Air New Zealandcustomer service and check in baggage

E Sep 15, 2018

I am absolutely disgusted by the service I received from your airline. Your staff are absolutely unfriendly, unhelpful and racist. I have always believed Air New Zealand was one of the best airlines. I was travelling with my sister, your staff messed up my check in and charged me $170 for an extra baggage. I was misinformed by your contact center that we could check 2 bags in for the 23kg (our baggage was less than 23kg combined). Even when we checked in at the Sydney airport, the check in lady told us that $170 for an extra baggage is too much and we could have been charge $60 instead.

We had to queue FOUR TIMES to get service. Your staff dismissed us THREE TIMES and did not resolve our issue. To top it off, she dismissed us and ask us to deal with it ourselves. I work in the customer service industry and I have never experienced such disgusting and appalling behaviour. They gave me no sense of security and had no clue what customer service means.

I was in a panic and frantic as I almost missed my flight trying to check in FOUR TIMES for over 2 hours. It is completely unacceptable to treat any customer with this kind of disrespectful and dismissive manor.

On our flight back to Auckland, the pilot told us we could have juice, tea or coffee complimentary for seat + bag customers. The flight attendant, Jon that served us was racist and told us that juice was not allowed, only tea and coffee was complimentary when a moment ago, the pilot said something completely different.

For other customers that ordered juice of a western culture, he was happy to obliged. Never in my life have I experienced such DISGUSTING behaviour from any airlines staff. Your airline is the most expensive and have lots to learn from TOP airlines like Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways and Emirates.

DO NOT TELL US THAT CUSTOMERS ARE YOUR FIRST CULTURE. You have treated me with such disdain and curt behaviour that I will NEVER EVER travel AIR NEW ZEALAND ever again. YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED CALLING YOURSELVES THE BEST NEW ZEALAND AIRLINES!!! World-class service the Kiwi way, I would say you can take your service elsewhere, world class service hah, more like ASS SERVICE!!! YOU DID NOT DELIVER ON ANY OF YOUR VALUES, YOU COULD NOT EVEN TREAT WITH BASIC HUMAN DIGNITY!!!


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