Airasiamissing flight - booking no : zz648g

S Jul 13, 2019

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to inform you that I could not get on the flight from KL to Tokyo on 13 July 2019 due to mismanagement at the airport. I would like you to rectify the issue and give a full refund for my Flight to Haneda as well my returns Flights

I booked my flight with your airline on 8 July 2019 and was scheduled to fly to SG to KL transit fr 1hr and KL to Tokyo at 1430 hours on 13 July 2019. I reached the airport at 12.30 - 12.40pm to KL from SG prior to my schedule.

I did asked a uniform staff member for the direction. She directly asked me to Immigration Counter to get my passport stamped. The queue was long that it takes half an hour until it was my turn. When i asked to where I need to get to P8 for my transit airlines they directly asked to go to get my boarding pass and passport stamped at departure hall at level 3. Time is ticking, i run as fast as I could and when I reached at the departure hall, the queue again very long than the previous one. Ive been asking around and staff and every counter i see asking for the right directions but none of them give me the correct direction which leads me missed my flight by 15 minutes. I break down when I asked the staff to let me in but it was not permitted. I was truly dissapointed that I was to take my baggage and go to the counter to cancel my flight. I notified my tour group immediately and they asked me to take the next flight, which was not available until the next day or askwd for full refund as it happened before. And yet again, everytime i asked for my taking my baggage or cancellation of my flight they would get me to the wrong counter or staff members. I was walking around KLIA fr almost 2 hours just to get to the right counter. Ive been going up and down. It was not professional of the staffs to keep pushing me to another counter which they assume was the right ones.
Ive been saving up to go for this trip for a very long time. Ive working at a low pay wages and Im looking forward for this trip. I hope you would look at this matter seriously and understand my situation.
I would like you to rectify this unexpected investigation within your jurisdiction and give a full refund. I duly respect your airlines and staff members in Malaysia. But they should be trained professionally.
I'm really begging you to really looked at this matter seriously and hope to get your reply asap. Your help and your response is much appreaciated. Kindly email me at [protected]


Siti Hafidzah Binte Munir Bahashwan

missing flight - booking no : zz648g

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