Air Arabia / luggage double payment + delayed + bad service

airarabia, Italy

The flight was supposed to depart from cmn at 14:20 and arrive at blq at 19:15, but it was 2 h and 30 min. Then I had to book an hotel to stay this night because there are no trains after 22:30 h, I lost also my train ticket, and another important thing, that your staff at cmn aeroport made me pay 50 euros for my laptop, I have 17 inch laptop with battery and it is about 5 kg in a laptop bag, they forced me to pay 50 euros, and put my small bag in check in and take just the very small bag for laptop, I have the payment paper, and it is the first time in my life I pay for my laptop bag, so I think I want to get refund of this too because it is a very big problem (not only me, a lot of other cases, some women - more than 3- had to pay for they handbags with personal stuff), and last thing is my checked in bag, your staff destroyed it completely and I have pictures for this too,

I am entitled to the a compensation and look forward to receive it. And for the other refunds like the laptop bag payment and destroyed checked in bag and hotel + train ticket problems, I want you to just give me my right and refund me of it,

I include a copy of my ticket and if you want the picture of the 50 euros payment and pictures of the destroyed bag let me know in my email and I will send you everything.

Jun 12, 2019

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