Air Indiacompensation for delayed baggage

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File Ref. DELAI18186/02Feb19/0751GMT
Flight Date BA967/01Feb/AI 0112 /01Feb19


On 1st February 2019, Ms.TANUSHREE travelled from Hamburg to Delhi via London.

From Hamburg to London/LHR she travelled by British Airways, Flight No. 967 dated 1st Feb.2019 and from London/LHR to Delhi by Air India Flight No AI 0112 dated 1st Feb. 2019. She had booked flight with British Airways from Hamburg to Delhi.

On arrival at Delhi Airport on 2nd Feb 2019, all of her checked baggage comprising of three (03) bags, were missing.

She immediately reported the missing baggage at Air India Helpdesk at the Airport (IGIA T3) and submitted baggage Tags/Boarding Ticket in original. Copy of report is enclosed, at Annexure-A.

She contacted the Air India 24x7 Baggage Helpline (Tel. No. 01149637540) but no one answered her call for 3 days, nor she was provided any update or information about tracing of her baggage. There was no information on AI website and British Airways helpline was also clueless about my bags.

After 3 days of anxiety, she received a call from Air India on 5th of Feb, 19 & was informed about tracing of baggage and subsequently the baggage was delivered at her temporary address in India only on 5th of Feb at 22:42 PM., Copy enclosed at Annexure-B.

In this regard it is submitted that in the peak winter season, she had to arrange for clothing and medicine etc, due to delayed baggage and she had to incur other expenditure unnecessarily, which caused lot of inconvenience. Further, No Compensation has been given, as per rules.

In this regard I contacted Customer Care No. 1860 233 1407 and all other numbers but no one picks up phone . You may get this confirmed by dialing these numbers. On my request on e-mail, I was asked by Chinnai Official, to provide ticket & seat number which I provided. They say that they have forwarded to concerned dept. (Annexure C)

On Air India Portal/Customer Service/Status, I requested vide R.No. WB-ILHR160219020, which indicated, "under process" for over 4 months and now it has been removed.

So far no action has been taken for the last 5 months and hence I have to approach your goodself. It is requested to kindly, arrange to expedite the matter. As Tanushree has left for UK, she has authorised me (father) to pursue the matter.

Yours faithfully,

(Father of Tanushree)
NEW DELHI-110064

compensation for delayed baggage
compensation for delayed baggage
compensation for delayed baggage


  • Aryan Russ Sep 27, 2019

    The passneger is adult, not a child.
    the farther has to presnet the power of attorney of the passenger in order to demand anything.
    The air carrier must deliver the missing baggage "to the door" of the passenger within 21 days following the claim.
    The rest of claims - via the distric court of India or UK only.
    The India is cheper option; application fee 1000-2500rupees, lawyer assistnace,
    if he knows the international rules of the civil aviation,
    start from 8000 till 12000 rupees for such kind of case.

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