered in my personal name that is aftabhussein fida hussein since last year and I have been using this line for the last 9 years or so. I have even a gold cad for it. I have contacted your customer service today and was told the line is registered as fairdeal upvc aluminium and glass ltd. I am really disturbed as you had not even contacted me to this effect even though I work for fairdeal upvc. Please reply urgently.

  • Su
    Surendrakumar M Shah. Jan 10, 2014

    My Airtel Mobile No. is 0733774349. I have complain that on 7/1/2014 in the evening i top up with Kshs. 100/= and without using it I found on 9.1.2014 that i have Kenya shilling 10/= left. It was to my surprise that before some time around 4-6 Months before I did complain the same and they Stop completely the messages which were coming and deducting my account. Now how can I use your line if my purpose is only for talking to friends and relatives and not for unnecessary messages which is of no concern to me or my business. How can this problem be solved once and for all? Assist me in this problem.
    Well Wisher,
    My Good Wishes To you
    Surendrakumar M. Shah.

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unnecessary charge deduction

Hi !
I received a message from 56363 saying "modelsvideoclub, regular charges rs.99/month will apply to you"
And rs. 99 was deducted from my airtel prepaid. I do not know how I received this message and I did not apply for any subscription. I contacted customer support at 121 to get more info and to stop the subscription, sorry to say but the customer support is rubbish ! Everytime I called I got completely different answer from the previous executive ! And you can clearly say that they are trying to brush you off !
Please stop this subscription asap !

  • Hh
    hhjjjjnjh Jan 09, 2011

    Airtel Delhi Complaints - Unnecessary charge deduction
    Review all Airtel Delhi complaints
    Airtel Delhi
    Posted: 2011-01-09 by Rahul99999
    Unnecessary charge deduction
    Complaint Rating:
    Company information:

    Hi !
    I received a message from 56363 saying "ModelsVideoClub, Regular charges Rs.99/month will apply to you"
    and Rs. 99 was deducted from my airtel prepaid. I do not know how I received this message and I did not apply for any subscription. I contacted customer support at 121 to get more info and to stop the subscription, sorry to say but the customer support is RUBBISH ! Everytime I called I got completely different answer from the previous executive ! And you can clearly say that they are trying to brush you off !
    Please stop this subscription asap ! my mobily no. is 0567764598

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I have register for NDNC on 6th December 2010. But nothing has happended so far. Every day I receive atleast 10 promotional SMSes, mainly from I'm really fed up because of this. I tried to lodge complaint on Airtel website but it does not accept the input. These buggers have just maintained the NDNC complaint webpage but no one bothers to see even it is working or not.

Appreciate if you can help in taking action against such companies who over rule the law and create nuisance for customers.

  • De
    delhi2011 Jan 14, 2011

    Hi Ratan,
    This is no body's fault because DND Service takes 45 days to activate in full. You might need to wait few more days and you will stop receiving these messages.
    Generally, this is a fault of service provider not website like, becasue these guys pays service providers like bsnl or tata to use their gateway, and service provider take responsibility to filter DND numbers.

    Take Care,
    Yogesh, SMS service provider

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  • So
    sonika sharma Mar 28, 2011

    Hi Ratan,
    Yogesh is right
    This website is not the fault of the service provider as, because these guys will pay service providers such as BSNL or Tata to use the gateway and the service provider to take responsibility for filtering the numbers DND.

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  • Ra
    Ravi Nagpal Mar 29, 2011

    Yes Yogesh,
    This is not a fault of site like win2save. This is the service provider take responsibility to filter DND numbers.
    but what i experience is a very valuable and useful online shopping website wherefrom one can compare and get to know the details of a product sitting at home and office.

    Ravi nagpal

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fraud mobile bill [protected] and unacceptable service by mr rahul sinha (airtel) call me at [protected]

Dear Sir,

I have submitted a complaint on 5th jan but today i received a call from Mr Rahul Sinha(AIRTEL) who not even able to provide me the resolution but he also treat and prove me the "CULPRIT".

Being proactive at my end to complain for the miss usage he told me that i deliberately used the services and now denying it for the payment.He even lure me for some amount to get the payment.

I here by declare that i will not pay any thing besides my genuine usage which i already paid.The receipt no. Of the same in 14-[protected].

Please also note i have paid an advance rental for two years in Sep10.

Akashdeep Singh

about lottery scheme

Respected Sir,
Myself Rekha Kumari D/o- Shri M. P. Sah from Araria distt.(Bihar). My mobile no is [protected]. On 04/01/2011 I have recieved a phone call from the no-+[protected] at 4:15pm relating to Lottery Prizes. Caller told me that, " He is calling from Airtel Centre and I win about 1000000/- rupees as lottery prize. So, kindly u send me 11000/- ripees as TDS money". Further he gave me a number [protected] named Bijay Kumar located at Bandra (Mumbai). In next conversation he also aproved about lottery winning and advised me to submit the said money. Due to this call with reference to Airtel I lost my precious time and hard earned money Rs150/- as phone charge and got unwanted mental pressure.
My humble request to u please verify this call and lottery scheme trustness. So that I can take further steps.
Yours sincerely,
Rekha Kumari

  • Sh
    Shweta Suri May 31, 2012

    I got a miss call from a number +923087896864, a pakistan number. I called back not realising that it is a pakistani number. People on the other side gave a number which is written on my sim card, but i know it is all a scam. Please look into the matter.
    Shweta Suri

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international roaming

I had requested for international roaming and was confirmed it has been done by the customer care.
After coming to Singapore I found that it is not working. I had Called (ISD)
customer service and was again confirmed it would be working within 24 hours. Nothing happened.
Tried compalining via e-mail. The response which I am getting back suggests that either the airtel person replying back does not understand english or simply he or she is tring to keep on playing till i stop writing!

correction in broadband bill

we have requested to discontinue the pc secure service since last three months but hazratganj, lucknow, service centre advices us again and again to deposit the bill by deducting the pc secure charges and assure us that will be corrected by the next bill . Again they have charged the said charges in the current month bill along with difference of previous months and late fee charges also
kindly correct it immediately.

  • Mo
    mohammad saleem Mar 03, 2011

    Every time late fee is added with my bill but i have paid it previously . Thats y 2oo rs balance in my bill . So plz currect my bill plz...

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  • Ca
    canara solar systems Oct 07, 2015

    Branch Mager

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: Relationship No 1150502555. Mobile connection No. 9448271818
    With reference to the above this is to intimate you that the above said mobile connection with the relationship has already been surrendered and even after surrendering the above we are getting messages and bill for payment which is an unwanted thing.

    Once we have surrendered the connection the chapter should have been closed and even after that we have been receiving the messages and the bills for payment

    We request you to close the chapter once for all otherwise we will be constrained to take harassment action. Please note and do the needful in discarding the matter and close once for all. We will not entertain any further correspondence in the matter and we will return all your bills.
    Please note the same and close the matter and intimate us the action being taken for having closed the chapter.

    We reiterate that we will not entertain any further correspondence in the matter.
    Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,
    (Pradeep K Shetty)

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i have applied to bharti airtel to disconnect my fixed line broadband connection no [protected] with immediate effect but no action seems to have take instead bill no690328522 for rs 885 have been sent.Pl take note that iam no more using your facilities and as such is not liable to pay you any further. please initiate immediate action on my request or be ready for legal action.I have also sent my request to your Pitampura office through SPEED POST also. no action on your part will be at your cost and expenses. no furthe request will be sent to you anymore. thanks. NIRMALA SABU

  • Sa
    Saaz_vin Jan 31, 2011

    I am a customer of this product for long time in Bhopal Region, but mostly I face the problem of sudden disconnection of my fixed line some time Internet connection.from more than 50 days my fixed line is disconnect.
    I have complaint about it in the nearby helpline number but there is no response and permanent solution.They are just taking the money and not providing proper service.I am just fed up.
    0755-4038494 is my fixed line number.

    So finally am submitting the complaint in order to get some suitable assistance from you

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[Resolved] outgoing call / sms barred

It's been a more than half a year im using my airtel number. But few days ago, the outgoing call / sms is barred. My sim still have enough balance load remaining. I tried to call the customer care several times and they told me to contact the prepaid services. When I dial the 121, I always connected to post paid services. I'll be leaving india tomorrow morning going to other country. Can anyone out there in airtel assist me? I highly appreciated your prompt response. Thank you in advance.
My airtel no. Is +[protected]


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Updated by Airtel Presence · Jul 24, 2017

    Dear Customer (prp4031),

    This is with reference to your post, dated 29 June 2017.

    We are keen to resolve your concern; however, we will require your alternate contact number and convenient time to call for resolving your concern effectively.

    We look forward to receive the required details.


    Rakesh Kumar
    airtel presence (airtel Customer, service team)
    bhartiairtel ltd

    Connect with us 24X7. We will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
    Facebook -

  • Wi
    wishwjeet kumar Jan 03, 2011

    im using my airtel number. But few days ago, the OUTGOING SMS is BARRED. My sim still have enough balance load remaining. I tried to call the customer care several times and they told me to contact the prepaid services. When I dial the 121, i always connected to post paid services. Can anyone out there in AIRTEL assist me? I highly appreciated your prompt response. Thank you in advance.
    MY AIR TEL NO. is +919004430560

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  • Pr
    prp4031 Jun 29, 2017

    Recently I changed my mobile from Airtel Postpaid to Prepaid. At the time of conversion I gave all documents. They claim the documents are incomplete but refuse to explain what is incomplete. Two days no service now outgoing calls are barred.The customer service is pathetic and the operators are rude.

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regarding airtel login id and password.

Respected Sir,
I Rishi Kumar J, hereby have a complaint regarding airtel login and password, I couldn't open my airtel account, because of which I am not able to check my Broadband usage and other facilities. Also Airtel asured a Reebok gift on every broadband connection which I haven't received yet, So I hereby request to accept my complaint and do the needful.

  • Sa
    Sangeet Jaiswal Dec 15, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    My airtel account number is 16018392.
    I want to know what are these DSL charges worth RS.
    210 on my bill. I really cannot understand why do you keep charging these miscellaneous charges
    on and on. When last time you accepted it as a mistake and refunded me Rs. 85. then
    why again Rs. 210 on my bill. In case, you charged it for PC secure, then let me tell you that my
    subscription to Airtel PC secure expired in just two days of its activation and i have not used it this month.

    Kindly go through this bill detail of December month and let me know why is
    this charged.


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horrible service

Purchased airtel sim on 10 nov, Airtel cut my connections on 21 nov without any message or alert. Went to Airtel office on 22dec, they gave me duplicate sim and said they will take 3-4 days to activate. Till 2nd dec my Phone dint get activated. Went again to Airtel office, which airtel executive initially said he dint know where my application form is and told me to resubmit application form., then i looked some pile of forms kept on the table where i found my my Duplicate sim form was still lying on the table, as they dint do anything with it. After requesting executive 50 times, he finally said he is reinstalling the sim. But after that only my outgoing calls were activated and that also at Rs 1.5 per call whereas i had Rs 250 left in my sim @ call rate 1p/sec. Till date 11 dec my incoming is still barred and i cant send message to anyone. Regarding this call rate airtel executive asked me to call sm1 at 51111 from airtel office only. I called him n told problem and then he asked me to hold and never picked up phone again ..i kept calling him 10 times. Airtel executive name is Surendra his number is [protected]. I went twice on 5 and 6 dec and he said problem will be fixed in 1 day. and now he dont pick call

Is airtel trying to push their loyal customers to permanently switch to other account? When i went to airtel office 50 other customer were there who have same problem that their prepaid number has been cut off by airtel

I have been harassed too much as by airtel. Time to move to consumer court to get some relief. Thanks airtel for such horrifying experiecne.

  • Sc
    scrohatgi Oct 04, 2007

    I have Airtel pre paid mobile number 9818403809 having long term validity. I came to united States and wrote to their customer service many times requesting them to let me know how much is to be paid for one year renewal of prepaid connection.
    I always got a computer generated confirmation informing me that some one will reply in 24 hours..However no body in the organization bothered to reply inspite of a number of repeated requests. A specific complaint also did not yield any response.

    Ultimately, i had to send my sim-card to india with a friend and to my horror they have renewed it only for a month saying it is in grace period. I am suffering for no fault of mine and do not know whether same number will now be renewed for one year. I am sure even if you take up the matter with th e company they will not reply.

    This is not the only incident. I also have a land line at Noida 4330230.Last year their agent collected bill payment in cash, issued company receipt and did not deposit the amount in company. I got call from their customer service that i have not made payment. I informed them of factual position.and to my utter supride they disconnected my landline. I went to their office explained position but was told to make another payment for same bill which i had to do to get reconnection. On complaint to their senior officer the matter was investigated and confirmed that a double payment had been made. To my surprise, in next bill the same issue of non payment cropped up and i had to make a number of calls to resolve matter. I was not compensated in any way for disconnection. Even a letter to their head office did not yield any compensation for harassment.

    I have noticed that Airtel promises alot but fails to live up to what they say. There customer service is nothing but a back end office for noting complaints and lack ability to coordinate with company to solve customers problem.

    I am confident that even if you toke up issue with them they will not send any e-mail reply or express regret.

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  • Ra
    Rajesh Jun 02, 2008

    I took a airtel postpaid sim card from Bannerghatta airtel office and they assured me like the sim will get activated in 1 hr coz its a duplicate sim, but since its almost a day and the sim still didn't get activated. When we call customer care, those guys never gives us proper answer. And always they say still we are not updated with the details.

    I don't understand what those guys work like, is it airtel customer care or customer don't care service. Simply to say its a worst service I have ever seen.

    And they hesitate to give us the airtel office phone number.

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  • Rs
    R. Srinivasa Varadharajan Jul 14, 2008

    I am new to Bangalore and i took a postpaid connection from Bannerghatta Airtel office, and the address proof given was my rent agreement. AFter a day, my connection was deactivated and the reason given was the address verfication result came as negative. As i am a new tenant to that house and the adjacent teants are not even seen me since the working timings are different. And the address verfication dept not even called me and verify the address. When i am contacting the customer care they not even responded well. I am really frustrated with the poor customer service byAirtel in Karntaka.

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  • Li
    lily Sep 04, 2008

    Airtel charges for sending sms to other airtel numbers is 10ps.But from last 15 days they are deducting 25ps for me. Also i recharged amount 0f 200 Rs for my card n they gave me talk time of 90Rs... I am completely pissed of... Please never take airtel connection... every time u call their customer care they will tell u that within 24 hrs this problem will be resolved but i guess fir them 24 hours is 24 yrs.

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  • Ra
    raahhhuul Dec 12, 2010

    My prepaid number is 9971964614. To reiterate my problem in one incoming calls and outgoing SMS is barred . After such a horrifying experience, I have lost all hope from Airtel. However if you want you can take another couple of months to resolve it.


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  • Ra
    raahhhuul Dec 14, 2010

    How will you contact me, when you cannot call me on 9971964614 as your AIRTEL has barred the incoming facility.
    Note down the alternative contact number 8527512695 on which you can contact me. Do something boss its over 1 month now.


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  • Ra
    raahhhuul Dec 16, 2010


    Can you provide me a DEADLINE when your team will be able to fix the issue? It has already been 40 days of suffering for me? Does airtel have any policy of addressing any issue within perennial time?


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  • Ra
    raahhhuul Dec 22, 2010

    As per our discussion you asked me to contact 121 again as you had sent the issue to them. I called 121 on 22 dec once again. They said they can't find any complaint for this number neither from you nor from me. I dono about you but I had myself complaint about my problem to airtel office and customer care more than 10 times but I am sure Customer care either doesnot write complain or they delete them next days without giving any solutions.
    Let me know if you people cant solve this problem as i am wasting my hell lot of time in this

    As far as you call is concerned, I was busy with my placement activities, hence could not picked your call. But I didnot get any sms from your side.

    Airtels Dissatisfied Customer

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  • Ra
    raahhhuul Dec 25, 2010

    Just checked it. PROBLEM STILL REMAINS THE SAME. Let me know how did you arrive at the conclusion that the problem has been resolved when I still cannot receive any Incoming calls?

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  • Te
    teri ma ki chut Feb 18, 2011

    who send the sms your number won any thosANDS pound who give me the pounds airtel campany no action airtel tumhri ma ki chut tumaree bosadn me teri bhana ka land bhen chod tumari maki chut may aloo pyazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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