Airasiamiss behaviour

A Mar 07, 2017

Dear airasia

I'm writing this complaint regarding the ground staff "Iza Jasfina" with staff number aax2877(not really sure about the number) at counter W5( ID 90 counter) at KLIA2 departure hall.
On the 7th of March, I approached counter W5 to purchase the ticket to kuching, while checking in the luggage, she asked me what's inside? I replied it's a charcoal then she asked me to wrap it up while it was properly wrapped by my own. ( I have been flying with airasia for 6 years and always done the same thing and never had any problem like this) then I told her, don't you think that's properly wrapped, she suddenly shouted at me rudely by saying " don't be rude" and spoke in bahasa which I don't understand and then I asked her to speak in English after that she said you are just a dependent.
I was so disappointed about this even though I am a dependent but I am still a
customer to airasia.
I am really upset about her behaviour by shouting in front of other passengers and no respect at all toward me as a customer.
Please follow up with her.

Best regards

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