Air Franceonline booking process

R Sep 27, 2019

I was booking a flight for a family trip online.
The flight was for 6 of us from Paris to Berlin.
I got all the way through putting in all the passenger details and excess baggage to the point of making payment and the online tool glitches on me and locked me out.
When it refreshes it sent me to the start again where in the space of seconds the price had increased from $195 to $230 a ticket (before adding additional baggage).
I can't understand where the honesty lies with this booking process. This is very deceptive and the fact that the system shut me out just as I was about to make the payment is something I should not be penalised for now with higher prices. When I asked your online team via messenger they could only say that it is dependant on flight availability. To that I say the flight was available and had progressed me through to payment. However as I was not quick enough to take note of / or a screen shot of the booking reference they can't help me.
Very unhappy and I will be placing my thoughts of this on trip advisor and other review forums as this is not customer service.

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