Air Indiacompensation on cancellation without proper notice

A Dec 02, 2019

The flight was supposed to depart from Leh to Delhi at 11:55 but was cancelled due to bad weather condition which we can totally accept that as we cant predict the weather.

Air india had cancelled my flight from Leh to Delhi by announce at the airport on the very last minute without proper communication. We not even received any email or message. The counter closed earlier after the announcement even passenger still queueing.

I called your airline service on the same day as i need advise from them at least to give us the new itinerary or any other alternative but the agent asked me to clear the check in status first by walk in to the counter. (You may hear the call recording) Unfortunately the counter has been closed. Logically they are closed as no flight wont be able to fly after 2PM due to under military law.

As we not get any confirmation on our new itinerary, the INDIGO flight that we supposed to depart from Delhi to Kuala lumpur at 17:05 (12NOV2019) has tagged us under NO SHOW. INDIGO airline had tried their level best to help us to arrange for re-scheduling but due to lacking a sense of responsibility from your customer service we missed the flight.

We getting more stress when our other friends who booked other airline which is SpiceJet managed to provide them with the other air craft to bring all the passenger who affected with this situation on the next day which is more effective than nothing.

Luckily, we managed to flew from Leh to Delhi on 13 Nov 2019 but only after we spoke to the manager. Still got some issue when we supposed to depart at 11:55 but delayed till 16:00 but we still grateful for that since the possibility for us to going back increase to 80%.

We ended up spending 24k rupee to get home for new flight ticket from Delhi to Kuala lumpur + additional hotel night and cabs.

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