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Formal Letter of Complaint- By post and email
Booking Number T2P-2019-MA-[protected]
Policy Number [protected]
This is an official complaint regarding the mis-selling of a financial product, namely a travel insurance policy, which Air Arabia sold to me, on behalf of Tune Protect, on 14th July 2019.

The ‘platinum comprehensive' cover was advertised and sold to me as having medical, emergency and cancellation cover and promised to give me "peace of mind" ( with regards to my trip.

Image 1 - taken from the Air Arabia website States clearly that "travel inconvenience" will be covered. The general consensus would agree that this would include flight cancellations.

On Thursday 3rd October 2019, I received a text message stating that the flights were being cancelled. Although, I was distraught at the thought of losing two weeks of very valuable family time, I was reassured that I had a fully comprehensive insurance plan. I check the screenshot which I had taken at the time of booking, please see below, and I was confident that we would have our monies returned.

Image 2 - taken from the Air Arabia website States clearly that "cancellations" will be covered to the value of $3000USD. Given that this was purchased with flights, one would have been led to believe that this would cover the implications and subsequent costs of flight cancellations.

On Friday 4th October, I initiated my claim to Tune Protect and was dismayed to find out that my claim was denied due to ridiculous and highly restrictive criteria that I was not informed of before purchasing the policy. When I was purchasing the policy, I used both and to make as informed decision as possible. Confident that with the information that was made available to me, that I was covered with "peace of mind."

The claim was subsequently rejected by Tune Protect with the argument that the don't cover the event of flight cancellations. Please see evidence from "Image 3" which was taken from stating that travel cancellations were covered and not highlighting that flight cancellations were not covered. There were no asterisks to annotate that there were further term or conditions.

Image 3 Schedule of benefits taken from Tune Protect's website highlighting the benefits of this comprehensive insurance policy and reassuring customers that they have cancellation cover.

Mis-sold insurance is when a policy is sold by an insurance provider to a customer, without the customer receiving accurate information (and advice) about how the policy works. A provider has a duty, under Law, to ensure the insurance they're selling is suitable for a consumer's needs and circumstances. In this case certain exclusions and limitations were not clearly explained. The evidence enclosed within this letter clearly demonstrates that there was an implication on behalf of the insurance provider(s) and an expectation on behalf of the customer to have comprehensive cancellation cover.

If I'm not satisfied with your response, I will take my complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. I look forward to receiving your response.

Yours sincerely,

Air Arabia
Air Arabia
Air Arabia

Oct 08, 2019

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