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I received a letter from someone named Dejan Dumik regarding a letter of complaint I sent not too long ago. After a trip to Paris for business on Air France it was discovered that my luggage was not on the flight with me. Once I had reached my hotel I was told that the luggage would be delivered that evening. That did not happen. I was then told on the next day that it would come at noon. That did not happen. Then I was told it would come at 16:00 h. That did not happen. Then I was told it would be shipped to me and that they were “sorry” for the inconvenience. As I had another stop to make and I did not want to go shopping at H&M for 100 Euros worth of clothes to get me through my trip I went to the airport and picked up my bag. As a result I missed my scheduled train and had to stay in Paris another night. (It was to Germany and trains don’t run that often to certain countries.) Through my frequent traveling I was able to procure a deal with a hotel that was relatively inexpensive and I took a train the next day... no appointments missed. All of this came to around 100 Euros, which, according to the nice young lady that helped me at the Air France Baggage counter, was the amount that would be covered by Air France should I not get my luggage when I was told I would.

Dejan Dumik wrote me and told me about some obscure Article XV. That is unacceptable. When the largest, or one of the largest, airlines in the world bickers over 100 Euros there is a problem somewhere. Had the service run as it should have; had I received my bags when I was told I would receive them instead of getting the “run-around” I never would have had cause to write a letter or go to the airport to get my baggage. Now, Dejan Dumik has my receipts and has the nerve to tell me I can’t be compensated for my time or the inconvenience.

This airline sucks, and that's putting it nicely. If you have the choice between Air France and walking... I would advise walking... you'll be sure to arrive tired and hungry but with your luggage and a fresh change of clothes!


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    Whataloadofjerks Feb 10, 2018

    Air France flight 0228 CDG to Bs As left CDG two hours late. The flight was nothing special. Staff not pleasant and rude. When we arrived in Bs As the Captain apologised the arrival was a bit late and we disembarked the plane. We all went to the carousel to pick up our luggage. We waited and waited. We saw all the AF air crew walk by watching us waiting for our luggage. After an hour or so a fellow passenger came up to us all to say there was NO luggage at all loaded onto the plane. We were all incredulous at first but realised that perhaps she was right. Over three days have passed and we are still waiting for our luggage. No phone calls from anyone from AF, no emails, no nothing. Nothing at all. No mention of when we might receive the luggage or where it is. And their internet line for enquiries is no disponible ( not available, try again later) Try and phone them and you are up against a brick wall. Noone answers. We have wasted three days trying to find out if our bags are still in Paris or have gone somewhere else. NEVER again will we fly Air France. Their back up service is non existent, their attitude is a disgrace.

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    Anna Marczak Sep 23, 2017
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    I flew only once and I am not sure if I want to fly again with AirFrance. My ticket was from Santiago de Chile to Warsaw. They registered in a system me and my baby but only to Paris. From Paris to Warsaw my baby dissapeared from the sistem. They had to print bording cards again. By accident I found out this problem and thanks to 5-hour break I was able to solve it. Another thing was a pushchair for a baby. They assured me that I will get it in Paris during my long break. I didn't get it and of course they didn't want me to help. I was with two bags and a baby, with only two hands and kilometers to walk up and down through the airport. After all I was so sweating that I went to the toilet to remove my T-shirt because I was so wet. Communication with some people from AirFrance was really strange. They talked to me in French and when I told them that I didn't know French and I was able to communicate in English, Spanish, German they carried on speaking French. Furthemore they changed my seat although I had a reservation and I got the same seat with another person plus my baby of course (3 in 1). I had also positive experience. Food was good, most flight attendants were nice and I reached the destination safe. However more wine on board would be necessary to forgot lack of standards. They should have also offered the possibility of a shower or some French perfumes (joke) to kill the smell of my body when I had to run from one shalter to another. I didn't get help from AirFrance in Paris but I got support from passengers traveling to Warsaw. For that I am very grateful. Passangers did your job, AirFrance. Such a shame.

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  • Mo
    mommytov Jun 03, 2016

    I received a great vacation from my children for my 50th birthday. That was until I start coming home. I went on Delta/Air France website to pay for additional luggage. I received a message that servers were down. When I arrived at the airport (Marco Polo) I was shocked at the whole process. I had three bags. I was told the first one was free. They took the lightest and the smallest one. They said I had to pay for the other two bags. I expected this and told the lady at the desk I wanted to pre pay but the server was down. She ignored my comment. So she told me it would be 275 euro (comes out to $394.79 in US dollars). I told her I paid only $65 in the US going to Venice for one bag. I was told oh well you can leave your bags here. What choice did I have but to pay. Paying almost $200 for each bag was extemely high. I was told my bags were "over sized". They weren't over sized going to Venice just coming back. When I arrived in Chicago, the luggage came down the normal chute - no the over sized chute. I will not be using Air France again. Their staff also needs to be more friendly

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  • Ja
    Jazira Oct 28, 2013

    Flight AF 0351

    On September 6, 2013 I requested a wheelchair. I received an e-mail notice to call expedia because Air France did not have a wheel chair available. I called and the girl put me on hold and said she will try to see what she could do. She got back to me and said I will have a wheel chair all the way through to and from on my flights. When I got to the Airport it was confirmed that I did have a wheel chair all the way

    When we were in Toronto waiting to board Air France I was sitting in my wheel chair. My husband told the attendant that he could push me up the ramp. All of a sudden this aggressive Air France staff comes down and says to my husband that his duffle bag is too big and he has to remove his items and put them in a plastic bag. My bag/suitcase was double his size so I said to the woman, 'what about mine' and she replied, ' Don't worry about it'. She grabbed my wheel chair and pushed me up the ramp leaving my husband behind. I was scared because I didn't know why she was picking on my husband. Maybe you can tell me why my husband's duffle bag was too large, but my suitcase and other passengers (carrying two duffel bags) were fine? This was targeted harassment to my husband from your staff abusing her power. My husband was totally humiliated in front of the other passengers

    When we arrived in Paris a wheel chair was not available but I was on their list and they told me to wait. They also had a handicapped vehicle waiting and called my name so I knew they were aware of my needs. However they would not assist me in any way and left me sitting there. No one would help me even though there were wheel chairs available. So I hobbled up with a very swollen foot to the check through counter. They then brought me a wheel chair and put me to sit at the very back of the room and took the wheel chair away. My husband tried to ask them questions and he was yelled, yes yelled at and told to wait. Other passengers were also yelled at. Two women started crying saying that, ' your airline was doing this on purpose so they would miss their plane'. Another women asked a question but she never got to say her full sentence because they jumped on her yelling at her to WAIT. This woman in retaliation stuck her tongue out at your staff member. They refused to speak English.

    I asked for a drink of water and they said no. Meanwhile there was a fountain behind me but I had no wheel chair because they took it away from me so I had no way of getting a drink. I was exhausted, very sore, my foot was swollen and I was in so much pain and they didn't care.

    We arrived in Paris around 7am. Our connecting flight was at 9:15, so there was plenty of time for us to catch our next flight. At 9:10 again, my husband told your staff that our flight is leaving at 9:15 and again she yelled and said 'WAIT'. After a few minutes one of your rude staff member approached us and said that we had been refused permission to our connecting flight because we didn't have enough time to catch it.

    We didn't have enough time because YOUR staff denied us access to the bus and handicapped bus. We then had to argue with her for our next flight because I said they will need to book us on Air Canada or what ever flight is available because we have family that has to drive two hours to pick us up in Prague.

    Finally, we were told that we would be leaving 14:55 on flight no: OK761. We were given a paper with the information not a proper boarding pass. A staff came over and asked to see our boarding pass. We gave her the paper we were given and she started yelling and yes yelling at my husband saying, "I asked for your boarding pass this is not a boarding pass". At this point my husband was fed up and said to her, 'This is what they gave me, if you would just listen".

    Eventually the handicapped bus came to pick me up. Even though there was a wheel chair close by they would not allow me to use it. I had to walk on my painful foot to the bus. Then I had to walk again from the bus to the terminal. I was the only passenger left in the original terminal and I was the only passenger in the terminal they brought me to. We were told in 10 mins a wheel chair would come. Yes, in 10 mins a wheel chair did show up but he had the wrong name. He refused to check to see if one was coming for me. He said it would be dangerous for him to take me up but I can take the elevator and request a wheel chair when I get to the second floor.

    I hobbled to the lift and when I got to the second floor I asked a gentleman where I go to request a wheel chair. He pointed me to a gentleman behind a computer. I asked the gentle man if I could have a wheel chair and he said, 'What flight are you taking', I said, 'Czech Airlines', he said, 'Well then go ask them'. I asked if he would mind calling for me because I could not take another step, my foot was starting to bruise around my toes, and he replied with a, 'No'. My husband had to leave me sitting on a chair and go find someone to help us.

    Would you please tell me why, not one of your staff, but all of them are so rude? I have never flown Air France and I tell you I will never fly Air France again, even if it's free. One lesson I learned from dealing with your airline is that next time I will bring my own wheel chair.

    All I can say is thanks for nothing. I did not pay $2, 000 to be treated this way and nor did all the other passengers that day deserve to be treated like that. I would like a refund. I also would like to speak to someone about the incompetent and rudeness of your staff

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  • Fr
    Fred777 Oct 29, 2011

    And now they're on strike.
    The French: under worked and overpaid, probably time to send the Germans back in there to smack 'em around a bit.

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  • Je
    Jeremy Seaholm Jun 26, 2011

    I just recently went on a trip to the UK, and on the way home had a layover in Paris at de gaulle. Their boarding process was a cluster mess. (for lack of better words). Upon arrival, they lost or never loaded over 100 passengers luggage. Fun Fun! Now the waiting game begins for my 4 bags. I hate that airline so much!

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  • Gu
    guillaume1306 Feb 22, 2011

    Well, I have found this page after I typed "Air France bad service" into Google.
    I just came back from Paris last night. I live in Scotland.

    Bottom line: Me and 6 other people have been denied from accessing our flight because we were "too late".

    They have called a coach just to let a 8 year old get on the aircraft. The coach was empty when she was picked up. A coach for just a 8 yo girl. They knew the parents would sue them if the little girl didn't turn up at the Edinburgh Airport, and that shows they were guilty trying to rush the boarding and get the plane in the air asap.

    I have spent 20 hours stranded in Paris, I had to buy another flight, and afterward I have learned from Air France that I could buy a cheaper and quicker flight from their partners, but my ticket was obviously not refundable, so I have been billed twice for the same flight. Besides, they have lost my luggage and have no clue where it is at the moment.

    I am not exaggerating when I say it has been the worst day in my life in terms of customer experience. The staff is incredibly rude, careless, and very badly mannered. I am originally French and I found their attitude very rude and upsetting too.

    The fact they are French is not an excuse: As professionals, they have to provide professional standards. Especially a huge company like Air France should have very high global standards and provide their staff with a proper training. It is so obvious that they hire unqualified people with no experience in customer service. There is simply no room for rudeness in any professional customer services, French or not.

    They couldn't care less about you especially when in a situation where you totally are in their hands. You just can not rely on them. Period. I am not going to write too much here, but I have proven from their own records, logged into their own computers, that I wasn't too late, I was at the gate at the right time and the conditions to allow me onboard were OK.

    They have barely justified why I have been refused at the boarding gate, they just gave me the most vague details and then we had a useless conversation and went round in circles for ages because they kept saying I didn't do things by the book, that I wasn't in front of the boarding staff at 19.50 precisely.

    I just stopped by to grab a sandwich and a can and for heaven's sake I told them I don't care because not only I was at the right place at the right time, proven on logs, and the fact I was not there at 19.50 on the dot in itself doesn't justify why I had to be stranded for 20 hours with no accomodation whatsoever, why we had to sleep on the floor or under benches when the place was taken over during the night by junkies and drunk homeless people seeking food in bins and fighting all night with the police trying to calm them down 3 times, why have I been billed twice for the same flight, why did they lost my luggage. I will not let them get away with it, I am going to fill a complain form and write a long letter to the management, hoping they are not as rude and as uselees as their colleagues.

    I am determined to do something because what happened is totally unacceptable. I paid a fortune for the worst service I have experienced. If you want to make a website and let people knows about what Air France is really like, then I would happily help. I thought of making a website too to put pressure on them. Like copying their homepage and then change a couple of things to take the piss and make fun of them in a sarcastic way. Big companies like Air France would take such a site very seriously as they would be very worried for their reputation. I know they would do something and stop ignoring you if a spoofing site would be online. It could be a way to make things move. A website that gather all the complains together and show them online is a good idea too. Anyway, I definitely am not going to let them get away with it, and I will do whatever needs to be done to get a compensation for such a shameful service.

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  • Ra
    Raymond72 Jan 01, 2011

    We arrived in France from Asia on Dec 19th. AF lost of luggage. We had them back more than a week later. Impossible to get an update between Dec 19th and 26th. Impossible to speak to a customer service officer when calling and the tracking system on their web site is never updated. Left France to Asia on Dec 29th. The weight of our suitcase was 32kg. AF has a new regulation by which the weight of your suitcase must not exceed 23kg otherwise there is an additional fee of 100 euros to be paid in cash upon checking-in. Upon arriving in France our suitcase was 23kg. Weight difference is coming from the clothes we had to purchase in France since AF had lost our luggage for a week (it is winter in Europe and we obviously had to buy clothes). The AF staff did not care and treated us with disrespect. Upon arriving in Asia, we waited at the luggage belt for 1 hour. After queuing an hour at the lost and found counter, we were told that our luggage is still in France... AF customer service is weak, one of the worse I have seen so far. I am a frequent traveler, Platinum on Flying Blue (which by the wayis not of any help when you are having a problem with AF... they simply don't care). The CDG hub is convenient when flying to Europe with AF, with a connection flight within Europe. But the poor customer service with both the airline and the airport is forcing passengers to look for alternatives outside France. What a pity.

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  • Po
    Potapov Oct 21, 2009

    Dear sirs!

    Please be advised that flight Brazzavil – Paris BZV-CD6 from 9-10. oct. 09. had late arriaval to airport CDG (Paris).
    It is reason of my late arrival to airport Barispol (Kiev) by flight AF 2852 of 9-10. oct. 09. and as continue my late arrival to VV 022 Borispol-Simferopol.
    Represent clerk of Ukrainian company “Aerosvit” refused to restore my ticket to Simferopol.
    I paid my cash money for this ticket.
    At 10. oct. 09. in Borispol (Kiev) in the office of Aerosvit clerk explained me that your company Air France responsible for my late arrival and stamped my new ticket to Simferopol (photo attached).
    I am a seaman and not rich man.
    Who return me my money?
    Ukrainian authorities of Aerosvit refused return me money.
    It is not accordance with low of “IATA”.
    Perhaps the PRESS around of aircraft will help.
    Photos of tickets attached.

    Best regards,
    Chief engineer of m/v “FAS VAR” (“MCA MGM”)
    O. Potapov

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  • Ca
    Cait Dec 01, 2008
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    Verified customer

    My husband and I bought three tickets thru Expedia for Paris in April 2008. My husband bought a Delta ticket, and I bought the other two on Air France. They share the same carrier so we’d be on the same flight. Come the flight date I was extremely ill with a flu. I was told Air France would waive the penalty for reissuing a ticket if I had a doctor’s note, and that I would need to show it when I rebooked to AF. Both Expedia and Air France confirmed, we would have flight credit until April 2009. Twice, I called Expedia, Air France and Delta to confirm we would have flight credit until April 2009. Two weeks ago, I called AF and a booking rep confirmed we had flight credit in their database for two tickets, in my name and my son’s. She was ready to book our flight and I asked to hold off while we considered more dates. On Saturday 11/29 I called AF to book our flights. This time I got a nervous rep who said she needed to read the rules on this ticket. In short, I had the pleasure of speaking with a supervisor of who claimed, of their 8, 000 Customer Service representatives, there was no one above him I could speak with for any resolution. Our problem was that now AF was refusing to honor our flight credit. This smug supervisor with a curt French accent, and the coolest of demeanors--or indifference-- was reiterating the rules from his book that we had no flight credit. He refused to provide any address or name for me to discuss this problem. Two hours later, Expedia decided to give us a full refund. My husband has spent around a half million dollars with Expedia in the past six years, and they acknowledged their fault in the communication of “the rules.” While Air France decided to make big ### of themselves, I’m happy to say Delta did not. Delta is honoring my husband’s flight credit. Interestingly, Air France is also keeping their share of his “flight credit” for the same flight. So in all, Air France is keeping $1454.40 of our money for nothing. Suffice to say, we will NEVER FLY AIR FRANCE!! They're THIEVES. And we’re not really interested in going to Paris anytime soon.

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  • Ka
    karen Nov 29, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I'm not alone I see!

    I had read a horror story about AF and flying with an infant a few months ago, so I prepared myself for what was to come. And like all other parents traveling with an infant, I too was treated like s**t.
    I traveled alone with my 21-month son from Brussels to Australia in Nov 2008.
    Like many others I had the following problems:
    - No priority for boarding with an infant.
    - No help to carrying my hand luggage and an infant to my seat. They just look at you annoyed because you’re trying to squeeze your ay through the mini isles
    - Food...if your lucky and it was ordered for you like it said on your booking form, you might get something to eat for him/her. When you do get food and you have your toddler on your lap, you then have to figure out how and where to eat it!
    -Air quality...airco which was blasting away the whole flight long and on the return we were sprayed down by stuff which made the whole plane cough for 10mins afterwards...very healthy!!
    -Charles de Gaulle- worst airport in the world. Dragging your toddler and many hand language out of the plane and finding that there is no strollers or bags strollers in sight. Then you have to walk another 20 mins through the airport to customs where you queue for another 35 mins with 300 other people who stare and laugh at your toddler who at this stage has diarrhea and exhausted and throwing tantrums on the floor. When you finally arrive at the baggage area in sweat and almost in tears you find after another 40 mins waiting that your baggage and buggy never arrived in Paris.
    Two days later and I'm still waiting for my luggage.
    And lastly toilets in CDG- a danger zone for any infant...who hell designed those!!!????
    All in more AF for me!!!

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  • Li
    Lisa Jun 20, 2008
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    Verified customer



    We sat on the runway in Paris en route to Montpellier & my boyfriend literally watched our bags pull up to the plane & get turned away!!! We had to camp out in Montpellier for 9 hours after already traveling for 2 days. Now I want reimbursement for lunch & they're telling me I must furnish an ITEMIZED receipt...No, not a debt or credit itemized receipt. Are these people kidding me???


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  • An
    Andrew May 19, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This is the worst airline ever. They lost my luggage going and coming back. They are completely worthless. Take my advice and never use them.

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  • Er
    Eric May 18, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I absolutely agree with Stevens description. We travelled from Basel to Boston and Air France lost our luggage. Told us we could spend 100 Euros each to get some things for our immediate needs. We spent the money (how gullible!) and kept the receipts. Got the luggage 2 days later.

    After the trip we made the claim, but AF told us they could not reimburse us because of some obscure agreement. We fly to the US 3 times a year, but I will certainly never choose those suckers again. Their 'nice' customer service and total absence of professionalism made that decision a no-brainer. Merci!

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  • Ia
    ian Apr 22, 2008
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    Verified customer

    What I don't get is how they can claim to have access to a world-wide tracking system, yet they are unable to see even what city my lost bag is in. What's the point of having a tracking system?

    I am yet another p*ssed off customer that will never fly air france again.

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  • Ka
    Kauli Apr 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    Like most of people on this board, I’ve tried to deal with Air France but I've given up because I felt that they have no concept of 'customer service'. Here is the proof.

    1. When I asked for the name of person whom I had an issue with, he scribbled his name on a baggage tag. I couldn’t believe that a supervisor of check in clerk has no business card.
    2. I was told that there was no customer service officer for Air France at Paris-Orly
    3. More than a month after sending a complaint letter to Air France office in Sydney, I received a letter from Jessie Yo, Customer Care Representative. Interestingly the letterhead has no contact details. I cannot remember seeing a letterhead without contact details.
    4. I sent another letter and received another letter, which was vague and did not address any of the issues that I raised.
    I am willing to accept that we all make mistake from time to time. However I think this is a system failure rather than a mistake of a check-in clerk.

    Until somebody can explain:
    - why Air France has no customer service officer Orly;
    - why they have no customer service number on it’s web site and;
    - why they send letters on letterhead without contact details
    I will not let anyone that I have a control over to use Air France.

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  • Pa
    Paulene Carr Mar 23, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I had such a similar experience, I was wondering if you could tell me where you are at with the above...below is my plight...with a group of students
    Look forward to hearing form you...

    15th March 2008

    Dear Sir/Madame

    Re: Complaint – PNR 2TH85G

    My name is Paulene Carr and I am the Programme Area Manager for Art Design and Fashion the above college.. Please find below a summary in regards to a complaint I am making on behalf of ……………………………College regarding flights, transfers and baggage excess charges.

    On 15th February 2008 10 students and three lecturers traveled from London Heathrow to Charles De Gaulle – Paris for a connecting flight from Orly Paris for Reunion.

    Checking in – Charles De Gaulle
    As the group leader, I was the first person to check in and introduced myself as the group leader to the check-in attendant. I was told that I had to pay excess luggage of £72 because my luggage was 9 kg over the limit. (28kg)

    I explained to the person at the desk that I was not taking back most of the items in the suitcase because it was equipment required for a student exchange. She ignored this comment and went on to ask me how many of us were traveling. I explained there were 13 of us. She explained that we would incur a fee of £16 per person for the transfers from Charles De Gaulle Airport to Orly Airport.

    I questioned this, and explained that when I traveled to Reunion last year that there were no costs for transfers. She ignored my questions and told me to go to the Air France desk and pay for my excess luggage and transfer tickets.

    Student with excess luggage.
    One of my students alerted me to the fact that she had excess luggage of 31 kg (more than mine) and she was not charged for this. The staff at the check-in explained to her that as she was part of a group she would not have to pay as it was likely that the overall weight of the groups’ luggage would not exceed the weight policy. (I have evidence that my student had 31kg whilst I had 26kg in relation to the tags you give passengers once you have weighed suitcases)

    Excess luggage and transfers.
    I paid the £72 for excess luggage as requested and then inquired about the transfer costs. I explained to the person that I had not paid these cost before.
    She said that I was correct that there should be no fees and that the transfer was free. (I was therefore provided with incorrect information by the staff at the check- in desk and I find this unacceptable.

    When I finally checked in for Reunion at Orly I showed check-in attendant my excess ticket and she stated that I did not need it because I was within the baggage limit.

    She suggested that I claim a refund and sent me to the Air France ticketing desk. I explained the situation and was duly told that I was indeed entitled to a refund, But, I was advised that I would have to claim the refund when in London. As of consequence I would like a refund for the excess baggage costs of £72 that I paid that I paid. (Please note, I was the 1st person to be weighed in from the group).

    Missed flight.
    The flight from London to Charles de Gaulle was delayed by about 30 minutes. We were all mindful of the fact that it was getting late and one of my French students explained this at the transfer desk, and was told that ‘we should not worry’ because the staff at Orly knew we were coming and that they ‘would wait for us’.

    The connecting transfer (bus) to Orly airport was also late by at least 20 mins. By the time we got to Orly it was 20:32. Wasting no time we went straight to the check in desk and were told by a rather surly and unhelpful member of Air France, that the gates had just closed, and that we had missed the flight. We thought it was quite surreal, and explained to him it was not our fault, and that the flight was delayed, the transfer bus was delayed that there was traffic on the Paris streets.

    Despite all the explanations he did not flinch, but instead, took us to another desk, where we were amply told, it was our fault we missed the flight we would have to pay for a hotel for the night and get the flight the next day.

    As you can appreciate my students and staff were quite frustrated by the unhelpful and nonchalant way we where treated. We deliberated for over one hour with Air France staff. They initially tried to blame on us, but, none of us were prepared to move until Air France checked their computers to see what we was saying was true. Subsequently, Air France Staff checked the evidence and conceded that what we had said was true.

    There was one woman at the desk that showed some empathy to the situation and because of her Air France conceded and paid for a hotel near the airport with provisions for vouchers - dinner, breakfast and lunch.

    Unfair treatment
    It is important to emphasis that Air France did not wait for us to get there -despite the fact that the people at the other airport knew of the delay and that there was 13 passengers missing.

    As of consequence they tried to say it was our fault and that we would have to pay for hotel accommodation and that we would get the flight the next day. Ironically, on the way back from Paris to London on the 23rd Feb, the flight was delayed by half an hour (please check you flight details) The flight left at 10:30 instead of 10.00 and the pilot explained that the delay was due to connecting flights, . (yet our flight was at 21:00 and we got to Orly at 20:32 precisely)!!! This indicates that there seems to be inconsistency in the management of the airline and that decision making is inept.

    In regards to the EU regulations Air France is responsible for the costs involved, if they were the cause of missed flight). In light of this would like to claim compensation for the following.

    Loss of one day at hotel £537
    Phone calls, Wi-Fi for contacting parents, staff, hotel headmaster & school in Reunion £50
    Excess luggage £72
    Additional bus transfer costs to hotel 270€ £201
    Cancellation of trip to volcano, plus coach fees 370€ £284
    TOTAL £1144.

    Finally, I would like to express that this exchange took me a year to organise, and a lot of hard work went into ensuring it was a success. Due to the above errors by Air France the whole exchange was disrupted and the highlight of the trip was missed (volcanoe) due to the unwillingness of Air France to provide good customer service/customer satisfaction.

    Ultimately my students are quite dismayed about the whole situation that they are prepared to go to the media about how we were treated.

    If I do not get a response in 14 days, then you will leave me no option but to pass this onto the………………….Colleges legal department to take legal proceedings. I intend to sue Air France if I do not get a fair response to the above complaints.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Miss Paulene Carr

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  • Mi
    Michael Bogyay Dec 29, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I totally agree with this complaint. Air France are indeed the rudest, most dishonest, and most unprofessional airline company that I have had the displeasure of flying with. Similar experience lost flight (Air France at fault) Lost Luggage (Air France fault, took them 3 days to find them and forward them to us.

    Compensation of 100 €uros not returned nor acknowledgement of a certified letter to their Managing Director. As a business person who travels at least 7 times a year transatlantic if a senior member of Air France is reading this..... Thank you for making my future travel options simpler.. I will never ever use your or a joint partnership airline ever again. In fact I would suggest that the french government forces your organisation to change it´s name as it gives the impression that all things French are lousy.

    If you type into Google Air France Sucks you will find 1,870,000 results of perople who agree with me in a second. In short using that french word Merd!!!!

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  • Ik
    Ikela Mei Oct 20, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had a similar experience:
    I am an Assistant Professor in Tourism Marketing. I have flown Air France recently and had an experience that was against everything I teach my students in terms of customer service. I flew from Hong Kong to attend a conference in Spain; and I had connections in France in both arrival and return flights. On my return flight, from Madrid to Paris, my consumer rights were violated and I was insulted and humiliated grossly.

    When I arrived in Paris (Charles de Gaul Airport), there was only an hour and 5 minutes to my Hong Kong flight. I had to transfer to another terminal for the Hong Kong flight. In a panic, I rushed to the transfer bus, where I and many other international passengers were kept waiting with no explanation. We reminded the gate keepers about our flight time so that they can hurry about bringing a bus but the answer we received was: “you just wait.” The bus arrived, passengers rushed to it but the bus waited another five minutes so that it was jam-packed before it took off. By the time we arrived at the security check point, there were only 30 minutes to my flight. There were two long lines in front of the security check point because only two lines were open with personnel attending the scanners. The security check was quite thorough and therefore slow, so some passengers including me were anxious about missing their flights. Again, we reminded the security personnel that we might miss our flights; the answer we received was: “not my problem.” After I came out of the security scan, one female personnel wanted to search me although there was no signal from the scanner. And I was trying to hurry by saying that my flight is about to leave; her response was: “not my fault.” By this time, there were 10 minutes to my flight, I rushed to the Gate, but it was the wrong gate, the gate number on my boarding pass was wrong, so I rushed to the correct one.

    When I arrived to the right gate, there were five minutes to my flight. There were one male and four female (one of them Asian) gate agents. The Asian female agent approached to me, I showed her my passport and boarding pass, but she responded that it was “finished” with a sympathizing manner. I could see that the gateway to the plane was still up and connected; so, I replied: “I see the plane is still there and the gateway is up, why don’t you just let me go?” The male agent approached to me right away and said: “Madam it is not a train you know, we closed, you have to wait for the next flight, which is tonight at 11 o’clock.” That flight was 10 hours later. It did not make sense to me at all; I tried to explain to him that we had to wait for the bus and for the security check, but he did not listen, did not even look at me. The Asian agent was looking sorry; other female agents did not even hear the problem because they were counting boarding passes. Another passenger, an elderly Dutch gentleman, came in a hurry, the agent told him they were closed, by showing more empathy. Then, the male gate agent started talking with the other agents in French. I was really upset because they did not seem to care; so I said: “The plane is still waiting, why can’t we just go?” But they did not even seem to hear me. Then, he turned to us and asked us to follow him so that he can re-issue a ticket for us. On the way there, I saw another passenger (Asian) rushing to the gate; I knew he was also on that flight because he was talking to people on the security check line about missing the flight to Hong Kong. But the female gate agents must have let him in because I have not seen him again for the rest of that day or on the next flight.

    When we were being taken to a re-ticketing agent, I kept expressing my disappointment. The Dutch gentleman was so shocked that he had to take a pill to calm himself down. We passed through the security check again and went to one of the re-ticketing agents; the gate agent started talking to a dark-skinned re-ticketing agent in French. The re-ticketing agent looked at me and smiled. They chatted in French for about two minutes; let alone showing understanding, they seemed to be having fun with the situation. The re-ticketing agent asked for my passport, when they saw my passport their attitude became even worse; they looked at each other, talked in French again, with a confirmed manner and the gate agent left.

    Then, the re-ticketing agent told me that my situation was different from the gentleman’s situation because his flight was late but my flight was on time, and it was my fault that I missed the flight; he said it without checking anything on my flight. I could not believe what I was hearing. In fact, the Dutch gentleman was saying that he arrived an hour and half ago but still could not make it. Obviously, my being upset with the situation and expressing disappointment coupled with my national identity were good reasons for them to treat my case differently. I tried to tell him about the waiting, but he kept saying “it is you madam, most people make it, so it is your fault, Air France is not responsible for your situation because Air France is never late.” I was not arguing that Air France was late, but trying to tell him that we were kept waiting so they should show a little understanding but he did not even listen. He served the Dutch gentleman with a new ticket and a voucher for sandwich and drinks in an apologetic manner; and he gave me a new ticket with an attitude and turned his head without any further explanation.

    During this process, other customers were around as well (most probably French), they heard all conversations and kept looking at me. The Dutch gentleman and I waited ten hours that day, for the next flight at night. The lack of common sense, empathy, customer care, friendliness, courtesy, namely, those qualities necessary for sensible customer service on the part of the personnel of Charles de Gaul Airport as well as the personnel of Air France cost us several hours of waiting and physical and emotional distress.

    This is the most outrageous experience I have ever had. My rights were violated; I was discriminated and quite honestly abused, humiliated and insulted by the personnel of Air France. Therefore, I wrote a complain letter addressing to the CEO of Air France, Jean-Cyril Spinetta, and demanded apology from the responsible personnel as well as compensation. I faxed this letter to several offices of Air France, including its customer service office and headquarters; also e-mailed it to several related personnel. However, to this date, I did not receive any response. I am assuming that the CEO of a national flag carrier airline must have received the news from his personnel; otherwise, appropriate business, management and marketing would have been only joke terminologies for them.

    I study consumer behavior. I know for a fact that consumers usually do not complain because they feel that it would not matter even if they did because they see no difference, no corrective action or apology from the wrongdoer; so the wrongdoer gets away with it most of the time. However, I also know for a fact that successful companies do take corrective action because they care about their consumer based brand equity. Turning such negative experiences into positive ones to contribute to their brand equity is in their hands. They can turn a dissatisfied customer into a loyal one with a positive word-of-mouth. ALL needed is CARE. But I guess Air France is not one of them; THEY JUST DON’T CARE!

    I have never been insulted this badly before, so I am going to pursue this matter as long as it takes. In fact, I am turning this experience into a good case to use in all my classes as well as conferences I attend. To that end, I have created blogs to share experiences with other consumers online. Hope to hear from you too.

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  • Sm
    Smaragda Louw Oct 10, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    My 16-year old daughter was forced to wait for 10 hours at the airport for a connecting flight, after she had missed hers because the Air France flight was late. Showing total disregard for EU-regulations (An airline is under the obligation to get a passenger onto the next available flight to her destination - it does not matter which airline, and they are responsible for the costs involved, if they were the cause of missed flight).

    She was treated with total contempt by the staff of Air France and was not even offered a cup of coffee. After I had written a letter of complaint to Air France, they sent a pathetic letter of apology and distanced themselves from the matter completely (funny you should apologize for something you haven't done) and accused the travel agent of not doing his job. NOT ONLY DO THEY TREAT CHILDREN WITH CONTEMPT, THEY ALSO TRY TO MISLEAD THEIR OWN CLIENTS!

    The travel agent has now demanded an apology and some action. I hope I never have to use this pathetic airline again.

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