Air france lost my luggage on the trip from Paris to Miami. They left it behind. They say there was insufficient time between my original flight landing at Paris (from spain), and the departing flight to Miami. I dont know how long they wanted, but i felt that 5 hours was enough!
So i get to miami, no bags. I am flying with American airlines on to Honduras to join a ship. Not a cruise ship mind, an oil survey ship. I will be away for a number of weeks.
First Air france baggage in Miami say it would be best to talk to the baggage department at my destination! Whatever for! they have not lost it! I tell them to forward it when it gets here in Miami on the next flight. I am then told that despite three other air france flights departing paris for miami since i left, the luggage is STILL in Paris. Why i ask? because we are waiting for you to tell us where to send it, reply the baggage dept! To me it was blindingly obvious to put it on the next flight to Miami! So now they are going to forward it to roatan in Honduras, after it finally gets to Miami!
Three days later i am still waiting for my luggage in Roatan, Honduras. Air france lost luggage dept say they need 48 hours to transfer it to Roatan in Honduras. It only took me 4 hours to get there!
So i wait a little longer. Five days later i call air france luggage and get told it will take 48 hours to get there from miami. I explain that it has already been 112 hours since i was told it had arrived in Miami!
So now the ship i am on has sailed. I will not be able to get my luggage to the ship.
Seven days later, the luggage is still in Miami! Now i am told that i must collect it within five days or it disappears to a luggage claim facility god knows where!
It was a simple task to put it on the next plane out of paris. Then transfer it to American airlines the next day and forward it to Roatan.
The person i talked to at air france lost luggage was a ###. I kept asking for the location of my luggage! I was then told to phone Miami airport lost luggage. I phoned them and the automated service redirects me back to the same airfrance lost luggage dept where i started. I was then told by the same ###ic lost baggage assistant, that it will take 48hrs to transfer it to Roatan!
At this point there is not a lot i can do. The luggage cannot get to me now. I will have to try and chase it when i get back to Spain.
I bet when i call airfrance, they will tell me it will be in Roatan in 48hrs!
These lost baggage ###s at air france do not listen. They seem to have an automated script in front of them.
The good news is, that my not insubstantial company, are now going to send their numerous employees abroad via any other airline except Air France where possible.
So Air france, in these hard times you look to be having the amount of passengers flying with you reduced by about 300 flights a year!
If anyone sees a tan bag with Fugro on it lying around Miamia airport, adjacent to the airfrance lost luggage department, please say hi to it for me, because i doubt if i will ever see it again!


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      Mar 30, 2009

    I know the feeling !!!
    Air France lost our bag and had the same "its not our problem" attiude
    They were the ones who left it in Paris but it was left to United to sort it out because they were the last airline on our ticket even though they had never seen it

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