Aeromexicounethical behavior, wrong location, problems with the website

G Aug 13, 2018

Hello, I am a costumer of Aeromexico flights, My name is Gabriela Edith Guevara
I currently made a purchase. I bought two tickets online, with U.S dollar, the reservation is from Lax to Cancun, but when I selected Cancun, the option changed to Mexico City, however, my payment went through, it was a total, of 1, 018, dollars, as soon as I noticed that my location was changed, I Checked my email, and the website definitely took the wrong location, as soon as I saw the confirmation, I decided to call costumer service, because it is not fair, how I selected the right one, and my option was changed to the wrong one, when I tried to fix it, it was already late, therefore, I decided to get help from a professional, therefore, I called costumer service within less than 15 minutes, it was not my fault, I explained what happened, and they told me I had to pay extra if I wanted to fix it. It is totally unfair, for me to pay 1, 168 extra, for something I did not selected. As I explained, I had the right location, but it was changed to Mexico City, without my consent. It is totally against my rights. I did not approve this, it was not my desire destination. I had to pay 1, 168 extra for something that was not my fault, please help. my ticket costed 1, 000 + each for something that costs less than 600, please help. my money should be refunded, because it was not my mistake. I have evidence I did not pick Mexico City, and evidence of the time it happened, and the email confirmation, the old, and new one, and how much 2 tickets ended up costing me. It is totally unfair.
my confirmation email said Mexico City, and I had to pay 1, 168 extra to fix my original destination.
Please help.
my confirmation number is #TBRDLR.
my contact number is [protected], and my email is [protected]
Thank you,

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