Air Canadadelayed baggage and poor customer service

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On January 5, 2018 we purchased two plane tickets for a vacation flight on June 14, 2018 that would route us from Pittsburgh, to Toronto then to Milan, Italy. We received an email late the evening of June 13th that our 6:30am flight AC7307 was cancelled. We contacted an Air Canada representative who then arranged for us to fly from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia on American Airlines, then back on Air Canada to Toronto at which time we would continue on our previously scheduled flight from there to Milan, Italy. The Air Canada representative said our baggage would be checked in Pittsburgh and through to Milan. When we checked in at the airport
we were charged another $50.00 bag fee ($25 / bag) by American Airlines, even though our baggage fees were included in our original fare. We feel that charge should have been absorbed, since the cancellation was not our fault. Our connections were made, and we figured that we were set, however, when we landed in Milan, neither of our two suitcases arrived.

We placed a claim for lost luggage at the Milan airport, and were advised that claims such as these would probably be resolved with a day or two. We noted on our report that we were not going to be in Milan, but would be in Bucine, a town near Florence. That was noted on the claim form. Of course, now, we would need to arrange to purchase some clothing during the delayed return of our luggage.

The largest problem is that it took twelve days for our luggage to finally appear at the villa where we were staying. So, most of our vacation was without our clothes, and the gifts we had planned to give to our friends in Italy. Our clothing purchases were of reasonable amounts and spread out during our stay as we anticipated our bags would arrive any day.

After we recovered our luggage it was related to us that the bags were left in Philadelphia, as they were never tagged to go through to Milan, Italy. When they were located, they were routed to Toronto, then for some unknown reason, were placed on a British Airways flight to London, England. From there they went to Milan, then to Arrezzo, Italy, then delivered by courier to our villa in Bucine 12 days later. If it was just a day or two, we could have accepted the fact that this happens, however the fact that all these missteps in the handling created a delay in receiving our luggage that essentially was for all but a few days of our trip, is why this is so disappointing.

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    Well, nothing more has come of all my direct contacts. Many I have spoken to about this has offered similar stories of complete and utter disregard of any responsibility. Oh I hear from some social media people who try to dissuade me from saying any more on Facebook or Twitter and actually I have complied. I don't want to be considered as an unreasonable person. However at this point. If ANYONE is considering flying on Air Canada, I would recommend, no I would WARN them that the chances of you having your flight cancelled, bags lost or delayed and that no one in that organization cares a whit about your dilemma are all but certain. Air Canada has cost us over $700 (US) and countless angst as they never cared that they lost our bags for those 12 days!!! We were only on vacation a few more days after they finally arrived. No apology, or offer to assist, in fact had we not contacted another party outside of AC, I doubt the company would have troubled themselves to even look for our bags.


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      Nov 20, 2018

    hello fellow travelers, i sent the info regarding my computer not being returned to me when i was making a connecting flight, as if you are flying from Mexico, Air Canada, now an American airlines, security checks your carry -ons, TWICE; called Reloading!! of course no other airlines, WHEN TRAVELLING TO OR FROM MEXICO does this to travelers, twice checked, hmmm.
    i was in a wheelchair, so did not have accessibility to my computer or my belongings, was told to stay in the chair and the assistant would get my belongings and whisk me to the departure gate. Well i waited FOR FAIR RESOLVE... and was offered, $50.00 although we had to pay $165.00 to have it returned. So i am going to try yet again to resolve this issue of being charged for their error, the inconvenience, time wasted, and the concern and worry regarding the confidential information contained on the business computer . will keep you posted...

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