Air Miles Rewards Program Complaints & Reviews

Air Miles customer Service / air miles customer service complaint

May 01, 2019

I am very disgusted and upset with your reward program and your customer service. I place an order with my reward miles March 12, 2019 using 1760 of my earned airmiles. I received confirmation #[protected] along with the letter stating it would be approx. 1 month to receive my order. Two week...

Air Miles Rewards Program / air miles

Mar 29, 2019

We have been a member of air miles forever and have availed of many dream rewards. We have made our way up to Onyx, however I am unsure as to what the purpose of this reward status is. Recently we booked St. John's to Halifax, had the tickets in our cart (1260 airmiles each) and got booted...

Air Miles Rewards Program / onyx benefits

Mar 27, 2019

I have recently been promoted to onyx status for air miles rewards... People don't bother killing yourselves to reach this status... It is absolutely useless... All they have done is increase the number of air miles required for any destination and then tease you with lower price per air...

AirMiles / airmiles rewards

Jan 15, 2019

I have been visiting my local Metro and using my Airmiles card there whenever I purchase anything. I have tried to redeem my Airmiles for cash however, I was informed by a staff member that I need to convert my 'dream miles' into 'cash miles'. After a decade of not using my points, I...

Air Miles Rewards Program / rewards

Oct 15, 2018

I have been collecting these waste of time air miles for years and can never get enough for a trip so I decided to use them on a "reward". I ordered 2 thinkware dash cams. These were NOT at all what I had expected so I tried to call customer service to return them. You cannot get through to a...

Air Miles / air miles

Sep 17, 2018

I had two different air miles accounts I have lost the cards and when I call to get another card about 4-5 years back they would not issue me one because I could not tell them the address I originally got the card sent to, I have lived in 6 difdent addresses and 3 different cities since I...

Air Miles Rewards Program / air miles dream

Sep 17, 2018

I am very upset of how I was a ripped off with the Airmiles Dream points required for the Escape Movie package. It costed me too many Airmiles Dream points for what the value of the costs of movie package is worth in market value. I thought with the amount of points that is required, there...

Air Miles Rewards Program / reward for 2800 air miles

Aug 27, 2018

I wanted to use this reward to purchase a ticket from Ottawa to Fort Lauderdale 2 options were offered 1 was a two stop itinerary that would take about 18 hours The other was an overnight stay in Toronto Totally ridiculous!! There are many other options that should be allowed Air miles should...

Air Miles Rewards Program / very late notice for onyx promotion

Aug 25, 2018

Just checked my email after work (at 1:30 am on Aug. 25, 2018) and learned that on Aug 24, 2018 at 4:52 PM, you sent an email notice to Air Miles Collectors notifying us that we can earn Bonus Air Miles from August 24 to 26, 2018. Swipe my Air Miles card 3 times at participating Air Mile...

Air Miles Rewards Program / dream miles

Jul 18, 2018

My airmiles went doormant and i have to pay $100 dollars to get it out . I had no prewarning about this and I was going to use them to go out of town for my sons surgury . I am very disappointing as i lost 701 airmiles . I did not see a warning when logging into my account . When asking to...

Air Miles Rewards Program / dream voucher for st. anne's day spa

Jun 28, 2018

I redeemed 4, 550 points to receive 2 Day at the Spa vouchers at St. Anne's September 11, 2017. The vouchers were mailed to me and I made reservations at the spa for July 9, 10 2018.I upgrade my stay to overnight for a greater amount and paid a $300 deposit. Some how my vouchers were...

Air Miles Rewards Program / bonus air miles promotions

Jun 11, 2018

The way air miles promotes their bonus miles promotions are not as transparent and honest as the should be. Obtaining their promotional coupons from their participating merchants is easy to do, but unless you have a computer available to find out the hidden terms and conditions, and a...

Air Miles Rewards Program / shell canada would not provide me the bonus miles on my pay in store purchase

Mar 18, 2018

I visited shell in Ajax recently and paid for my gas in store to get the 10 extra bonus miles. I paid by credit card which means I will get double. The whole purpose of me paying with credit card is to get double my miles. Before my transaction I touched the pamphlet on the counter and...

Air Miles Rewards Program / shell gas station/marvel collection

Oct 19, 2017

Hello I went to the Shell gas station in Pickering (698 Kingston Rd, Pickering, ON, L1V-1R2 - [protected]. Date: Oct 14, 17 - @ 2:13 pm... I purchased 80.00 dollars worth of gas on my credit card (I did a prepay at the gas pump). I went in to the the teller area as i want to collect my 2...

Air Miles Rewards Program / stolen air miles

Sep 13, 2017

I have been a loyal onyx member for many years. I just found out today from air miles that they (Sobeys Corp. and this Safeway location) took 2, 200 of my air miles because of an error they made, and I will not be receiving it back. They are thieves and steal from their loyal members. Air...

Air Miles Rewards Program / car rental change fee

Aug 28, 2017

I rented a mini van. Our vacation plans changed so I called to change the car to an SUV and was charged a $63.00 change fee. When I arrived at the car rental they did not have an SUV. I have been on the phone now with for over an hour. It should be a simple transaction. I want...

Air Miles Rewards Program / customer service

Aug 25, 2017

Today I called Air Miles and Was Appalled by the way I was treated. I have asked my sister to send this complaint out because I do not own a computer or have internet myself. I called Air Miles to purchase a shell gas voucher and Sobeys grocery voucher. I was told I could only purchase...

Air Miles Rewards Program / they sent me a fake flight

Aug 17, 2017

Dear sir I booked a flight with airmiles points via air miles middle East . Flight is booked 12 June to departure 30 August Dubai Cairo on EK airlines. They send me eticket upon checking with EK it is not available neither the ticket no or booking reference and my name is not available...

Air Miles Rewards Program / west edmonton mall admission package

Aug 08, 2017

When there was the pressure to use miles up I purchased 2 west Edmonton mall packages. I received two letters that I thought was the admission but when I went to use them the staff said I needed the tickets (which were green and I didn't receive). I attempted to call but the air mile...

AirMiles / bmo discount of 25% in n.a. not honored

Mar 15, 2017

Searched availability of seats from Calgary to Ottawa on June 30. One flight option given. Purchased 2 flight tickets from Calgary to Ottawa supposedly at 2280 Airmiles (each). Discounted Airmiles cost with BMO World (which by the way is now only good for NA travel) was advertised at 1710...

Air Miles Rewards Program / merchandise redemption

Mar 07, 2017

Redeemed my Air Miles for a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Waited five weeks and still did not receive the item. Called customer service and they said the item was not available and it should not have let me order it. Only options were to wait or cancel. The customer service representative said it...

Air Miles / redeeming points

Oct 01, 2016

I have $500 to put towards a vacation package but instead of being able to book online, I have to book through Air Miles phone number. When trying to get through, you must perservere. I finally got through to a human being and was told that she is going to book a call back to book my trip...

Air Miles / no support

Dec 01, 2014

I have an Air Miles account and card that has been active since [protected]. I have never redeemed any points, i.e. air miles. Now and I'm trying to login to my account. I can input my card# on the website www. and I am welcomed by name. I need help with my forgotten PIN. I...

Air Miles / account

May 30, 2013

Got an air miles card approx 4-5 years ago. I have been using it when i fill up at gas stations for years. I went to log into my account recently for the first time and could not remember the pin I had set for it. So my first call to air miles was approx 3 months ago. A lady answered and...

Air Miles / lack of availability of seats


My wife and I tried in February to book return tickets from Calgary Alberta ( YYC) to Antigua (ANU). We are trying to do our booking 9 months advance, leaving Calgary in November 2010 and returning January 2011. We were told at that time the 2011 schedule was not in place and that we...

Air Miles / excessive fees (on flights)


I recently took a Westjet flight in Saskatchewan using my Air Miles. I noticed that I paid an admin fee (in addition to all the other fees) of about $65. But the Air Miles website says that the service fee for flights is only $25. Why am I being charged an extra $40 for using my Air...

Air Miles / bad service


On Jan. 19-07 I contacted aeroplan office to see if we received reward miles for a trip taken Nov 19-06 and to my surprise I found out my husband & I both lost all our airmiles as of Sept. 30-06. I do not feel that Air Canada has the right to do this. A letter dated Oct 6 stated Jan 1-07...