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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to give you an opportunity to PLEASE EXPLAIN how it is that after paying at least $500:00 more for your Premium Business ticket than he would have paid for a Premium economy seat My husband was served his breakfast last, because the staff were too busy serving Premium economy seated people first and by this stage they had run out of plain yogurt and then his "chef prepared "main course was unavailable because, as the staff member informed us, the Premium economy meals were the pretty much the same as the business class.and they had given all his meal away!
Before I change airlines for good and post a warning to my fellow business flyers about this obvious rip off, of business class passengers by the now nz premium economy class. I would like some kind of excuse, of course
This was after not being able to get a seat in the nz Auckland business class lounge because of the number of families travelling, I wonder if all the those people were paying full business class adult fares for their seats, I believe not.
All I can think is Maybe Air New Zealand does not want to follow through on its actual business class advertising proganda.

It underpins the question what now constitutes business class and what are we paying 500.00 for ?
What does air nz actually want to facilitate as its business class policy ?It appears that the adult business class traveller, travelling for business, don't have any business flying with Air New Zealand. They are subsidising every other person on the plane, without the benefits of the quality of travel that paying an extra $500.00 should entitle you too.!,
If the service from air nz is anything to go by so far - I may not get a satisfactory answer to this email. But the commerce commission and the business magazines and networks I have built up will certainly be hearing from me.
I was also subjected to a ranting mansplaining misogynistic sexually inappropriate languaged customer service manager "Andreij" getting in my face for far far too long.
A cheap and rotten service without any of the standard business class at any end or during the trip.
Really trying to support NZ but really ashamed of the product:(

Oct 12, 2019

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