Agoda Companyrefund not received

V Sep 06, 2018

Date of incident: 9 July 2018
Booking ID [protected]

I tried to book Megaboom Hotel, Sydney on 9 July. While I conducted payment through debit card (visa), we got the message that the hotel was full booked, so I didn't get the room consequently. But, the payment was successful and my balance has been deducted at the time.

on 11 July, I called the contact center in Indonesia. He said that I have to be patient because the money will be back into my account. I has been 2 months since the incident, but my money is till not back to my bank account.

so, could you help me to return my money? Or can I get the contact center for Indonesia?

The following I attached the proof of successful payment receipt.

refund not received

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