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I boarded Air Asia airline from New Delhi to Kuala Lumpur on the 15th of March 2019 Flight numberD7183. I walked up to the plane and was not greeted but asked to show my boarding pass which is a standard procedure, I asked her where is my seat and she showed it to me which was a few steps away from the entrance. I sat on my seat D16(hot seat) next was a couple with a child who later requested to move to another seat, the same stewardess who was at the entrance came specifically to me and demanded to see my boarding pass with a rather peculiar manner, more of a high pitch tone, I asked if there was a problem, she insisted that I showed my pass to her.I showed and mentioned that it was humiliating and an embarrassment to me as she only wanted to see my pass, All other passengers were looking at me as though I sat on a hot seat instead of a normal seat.Perhaps I looked too shabby and dark-skinned Indian? I demanded that she ask for all other passengers of their boarding pass, she said she will but never did. I told her to move on and I sat on my seat. Her attitude was so humiliating and she was not a Malaysian but an Indon, why must Air Asia hire a foreigner when there are so many locally.? After these incident all other stewardess and stewards came one by one to see my face, looks like the said stewardess has mentioned my argument to the rest of the crew. Can you imagine how one would have felt, one by one coming to you and staring at your face?. I later requested another stewardess to see the chief stewardess or steward. A Chinese chief steward came to me and asked what was my problem, I related the entire incident and asked if racism was practised on board and why did she specifically targeted me, was it because I was an Indian and dark, shabbily dressed or if I could not afford a hot seat?
He acted very professionally and apologised on her behalf but I asked him not to do so but for her to apologise. He went to her but she refused to apologise, I demanded her full name, which is Putrei Ayu.
Here I demand that Dato Tony Fernandez to take strict disciplinary action and terminate her immediately and an apology would not solve the problem as I believe Air Asia has not trained her to respect every passenger of their race and color.

Disgusted Passenger



  • Updated by Loudes Mary, Mar 21, 2019

    Disgusting air hostess or I would rather use the word as Mid Air Waitress.

Mar 21, 2019

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