Air New Zealandpaid for 2 seats I didn't get.

L Jul 31, 2018

My name is Lesley Warman and me and my daughter Sheree Zeelie caught the Air NZ flight NZ 7 from San Francisco to Auckland which had been delayed in Munich on the 23rd July 2018 for 3hrs, which made us miss our flight from San Francisco to Auckland and we were stuck in San Francisco airport for 24hrs with no food vouchers and we had to sleep on the floor like refugees. We finally caught the same flight on the 24th July, we were suppose to be in seat 49E & 49F which I payed for, instead we were in the middle seats 40E & 40F which was very cramped and awful, I want my money back for the seats I payed for. Im not happy.
Yours Faithfully Lesley Warman.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand

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