Airasiarequest for change of name rejected.


I booked a 2-way ticket on flight D7 215 for my son to depart from Melbourne to KL for his short break. Being a member, I logged on to my A Asia account to do the booking. We have always been encouraged to do so for easy and faster booking arrangement as some of our required information are stored in the system. But the downside of this system is that once you are logged on to your account, you will be named automatically as the travelling passenger unless you remember to change it to the intended passenger. Unfortunately I forget to change and that had made me to become the travelling passenger instead of my son. This is a genuine mistake but A Asia is adamant and had refused to entertain my appeals for the name to be amended to my son's name.
Why is it so difficult for A Asia to change the name? I am not requesting to have the name changed to a third party but back to my son's name. Every time when I emailed them with an appeal for assistance, they would simply referred me to their terms and conditions without any further explanations.
I am so dishearten that A Asia is not leaving me with any option except to have the booking cancelled. Furthermore, I have also been advised by their customer services that this cancellation is non refundable !

Petaling Jaya.

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