Air Asiaboarding passes are inconsistent. sometimes departure time is stated other times boarding time is stated

C Sep 11, 2018

On May 2, 2018, I flew from Auckland-Gold Coast-KL arriving in KL on May 3, 3:05am.
The Auckland and Gold Coast Boarding passes showed the Boarding time, which one would expect and which all boarding passes I have ever had have shown. I had a good flight to KL, and a few hours after arriving in KL, I had a connecting flight departing KL-Bangkok at 6:40am
However, I missed my KL-Bangkok flight because instead of the Boarding Pass showing the Boarding time, it showed the Departure time. Every airline I have ever flown on shows the Boarding time on their Boarding pass, but Air Asia's flight from KL to Bangkok did not follow this procedure, which was confusing.
I arrived 10 minutes before the departure time, which I thought was the boarding time, and saw a few people boarding at the far end of the gate. But as I entered the hall, the ground attendant phoned in and said I could not board, as it was too late and needed to collect my baggage to take the next flight. The ground attendant did not care nor make the slightest effort to help. If others were able to board 10 minutes before the departure time, why was I not able to board with the other passengers?
Kindly investigate Air Asia's inconsistency when issuing boarding passes. This is completely confusing if the first part of the journey shows boarding times and the 2nd part of the journey shows departure times on the boarding passes.
I would appreciate a refund of 309.62MYR to cover the new ticket I had to buy.
Attached are copies of boarding passes, itinerary and payments made for the new ticket purchased.
Booking # NNMZ3Q (Auckland-KL)
Booking # BI35KI (KL-Bangkok)

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